60 Second Shelf Review

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What is 60 Second Shelf?

It is an instant shelf that can install just about anywhere and offer you respite from clutter, according to its claims.

60 Second Shelf stresses that now you can make more space in your bathrooms and other parts of your house quite easily. Thus you will be able to eliminate clutter from your house and be able to see things more clearly as you would like to. Importantly, 60 Second Shelf promises to attach anywhere instantly and save you the hassle too. While these might be big claims we are waiting to verify them with the help of 60 Second Shelf reviews.

Installs itself and quickly too

60 Second Shelf asserts that if you want to get respite from the disorganized mess your bathroom has become then you need to install it immediately. The good news is that the shelf can install itself within hardly any time. You just have to place it on the wall and turn the knobs to firmly lock it in place. The Gravi-Tyte lock promises to hold it in place for you. In fact it maintains that if you can turn a key, you can install 60 Second Shelf with ease. Sadly we don’t have enough 60 Second Shelf reviews to corroborate these claims.

60 Second Shelf also claims that it can work on different types of surfaces including sheetrock, wood, and plastic too. Hence you can use it conveniently in different parts of the house. 60 Second Shelf reviews are awaited to confirm these claims.

Has several applications for you

60 Second Shelf can be used to reduce clutter in your bathroom, but its applications don’t just end there. You can use it to keep DVDs, plants and photos too. There is a removable insert for cords and wires, which makes it the perfect charging station for different types of gadgets. You can put one 60 Second Shelf next to the other and have an extra long shelf; possibilities are endless with it. 60 Second Shelf reviews will be able to tell us if it’s that versatile for use.

What do I get?

You’ll receive Two 60 Second Shelf for just $19.99 and pay no shipping and handling. Official website 60secondshelf.com

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