Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs Review

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Our lives are extremely stressful today and all we think about is securing our future and making sure our loved ones are comfortable. However there might be personal ambitions that could have been left behind along the way. How often do you wish you could play the guitar, not only to impress a gathering but because you wanted to? You know taking guitar lessons can be extremely expensive and not many of us have the time of the day for them. But what if you were told you could learn to play guitar within minutes? Yes, that’s right; Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy, is your way to strumming your guitar within no time.


Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs
Ralph Paul is considered to be one of the best guitar teachers in America and now he has brought this absolutely breathtaking product for benefit of practically anyone who wants to learn playing the guitar. In simple and easy-to-understand technique, you are shown how to play the guitar and you will start playing it yourself in as little as five minutes. Yes, it’s the fastest and easiest way to learn playing a guitar and what’s more, it will be a lot of fun too.

Whatever your style and choice of music might be, from Blues to Rock N Roll or Country for that matter, you will learn the ropes within no time. With the help of this awe-inspiring product you can learn playing the guitar from the comforts of your own home and without feeling inhibited. From proper body and guitar alignment to appropriate use of the pick, basic slides and riffs to minor and major cords, you will learn everything you want to know about playing your favourite instrument.

Now you can play on your own or for your family and friends, serenade your loved one or take your new found skills to the stage and make a lasting impression.




What do I get?
Your collection includes

  • Basics – Volume 1 & 2
  • Techniques – Volume 1 & 2
  • 1 Jump Start DVD
  • 3 DVD Music Compilation Set (Country, Blues & Rock)

You get all this for $29.95 plus S&H of $11.90 at www.ralphpaul.com.


Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs Video


63 thoughts on “Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs Review

  1. Total crap, I ordered one copy of guitar made easy 39.95 +s&h I was charged $176.67 , I was charged over $36.00 for shipping &handling, this company will rip you off then hang the phone up when you call them to complain, DO NOT do business with this most crooked company, and their product sucks!!!!

  2. My Brother who is mentally slow wanted to order Ralph Pauls’ Guitar made easy course when he saw it on TV. He wants to play a guitar because I play one. I told him not to do it because I already knew it was basically a rip-off. Because of his mental condition he ordered it anyway. He was charged for a double order which he did not order but had to pay anyway. My mother tried but could never get ahold of customer service so he was stuck with it. when he received it, he called me stating that he could not follow the course. He sent me one of his complete sets in hopes I could help him with it. Upon viewing the course content I was amazed at Ralph Paul’s inability to instruct, teach or even properly play a guitar. Oh, he can play alright but not if he has to slow down. His teaching method is very poor at best. Any course worth it’s salt at all will come with an instruction book which allows one to follow along with the DVD’s. I personally would rate Ralph Paul right along with Claude (the Fraud) Johnson. People need to understand that courses like Ralph Paul’s course is generally not designed to help people learn how to play a guitar but rather to make as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time as possible. That’s probably why people get double and triple charged for orders they did not want and why they can not contact or get relief from his customer service. What really bothers me is they took advantage of a person who suffers from a mental problem. Anyone who talks to my brother, even on the phone, would immediately recognize he has a problem. BAD FORM RALPH PAUL!!!! Customer”s BEWARE! this course is not worth your effort, money or the aggravation it can cause you. Prior to purchasing any guitar course do your research and never believe anything on TV. Money Grabbers are fully aware how hungry people can get when they want to learn something. If your not already aware of it, there’s a free chat web site called Chordie which is full of every day guitar players of every level who can give you great advise.

    If you really want a good beginners course, may I suggest researching a guitar instruction course offered by Dan Denley. Good luck to all who wish to learn the guitar. I sincerely hope it becomes an exiting adventure for you all. Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion and review of Ralph Paul’s SO CALLED Guitar made easy Course.

  3. For all you people out there, Shop around, You can order the same Item (except for the compilation 3 DVD set) at Walmart.com use site to store for your nearest walmart for free shipping, I purchased the Ralph Paul’s guitar made easy, The basics 5 DVD set on line and picked it up 4 days later. Save the frustration and order from some place you trust.
    Possibly one of these days they will add the compilation set to there millions of products.

