Buffies Review

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What are Buffies

They are stretchable silicone moulds that can fit on all chair and table legs so that your floors are not ruined, according to their claims.
Buffies promise to maintain the floors in your house in the best possible shape and eliminate the damage cause by table and chair legs. As a proud home owner you are particular about practically everything in the house because you know it speaks volumes about you. That’s also the reason you have also spent a lot of money on the floor in your house. But what happens when you move around the chairs in the house? Or it could be that you have to move the table from one place to another. It only means that you floor will be scratched and looks worse for wear before you know it. These silicone moulds claim to slip easily onto your tables and chairs to protect your floor. Now only if we had enough Buffies reviews we would have been able to confirm these claims for you.

No more scuffs and marks on the floor

How often have you been left annoyed after spotting a new mark or scuff on the floor? You know it’s because of the furniture in the house, which can lead to skidding and scraping that takes its toll on the floor. These silicone moulds assert that there will be no more of that and you will bid goodbye to the marks and scratches forever. Do you believe this to be true? We are keen on knowing more about your experience in your Buffies reviews. It’s not just the actual impact on the floors but the fact that you have to deal with the annoying noise of scraping and skidding. These silicone moulds emphasize that they can offer you relief from this problem as well. Buffies reviews are still awaited to tell us more about it.
Another advantage of these silicone moulds is that they are stretchy so that they can fit on all table and chair legs of all shapes and sizes. In fact you can easily slip them on to chair legs that are either square or round. Do you think these moulds work for chair legs of all shapes? Why don’t you tell us about it in your Buffies reviews?

Durable and convenient for use

There is a reason these moulds are made using silicone, which is safe and gentle on the floors. Thus they will not cause any damage to the floor on their own. Moreover these moulds are also durable so that they can be long lasting companions for your chairs. Did these moulds keep on doing their job for a long time? Do you believe them to be durable? We expect to hear about it in your Buffies reviews. We will also be looking at Buffies reviews because we want to know more about their neutral design, which ensures that it goes well with any table and chair set. Thus it will be a smart addition to your homes.

What Do I Get?

  • You get 2 set of Buffies for just $10.00 + $9.9 P&H.
  • Official website: buybuffies.com
  • 2 thoughts on “Buffies Review

    1. I ordered these things over two months ago and still have not received them. The only phone # listed just gives a recording that they are backordered. I have been getting that for well over a month. No available address for the company. Even this is the closest I can come to getting through to “customer service.” Well those words certainly don’t fit. Order # is 15633549. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH THIS.

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