Simply Music Piano Learning Program Review

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Introducing Simply Music – the fastest, easiest and the most remarkable piano playing method ever created. Simply Music is the revolutionary Australian developed music learning program that guarantees you will be playing great songs in the first week or your money back.


Simply Music Piano Learning Program
With Simply Music there is no prior experience necessary, no endless drills, no boring scales, instead Simply Music has you playing the piano right away. You start with the Volume 1 DVD, Neil Moore will guide you step-by-step, its like he is right there by your side. Within days you will be playing great sounding contemporary pieces, Blues, gospels and classical favorites like Beethoven’s “Ode to joy”. To help you learn even faster Neil will include his visual reference book of diagrams and a portable piano pad that you can take anywhere. Plus you get companion Simply Music’s Play Along CD so you can practice right-along with Neil Moore.

Learning Piano with the traditional methods can take hours of practice and years of struggle. Simply Music is fast, easy and you will be playing immediately. Just 2 payments of $19.95 + s/h. It comes with a triple money back guarantee. If you are not playing great sounding music in the first week and full repertoire of songs in the first 30 days, return the program and Neil Moore will refund your purchase price, refund your shipping and handling, and even pay the return postage. That means you don’t risk a penny to try the Simply Music Program.

Act now and you will also get Simply Music Volume II absolutely FREE. You will amaze your friends and family as you play more and more wonderful songs including one of the most beloved pieces of music ever composed – “Fur Elise”.

As a special bonus you will also get “Sing & Play Along DVD” – You will entertain your friends as they sing along with you while you play great standards including ever popular “Amazing Grace”.




What do I get?

  • 3 DVDs of Instructions
  • 3 CDs of great sounding music
  • 3 Reference Guides
  • Portable Piano Pad

Get the Simply Music Piano Playing Lesson Program for just 2 payments of $19.95 +$9.95 S&H. CA resident will be charged sales tax, residents of Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands will be billed an additional $8.00 Shipping.

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Simply Music Piano Learning Program Video
Brian Playing Simply Music Piano Level 1

Brian Simply Music Piano Level 2

Jordan Plays a Star Wars Mix – Simply Music Style

Simply Music Piano by 3 yo James


9 thoughts on “Simply Music Piano Learning Program Review

  1. Both my sons are in simply music lessons with a teacher. I couldn’t be more happy. My 1st son is beginning the reading program right now and I’m amazed at how simple it it to learn how to read notes using their methodology. I took 9 years of the regular type of lessons and wish that this method had been around when I was learning. Being a teacher in this company is not a scam. Our teacher knew what she was getting into. And appreciates the ability to continue learning how to be a better teacher. Most teachers out there simply muddle through the first few years as they try to figure out how to teach what they already know. Not everybody is a good teacher. Simply music provides tons of support and education for the teachers. If she ever has a question there is a way for her to get an almost immediate response and she says she is so glad that this program teaches her how to teach. As for postponing the reading, they told us that up front. So if you don’t like that approach then this isn’t a method for you. I love that my kids can play awesome songs, really great sounding and complicated songs and that they will be using those songs to learn how to read. kind of ingenious I think. And if you want perfect technique so that your student can play a concert in Carnegie hall then this also might not be the method for you. This method is about learning to play for regular people. So you can play along with your self singing, so you can accompany someone at church or at a performance. Perfection in technique can come to simply music students too, but I think that simply music students have an even greater chance of succeeding because they actually enjoy the lessons instead of quitting after 6 months. I LOVE it. And my kids love it. and yes they do learn how to read music. Just be patient and enjoy the process. The rewards are huge.

  2. I was looking for some serious lessons for learning a Piano and that’s when I came across the advertorial of Simply Music Piano Learning Program. The program looked really amazing and exactly tailored to my requirements. Like a cautious customer I planned to give it a second thought by reading some online reviews by people who have used the program. So I searched the web with “Simply Music Piano Learning Program Reviews” keywords and found several listed review links. To my shock many of these review sites were just made for the purpose of promoting Simply Music Piano Learning Program. It even went to extent of giving direct links on the manufacturer’s website and an option to purchase it. Such promotions are out of question when it comes to honest customers who share their real experiences. What I was seeing must be probably some kind of fake review site to scam customers into purchasing the product. I finally found this website which is perfectly what I needed, honest and real opinions that matter. Thanks a lot.

    • The websites which are mentioned are really a kind of scam created by the manufacturer or resellers trying to lure people in purchasing products regardless if the product is good or bad. These sites are listed in the search engine too since the search engines are not intelligent enough to judge the difference in fake and a real review website.

  3. Clearly no technique taught here. In the videos above, none of the kids are even sitting properly at the piano.

  4. This whole thing is a joke, it is only a entry level program and nothing else….There are a lot of them out there so go to a music store and purchase a lot cheaper, better quality program. One that actually teaches your students to play AND read music.

  5. The person who posted a complaint below me was being nice. Simply Music is far worse than I ever comprehended. Almost verging on being cult-like. This is NOT a pyramid scheme — that would be better! it’s more like a tower scheme. You don’t play by their rules; you’re shoved off the tower. All you work for is only going to bring them more money and they offer you nothing in return. If you don’t praise the method and follow their rules, you’re an outcast and left to believe, by the email moderators and heads of the program, that you’re alone. It took me a few years to find out that I wasn’t alone and that there are many many other teachers who have felt this same way. Don’t waste your time, money or life on this program. There is so much more out there for you that doesn’t want to nickel and dime you.

  6. If you are a teacher and want to buy into this way of teaching, you will pay a large sum of money up-front and that is for the teacher training material and three phone conference calls. What you don’t know up front is you cannot purchase all of the student material until your student reaches a certain level, you are always in the dark as to where this program is going. You will be paying and paying. You have to pay $175.00 for every level (nine levels) and it is called a license fee. Then you have to pay a $2.00 for education fee everytime you teach a student. The great part is this…If you decide to no longer teach SM, you are required to send all of the material back, and you get no refund. This is just a warning….BTW, they will not send you any students. But want you to advertise using their name. You will have to find additional material to fill in the gaps. I am sorry I ever heard of SM!!!

  7. Buyer Beware!! Your child will have fun playing the music in the simply music program and you will be thrilled. But, he or she will not actually learn how to read music or really play an instrument for a long time. My child got so bored playing the same songs over and over and over again. I kept asking when we would actually start learning how to read music and the answer was always, “very soon.” So now my son knows how to play cutesy fun songs but doesn’t know how to read music. It was like throwing flushing $2,000 down the toilet. If you really want your child to learn how to play the piano do the tried and true way. I have other children who have learned to play the piano really well. So sorry that I gave this program a try .18 months wasted that I won’t get back.

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