    • I bought their 5 DVD set but did not get the extra 3 DVD compilation set. Where can I get it. Do I have to order and pay again to get it? Looks like it would be available somewhere. I emailed customer service but no reply.

  4. I taught my self to play decades ago, I can tell you, there is no easy way to to learn to play. It takes time, a lot, and a commitment. This program is crap,,, as Ted Nugent once said, play until you have welts on your chest and blistered fingers, then maybe you will start to get somewhere,,, this is a scam, pure and simple,,,There is no easy way to learn to play Any instrument.

    There are videos out there that can help you learn, but the good ones never tell you it is easy. Wake up.

  5. I want to thank everyone for their input. I really thought about ordering the Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs. because I’m 50 years old and I wanted to learn to play the guitar my whole life. I’m a gourmet chef by trade so I never have the time to learn but thanks to you all I know better than to order them. so I guess I’ll try to learn from YouTube.

  6. I ordered the Ralph Paul guitar system this morning for my daughter. After placing the order I was charged for 2 instead of 1. Called the company on the receipt to correct bc I NEVER hit 2 as quantity they said i was not in there system yet but yet they have the charge on my c.c. I wish I had read the reviews first bc ordering now I am stuck with not knowing if I can cancel order bc I want nothing to do with anyone that forces multiple orders when that is not what you ordered. I was very care when ordering bc there were a lot of extras you could add on. There was no reviewing the order before it was placed they just placed the order and it was wrong. I have emailed and called with no success yet. I will dispute the charges and refuse the order if not fixed. This is the most ridiculous web site I have ever ordered from. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM ON THERE SITE find it used on ebay or amazon. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! SCAM SCAM SCAM

        • The number I was given for Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs customer service was 1-800-653-2386. Called three times and was given 3 different versions as to the status of my order and when I should receive it. I ordered online 1/6/14. Last customer service rep I spoke with said they are back ordered and I should not expect my order to be shipped until 2/27/14. Would have love to have been given that knowledge when I placed order. Anyways..hope you gain satisfactory info. by calling.

  7. I agree with these other reviews. These people are a bunch of thieves. You order one thing and they add all these “bonus” items you do not want, but have to pay shipping on. COMPLETE RIPOFF. I don’t know which government agency would have jurisdiction over this, but someone needs to shut them down.

  8. Saw this ad on tv and found it to be somewhat comical. I’m sure you can learn the twelve bar blues and a few other tricks in 5 minutes but if you want to play properly I would probably give this a miss. I have the Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar set which teaches you properly as best a DVD course can. The teacher is Steve Krenz and you learn how to read music, chords, notes, scales etc. 20 DVDs and 5 jam along CDs, 5 workshop/practice CDs, online forums etc. Very good until you want to progress to real live lessons. Ralph Paul’s infomercial was disappointing in its claims of turning a beginner to pro in a short time. quality takes time….

    Or check out YouTube if you can’t afford DVDs or a guitar teacher

  9. Hello Ralph
    I purchased. your Package of 8 CDs. I have learnt some stuff which I never learned from local guitar teachers(x4).

    But I need some additional info which was never supplied in the video sessions which I felt would be helpful. To create those sounds(country,blues),what kind of Guitar would you ask us to invest in? You mentioned in your country video that stradcaster etc but the message was not clear. So my question is
    1. What type of Guitar would you recommend that would bring the ‘twang’ in.Would a simple electric/acoustic guitar be OK

    2. Coupled to a preamp system ,would it give that sound?or do I need to buy an amplifier with distortion box to create the distortion effects in Video3? I may purchase more products from you but I need your input on how to create a true “twang” sound and bending/sliding sounds that you have.


    • When you say the word ‘twang’ that narrows the search down to two things. One is a single coil pickup (P90 or equivalent) at the bridge (not the neck) and two is either a hollow body (preferred) or at least a semi-hollow body. Those 2 things are critical to get the twang sound you are looking for. Amps and boxes alone will never satisfy.

