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Do your chairs always end up with stains and tears because your kids spill drinks and sauces on them or your pet tears your covers? Here’s introducing EZ Covers, an amazing new way to make your chairs always look new. With EZ Covers you can add a new cover to almost any chair in less than 5 minutes.


EZ Covers
EZ Covers is so easy to use. In just 3 simple steps you can go from dull and dirty to clean and new and that too in 5 minutes or less. Simply remove, stretch, and cover. With EZ Covers covering the stains and tears on your chair has never been easier.

The secret of EZ Covers is the special 5-way stretch fabric that stretches out to cover and stretches back to custom fit. EZ Covers are designed to fit any size chair. So whether your chairs are narrow, wide, big or small EZ Covers will perfectly fit any kind of chair. The best part is that EZ Covers can be removed easily and can be machine washed. So if you are looking to change the look of your dining room then simply switch to EZ Covers because they are fast, easy, and affordable.

EZ Covers are available in three fantastic colors: black, burgundy, and beige.




What do I get?
When you place your order today you will receive 4 EZ Covers for only $19.99 plus $6.99 P&H. You will also receive 2 additional EZ Covers just pay separate $6.99 P&H. Official website www.BuyEZCovers.com.

Address – P.O. BOX 13184 BRIDGEPORT, CT. 06673.
Phone – 203-306-5762


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27 thoughts on “EZ Covers Review

  1. I placed my My Spy Birdhouse order before reading these reviews which were difficult to find. It’s been a month and I have not receive my order. They debited my card and when I emailed them, the orders are on back order. They sale these same covers at Walmart, I will never order from them again.

  2. Wow , I wish I had read these EZ Cover reviews first ! I wanted 4 plus 2 SAGE and 4 + 2 Burgundy. but when I checked out , they did not allow(on purpose I am sure ) me to make a 2nd order. They charged me for 12 SAGE covers ( I only have six chairs). When the order arrived there were only 4 FOUR covers but they charged me over $33.00. The Burgundy I made a separate order (intending to send 6 SAGE back) the Burgundy order never came and I was charged.

  3. I wished I would’ve read the reviews before I bought them today, Jan. 19th. Now I’M worried what they’ll charge me credit card.

  4. I think the product site is very misleading. I tried to order one set of EZ covers and was supposed to get 2 additional free. Instead somehow after I hit the submit button, I was notified my bill was $48. I tried to call the number listed on the confirmation, and of course the number just cuts off after dialed. I then checked my bank and found out somehow I was being charged for over $100.00. I tried calling, e-mailing, & by the time I did get a voice mail, my order was already shipped. I would advise no one to order from this company. They are just a rip off. Now I have been waiting over a week to refuse shipment of this order. It will probably take a month or longer to get my money back into my account. I will never order from a company that advertises for this, or as seen on TV ads.

    • The same thing happened to me. I placed an order for 1 set of EZ Covers for $19.99. They increased the price to $29.90 and then increase it again to $49.89 with S&H of $13.98. Total of $63.87.


    • Same thing, I got ripped off because I was confused by the additional 2 cover free offer. Called EZ Covers and they said cannot cancel since it is not on the system and to call back on monday. Of course by then they will have been shipped and you will still be stuck returning with no idea if you will get a refund. I called my credit card company and they said wait till it posts and then dispute so the company does not get paid for the sale which they won’t allow you to immediately cancel. Another rip off online as seen on tv joke.

  5. I ordered two EZ Cover sets with the advertised S&H of $6.95 but after finalizing the order, suddenly the S&H was close to $30! I called their customer service line immediately to cancel my order and it was a non working #.

    I emailed EZ Covers customer service immediately after, received a response today regarding the wrong S&H charge and instead of admitting there was an error and adjusting the S&H to the advertise price on their website, they advised I could refuse the order when it arrives or return for a full refund except for S&H. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY! They are making their money by scamming the public with the S&H charges.

    I will not let this go. I am contacting the Better Business Bureau to make a formal complaint. I recommend you do also if you were wrongly charged.

