Clever Bags

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What are Clever Bags

They are shopping bags that claim to clip to your cart and not spill in your trunk.
Clever Bags maintain that they are a sensible option for you when you go out shopping for your supplies. Shopping in the supermarket shouldn’t be a taxing exercise but that’s what it ends up being, especially when you work with regular shopping bags that also spill things out in your car trunk. Today there are several stores that don’t offer you shopping bags either and in any case you want to be carrying your own. Clever Bags assert that now you will have a smart and environmentally friendly option for all your shopping needs.

Clever Bags and what they are all about

Clever Bags emphasize that they are the perfect option for shopping clubs or stores that don’t offer you shopping bags. If you are looking for environmentally friendly bag option that you can take with you wherever you go then these bags are also the right solution for you. Importantly, Clever Bags stress that they are meant for your overall convenience and are simple to use. To make the most out of them you can start with clipping them to your cart. You can then fill them with your shopping and simply put them back in your trunk.
Clever Bags ensure that there won’t be any worry of your things spilling out and making a mess in your car trunk. The bags are also made out of an eco friendly, biodegradable material so that you can make the environmentally conscious choice.


Clever Bags and their benefits for you

Clever Bags claim to have the advantage of expanding to ensure that they can hold things that your regular bags can’t. As a result you will be able to upload your car in just one or two trips. You will also experience complete convenience while carrying them for your shopping trip because they fold flat and can be easily slipped into the glove box. You can also place Clever Bags on the side of the seat and you are ready for your next shopping trip.

Clever Bags and features they have

Clever Bags have a rather spacious front pocket, which can be smartly used to keep your wallets, cell phones or coupons. In fact, each bag claims to be able to hold up to 40 lbs of weight. Thus you know you can use these bags for your trips to Laundromats and dry cleaners. Clever Bags can be used to store your knitting supplies, toys and things for beach trips. These bags are mould and mildew resistant and you can clean them easily with a damp cloth.

What do I get?

You will receive 2 Clever Bags and 1 Insulated Bag for Hot/Cold items for $12.99 plus $15.98 S&H. Official website

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