Adjust-A-Plug Power Strip Review

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With the advent of technology there is increase in the number of electrical appliances you use in your daily life. The problem is every appliance requires power connection be it a computer, laptop, printer, scanner, cell-phone, microwave, etc and that’s where Adjust-A-Plug works like magic. Adjust-A-Plug is a power strip that will help plug multiple plugs providing up to 6 connections on its strip which is a lot compared to regular power strips.

How does Adjust-A-Plug Power Strip Work

Houses do not really have so many plug points to take care of the requirement and thus there are extensions and power strips used to expand the capacity of the plug points. The problem is these extenders and strips do not have enough space to house bulky adapters side by side causing an unnecessary need of multiple extenders and sometimes a compromise between which appliances to use. All these problems can be solved easily by connecting them all through Adjust-A-Plug.

Unlike other power strips which tend to distribute the power points on it without thinking of bigger power adaptors and space division, Adjust-A-Plug does the best job. Also Adjust-A-Plug is not an ordinary power strip that connects the appliances but also protects them from power surge that if not taken care of damage them even permanently. Adjust-A-Plug is made from a durable and completely safe material so as to use around the house and is extremely helpful in expanding the outlet capacity.

The secret behind Adjust-A-Plug functionality is the ingenious design that includes the 6 outlets available in an angle of 45 degrees. These slightly tilted angled outlets provide more space when multiple adaptors and power plugs are to be connected side by side and cannot be done so in regular power strips. But the key highlight feature of Adjust-A-Plug is its amazing ability to expand and contract with its resizable size. This makes it possible to resizing its size to accommodate the heaviest and bulkiest of the adaptors while still utilizing the neighbouring outlet for a connection. Plus Adjust-A-Plug sports a 3 foot long power cord which is enough to place it anywhere around the house.



What do I get?
Get 2 Adjust a Plug power strips for just $19.95 + $15.90 S/h. Official website



Adjust-A-Plug Power Strip Video
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