Clever Crates

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What is Clever Crates

It is revolutionary stackable crate that is designed to fold easily and pops up to hold items up to 20 pounds easily for a carefree lifting while shopping or organizing.

Carry stuff with ease:

Clever Crates claims that it is the most innovative solution for carrying items quite easily as opposed to traditional methods. Generally most people would be using plastic bags or paper bags to carry things while shopping. These bags have many disadvantages, starting with their capacity to bear weight. They also break easily and while in the car can just create a mess of your purchase as they trip around. Clever Crates promises that it shall give no such head ache as it is quite known that crates are a great way to carry around. But crates take a lot of space at home and that is why not used often which is clearly changed with the versatile design of Clever Crates.


Practical and versatile design:

Clever Crates asserts to be the smartest and easiest way to organize and lift most household items, tools, groceries and a lot more. This is solely because it has a unique design that has lift, pop and pack pattern that create a spacious tote which can be later folded to store and stack it anywhere in the house. Clever Crates emphasizes that it is quite durable and stackable with endless number of usage value for carrying and organizing items at home. It is said to be perfect for carrying groceries from shops to home or for organizing seasonal storage, laundry, keeping drinks and beverages during sports event, camping, dorm rooms, etc. Clever Crates proclaims that the material used to manufacture it is eco-friendly and reusable adding an environment friendly feature to it. Its space saving design ensures that everyone can have multiple Clever Crates at home for organizing each room. Clever Crates alleges to carry enough items in it with ease and has a capacity of storing 20 pounds of weight. Clever Crates comes in three distinct colors – black, blue and green to suit the individual taste.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Four Clever Crates for just $10.99 plus $13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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