D’Tangle Review

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What is D’Tangle ?

Do you love to listen to music but get extremely frustrated and annoyed when your earbuds get tangled? Then D’Tangle is just the thing you need. D’Tangle is the perfect solution for tangled earbuds.
D’Tangle is an innovative earbud cable management solution that ensures your earbuds stay untangled so you can enjoy listening to your favorite music all the time. D”Tangle is perfect to use when you plug your earbud into the phone to make phone calls too. D’tangle is smart, sleek and colorful. It will keep you stress free.
With D’Tangle you can organize your earbuds and say goodbye to tangled earbuds for life. You are guaranteed to love this innovative solution. D-Tangle is so simple and easy to use. It works with most earbuds. D’Tangle lets you put an end to tangled earbuds forever. So there will never be any frustration of trying to get rid of tangled earbuds.

D-Tangle’s features a pioneering winding mechanism that works perfectly with most earbuds. The unique spring- and-drum in D’Tangle makes cable management fast and easy. Simply rotate the drum and line it up with the matching mark on the body, then find the center of your cable and place it inside the unit, replace the back and press the button to retract. When you want to use your earbuds simply pull gently on both ends and unwind as much cable as you need.
D’Tangle also comes with a detachable spring clip that you can clip to your waist or shirt pocket. So listening to music when you are on the go has never been easier.
D’tangle is the perfect solution when you want to listen to music and make phone calls when you are walking, at the gym, shopping, at the beach and so much more. D’Tangle will be you mess and stress free. Use D’Tangle with most earbuds.
Simply unwind the earbud and plug it in your phone and your earbuds will remain tangle free. This innovative cable management system is designed to handle earbuds as long as 1200 mm.
D’Tangle is available in three incredible colors: black, white, and red. You can use different colored D’Tangles for different pairs of earbuds and you can also coordinate these with different outfits. These colors will also help you identify which your earbuds are.
Order your D’Tangle cable management solution today in red, black or white and enjoy listening to music or make phone calls hands free without the hassle of tangled earbuds!

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