  10. I placed an order on the phone for one set for Christmas (should have been $49.95). Immediately $166 was on my credit card. I cancelled that order. I placed an online order for one set, was immediately charged $111.70. Was able to change that order back to only one set which was received. Then a week later here came another un-ordered set for which I was charged $111.70. I reported to the BBB, refused the order with a return confirmation # from them, and they credited my account for just $69.95. I’m still hassling for the remaining $41.75 they owe me. I will again report to the BBB and contact Chase MC. What a rip! Since the DVDs were for my grandson I don’t yet know if they’re worth anything. Probably not. RIP-OFF. Be warned – DO NOT ORDER!!!

    • I too got ripped off. I ordered Ralph Paul Guitar DVDs on Dec. 27th then with a few days I was on the internet and found out how this company ripped off others and when I received the box I did not open it I just had it returned.

      I finally was refunded but only $39.95. The total charged to my account was $55.85. I will be on the phone in the AM. I guess I learned my lesson. I think we all need to check the internet BEFORE we click “accept”


  11. Who are you clowns, knocking these lessons. I got my lessons from Ralph Paul. The first of Jan. And have learned more in thirty days than 1 year from a paid instructor, who wasn’t in teaching much. Just enough to keep you coming back. So far with Ralph Paul lesson I can play Spanish guitar pretty fair and most of the music on the country DVD. The guitar is not like a radio. Just turn it on and play. You’ve got to put much time in after learning basic chords. A teacher can show you how to play and where to put your fingers, but it takes practice to give your brain, finger muscles that will tell your fingers where to go while you are singing and playing. All I can say for the money I spent thanks ralph oh yea, I didn’t have any problem with my order

    • Sadly many people have made up their minds this is either a scam or it is a waste of time. It is neither. We are sorry if sometimes billing gets screwed up but our people will help that for you. I have 30 years of teaching guitar. In these 8 videos you are charged for what many charge for 1 Lesson! I think a lot of people are listening to some disgruntled guitar players who sadly have not understood this is not meant to dazzle but teach you. We sell 1000’s and 1000’s of videos and surely some orders get messed up. But few of the vast majority of satisfied customers ever respond-only those few who are unhappy. I hope you all get to play and fulfill your dreams as I have!

      • Ralph,

        I Viewed Your DVD’s, I strongly disagree with you. According to your DVD’s, At best you are a very poor guitar instructor. I have purchased good guitar courses and I have to say yours doesn’t even rate. You flat should not be a DVD course instructor. You should find someone who can teach you how to instruct properly. The only thing good about your course is the quality of the picture and sound. You don’t even offer an instruction book that follows your DVD’s. There’s a lot of good course out there but yours isn’t one of them. In my opinion your taking advantage of people and you aught to be ashamed of yourself.

      • Ralph,

        You said earlier that you have been teaching guitar for 40 years. Kinda like your Guitar made easy course, not quite being honest,,, huh?

      • I was about to give it a try until I read the answer by Ralph Paul. If there was any sincerity in the explanation there would be a phone number for all the rest of the people who had the same problem. I have learned if there is no OPERATING phone number to fall back on after the E mail system fails you should avoid ordering anything at all cost.. Thanks Ralph for the message it convinced me to avoid the order. sorry, it sounded good but so did the stock deal Madolf offered.

        • If you purchased with a credit card as I imagine everyone does, you can contest any extra charges with your bank and let them handle it.

  12. Thanks to everyone who posted, site such as this do help prevent innocent people from being ripped off. Even better, there are recommended alternatives posted!

    Thanks again

    • We sell thousands of dvds. Once in a while there is a problem and usually the vast majority of people who were pleased are not the ones who make a statement so I appreciate both the few who have issues of concern and those who do not. We never try to rip anyone off.