  6. I made a call to order EZ-Covers for chairs way back in may 2012..I just got an e-mail from the bank stating they are posting a $33 and change from my account for EZ- Chairs Covers I did call back to cancel, but couldn’t get through,remember we never talk to a live person any longer, only a menu to take your order and checking number..I DO NOT Want the product any longer.!! I already contact the bank, not to pay them I also made a claim…This is what makes me laugh,the customer telephone number 1-877-530-9119 its no longer in working order, the other telephone 1-877-590-9119 which the bank and I are trying to reach its out of order, the only working number is 1-800-554-0809 the MENU. Incredible how after so many months I hear from them through the bank not the company..they want to to deduct an amount, which its not the right total $19.99 plus 6.95 for s&h total of $26.94 and they want to deduct over $33.00 from my account. I have tried calling the company in MA, NOT TO BOTHER I’M NO longer INTERESTED, NOTHING can’t get through. I will never do any more business with a company through e-mails, ads, phone, etc..unless its a store catalog that I trust. All I know for sure is that if the payment goes through, eventually I will get my money back,credited to my account!!

  7. Just how many reviews are there on the internet but it is next to impossible and so frustrating to not find a genuine one. Recently I entered the keywords “EZ Covers reviews” and many EZ Covers websites showing up. I went through most of them but all I got was astoundingly positive reviews of the product along with a “Buy Now” button. That made me sense something was wrong about the websites because clicking on the button took me to another site where I could actually purchase the product. This happened several times and I didn’t want to buy the product without reading some reviews. So I guessed that all these fake review websites were all manufacturer promoted websites. Finally I found myself browsing this site and I am so glad I did because I found the right review here and could make a decision.

    • Blame it on SEO. It doesn’t take much to cheat people by writing dazzling reviews of a really bad product like the one you searched. And this happens majorly because it is easy to cheat search engines too as they cannot differentiate between a genuine review and a fake one. A lot of scammers take advantage of all these loopholes in search engines and get away with the malpractice of flooding the internet with fake reviews to promote their products. A majority of the websites that you checked out are all owned by affiliates of manufacturers who are paid big commissions for selling the products.

  8. I really like the convenience of not making my husband and I spend a whole afternoon, cutting and stapling material to cover our dinning room chairs. The only complaint I have is wish they were an extra inch wider, or had come in choice of medium and large. Otherwise they are fine.

  9. I was so excited to finally get the covers, but they do NOT entirely fit the cushions on my dining room chairs! I have a deep seat and it will not stretch over entire area. Very disappointed with that.

  10. I ordered my EZ Covers on Sunday and when I sent to choose my 2 free covers and then went to check out it charges me $29.90 for the two extra covers and $19.93 for shipping so instead of $19.99 for covers my card was charged $69.99..I emailed 3 times to cancel this order with no response..their is no way to review your order or confirm it before it comes up with a total and no way to cancel it. I called today and they said it was shipped yesterday, I was supposed to get an email when shipped and I have yet to get that and also my credit card was charged today but it was not supposed to be charged until shipped? They told me I can reject the order when it’s delivered or return it to them for a refund. This Company is running a scam and getting away with it.

    • They keep giving me a USPS tracking Number that does not exist..why because they have not shipped anything. They lie over and over again. I am filing charges against this Company for Fraud.

      • I had the exact thing happen to me today. I sent an email after getting off the site. Being Sunday there was no response on the phone. I will call them first thing tomorrow. If I don’t get satisfaction I will contact the BBB and paste this all over the net.

    • I place by order for the EZ cover August 8, 2012 but I did find/read your review until a few days later. After your experience I’ve been following my order very carefully. Like you I didn’t receive an email that my order had shipped. So I continue to check the status on their site and watching my account when the amount of purchased cleared my account; in which it did August 17, 2012.

      The latest status on their site is showing my order shipped on August 17, 2012, via FedEx ground with a tracking number. The tracking number is valid; its shows an estimated delivery date August 25, 2012. I hope you receive yours soon. I’ll keep you posted.

    • I just wanted to do a follow-up on my previous post (August 19, 2012). I received my EZ covers (Aug 25, 2012) two days early from the estimated delivery date. I machine wash all the covers prior to placing them on the chairs because I wanted to see how they would hold up to being wash, in which they did. Each of the covers fit the chairs perfectly.

  11. Where are my covers? It has been almost 8 weeks since I ordered them (June8). My charge card has been debited for the amount advertised. My personal order number is 6347477550278.

    • I ordered mine on April 24, they just arrived today. (nearly 4 months later) They didn’t charge my card until the order shipped 10 days ago.

    • I ordered the EZ Covers on May 28, 12 and have not heard one word about this. I would like to know what is happening, I replied to my email to them and have not heard. Not too happy with this service.

      • They lie and commit fraud everyday and are getting away with a rip off scam. Someone needs to put this Company out of business.

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