Fuze360 Review

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About Fuze360

Fuze360 proclaims to be a service for marketers to reach their audience and catapult their earning potential by aggregating multiple brand engagement products through a premium integrated marketplace.

How does it work

Fuze360 asserts to utilize multi-screen ad formats by placing in-content ad between paragraphs and adjacent to content to provide brand-specific messaging and multiple brand touchpoints. Fuze360 claims to use KPI-based pricing and high-impact ad products drive unparalleled click-through-rates and performance. Video Marketplace and Native Marketplace are also assured to be used by Fuze360 for effective brand engagement, viewability and post impression activities.

Double earning potential for marketers

If marketers of big or small brands want to ignite their earning potentials then Fuze 360 convinces to help them do that. Fuze360 promises to aggregate multiple brand engagement products in a single integrated unit. How far this strategy is effective will be known once user reviews are out. Fuze360 states that it develops multi-screen advertising products using analytics and intent so that RoI, traffic on the website and performance analytics shoot up. How far these claims are true will be known once user reviews of its performance are out. Fuze360 emphasizes that publisher can employ native advertizing and monetization and drive more revenues without encroaching upon the user experience.

Easy to implement and fraud-safe

Fuze360 proclaims that it has a very simple implementation with SmartCode that allows publishers to use it as a part of their template and create site-wide instream monetization very quickly. Fuze360 promises to have simple and intuitive controls that can drive engagement and any publisher will be ready to reap benefits in minutes. So far we haven’t been able to analyze user reviews to know if Fuze360 is really so easy to use. Fuze360 declares that marketers can select and mix and match as per their benefit from a variety of ad products from display, video, data collection, install-based campaign. Along with this, Fuze360 guarantees to have a full suite of fraud protection tools so that marketers can reach their actual audience and avoid bots, forced clicks, frauds, etc. Did you find all these benefits in Fuze360? Send us your reviews.

What do I get?

Please see official website fuze360.com

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