  13. Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy is a scam! just ordered online 14hrs. ago as soon as I completed the form I noticed there was a quantity of 2 for everything it would not allow me to update my cart it said order complete. I called customer service within 2 to 3 mins. I was told the order was not received yet so I would have to call in the am. I just did that and was told the order already shipped and all they can do is refund me $9.99 if I am willing to keep the 70 dollars in duplicate items, such a deal. the CDs are probably blank and they dont care if you return them because of the money they make on s&h which is about $30 because that was doubled as well. I dont know if Ralph can play guitar but he sure played me like a pro.

    • You can dispute the charges on your credit card so you won’t be double billed. Also, if all you’re saying is correct, IMHO it’s impossible for them to ship that fast. IMHO, because they say on their own site it takes up to “48 hours for your order to be processed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery”, IMHO there’s no way it could’ve shipped that fast. Even Amazon Prime isn’t that fast.

      Bank of America has a feature called “Shopsafe”. It allows you to create credit card numbers linked to your own credit card account. When creating a Shopsafe number, you can specify the dollar limit and expiration date for the created card. I always use this feature when ordering from most sites. If you create a Shopsafe card with a low limit, it’s impossible for any company to IMHO double-bill you.

      IMHO = In My Humble Opinion.

    • Joe,

      The same thing happened to me. I immediately called the customer service to cancel the order on 12/20 and was told my order was not yet in their system to cancel it so I needed to call back in 24 hrs. I called the next day and they were closed for Christmas. I sent them an email so it would be received today 12/26 telling them to cancel the order. Also, I called them first thing this morning and talked to ART who told be my order could not be cancelled now because it had shipped which was a lie. He told me I would have to refuse the order when it came to me. I intend to file a dispute with my bank as soon as I am charged. Rec’d an email reply from Daniel today who only told me I had talked to customer service so I guess he assumed my problem was solved. This Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs is definitely a scam which I intend to report.

  14. I’m a 43 year old male and I’ve been playing guitar for 28 years. I’ve never had a guitar lesson I learned how to play by tab. I have played with a few well none bands from south carolina and think this Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy is a joke. If you want to learn how to play guitar just go the supermarket spend $5 on a magazine and learn…Most have all the instructions… Don’t give your cash away.. Unless you want to give it to me, and I bet you don’t.. So don’t give it to him….. Happy learning

  15. Why doesn’t Ralph Paul just sell his Guitar Made Easy DVDs on Amazon? What’s with the “48 hours for your order to be processed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery”? A camel could move quicker! When I order using Amazon Prime, I get my order within 2 days! Why doesn’t Ralph Paul just let Amazon “Fulfill” his DVD sets? It would be MUCH quicker, easier and simpler. What’s with the “Arbitration Agreement” on his website? Is the company afraid they’re going to be sued?

    If I actually order the Guitar Made Easy DVDs, which I doubt, I’ll write another post. I’d much rather have Amazon fulfill the order.

  16. Um, do any of you guys posting customer service complaints realize that no one from the CS departments of the companies you ordered from read these comments? This is a review site. Any of you that are posting on here about delayed orders, refunds, etc. are pissing in the wind.

    • No they are NOT pissing in the wind. They are informing others of a scam. One suggestion that I would make is to also contact the Federal Trade Commision and complain to them. They will shut his ass down.

  17. Excuse the misspellings. The remainder of the comment is that a I am concerned that If the problem is not fixed. my options are limited. It would be on everyone:s best interest if someone can call me as soon as possible so we can fix things. My phone is 919 622-1773.

  18. I have tried to find any human in customer service. Although it is indicated on your website that I ordered through a live person. I have questions about my order and would like to correct problems before it is shipped. O paid for rush service but it still indicates that it will take 2-3 weeks for processing. It also indicates that I order 2 sets of the rock music but I don:t remember even ordering one. These kind of problems could be avoided when an automated voice system is utilized. I would hate to cancel order. nit if I cannot get the problem fixed by speaking with a non-automatic human voice.

