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What is CordoClip:

It is a 100% automatic clothespin that claims to help you dry your clothes naturally and easily as well.
CordoClip ensures that you can dry your washing easily outdoors and get utmost convenience at the same time. You want to make sure your clothes are nicely dried after you are done washing them, but that often means relying on those clothes clips that are difficult to work with and time consuming as well. And you can’t keep spending your money on using dryers ever so often. CordoClip claims to offer you a smart solution that’s environmentally friendly as well.

CordoClip is meant for your convenience

To begin with, CordoClip is 100% automatic and has been specially designed keeping your convenience in mind. These clothespins clip and unclip automatically, saving you the hassle on a regular basis. What’s more, they stay firmly in place fixed to the wire and there is no fear of them rusting, according to the claims made as well. CordoClip also promises you flexibility because it can be easily moved and positioned wherever you want. It’s said to be sturdy, durable, open wider and hold stronger than regular clothespins too.

CordoClip has several benefits for you

For starters, CordoClip is meant to be easy to install and you won’t need any special efforts for it. It offers you respite from bending, squeezing or searching for your traditional clothespins. All you have to do when you want to dry your clothes is place them on the line and push forward. CordoClip will do the rest; offering you a solution that lets you dry clothes outdoors and easily too.


CordoClip is meant to be a green option for you.

CordoClip is green technology that reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, according to its claims. It also helps you extend the life of your clothes by letting you dry them outdoors. You thus get the outdoor fresh smell into your home, which saves you costs on fresheners in wardrobes too. What’s more, you will be saved huge amounts spent on energy bills as well.


  • What Do I Get ?
  • You will get CordoClip for $130+$9.95S&H.
  • Official Website:

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