    • Tried to order Ralph Paul guitar DVDs for my grandson. Ordered one set but was billed for three. called customer service who was rude and uncooprative, and when i was directed to a supervisor (only after insisting) I was transfered to a recording. Ol’ Ralph’s website is ran by the same yahoos that took my money, so do yourself a favor and buy somewhere else, if you buy these discs at all. These jerks drove a kind old woman to the use of profanity. Don’t take my word for, research it yourself and see how many other people had their orders double or tripled without their consent..

      • What a joke. I also went on the website and ordered 1 set. No way to edit or review order. Got a confirmation email billing me for 3 sets–$160. Immediately sent an email cancelling the order. Got no reply. Made a phone call only to find they were closed on Dec.24th and 25th. Called again on the 26 and was told it couldn’t be cancelled because it had already been shipped. Received the 3 sets on the 6th of January. The shipping costs are as expensive as the sets. Even returning them is expensive. Almost $50 for the shipping alone. Can’t get that back. Watched 3 of the videos—waste of time. All 8 of them could be put on one disc. He doesn’t even follow his own rules. Now I’ll have to pay to ship this crap back and still end up owing them money for nothing. What should I do to get out of this scam without paying out the yahoo?

  19. I ordered the Ralph Paul guitar made easy, I have not received anything as yet but my bank account showers that $99.00 has been taken for the program. I don’t understand when the price was suppose to be $29.99, plus shipping, $11.99? I would like some answers, I have not been able to reach anyone in customer service.

    • First I am upset that I have to wait a month when you are selling it to people ,want these for Christmas. Second you can reach a person if you call 1800-6532386 but they say they are so backed that they’re out of stock and you cant get it for month which if you pay for express you should get express. We want out orders its not fair.

  20. My address is 1492 Regent Place, Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada. I have been trying to order your DVD’s but to no avail as I am assuming you do not ship to Canada. I would love to be able to give this to my grandson for Xmas. Can you help me.

  21. Do not buy this Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs!!

    I have only seen the infomercial, but as a self-taught guitarist, I can tell you these DVDs aren’t going to teach you anything you can’t quickly and easily learn online for free! And you won’t be playing “like a pro” in 5 minutes, no matter what. I can say without a doubt even the “first-timers” on the infomercial had played guitar before. For example, playing that Blues Rift by striking only the top two strings on an electric guitar actually is quite skillful and takes A LOT of practice to be able to do without hitting any extra strings.

    If you want to be a proficient guitarist, you need to learn your basic chords and you need to learn your scales. Scales help you understand chord structure and help you in writing your own music. Ralph’s DVDs will get you passed the most newb levels; but if you want to be an actual guitarist, you have to learn the basics and you’re going to have to practice. But don’t worry, Ralph’s techniques and more advanced techniques, plus song tutorials, are all easily found on YouTube. Do yourself a favor and try YouTube first. You’ll be a better guitarist for it.

  22. Hello I am wondering why these CDs are not sold on Amazon.com. I’d order it from there. And they do sell a VHS tape but I no longer own a VHS player.

  23. Just make sure that they have the DVDs in stock before buying it impulsively. I always research for reviews before buying them online. I have had some bad experiences with the “As Seen On TV” products in past. Just to make you aware of potential pitfalls of buying Infomercial products – ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT and do your math properly, The shipping/handling charges are as high as the product price, there is NO way to cancel the order, product is back-ordered, High return cost etc. So my advice is you buy these products when they arrive in stores.

    • Please do not waste your money on this “instructional” DVD set. All of the information and techniques he will show you how to can be found for free online. I play lead guitar in a death metal band and taught myself all of these “secret” techniques that you have to “Pay hundreds of dollars” to learn. All it takes is practice, practice, practice. Pick songs you like (not too difficult now), and try to learn them. I recommend learning your basic chords (G, C, and D) then maybe Smoke on the Water, Iron Man, or some slower old school ZZ Top/Country jams. Don’t work too hard, and don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take it slow, hone your technique, dial it that tone, and have fun. Rock n’ Roll.

    • Misleading-yes, No review of order. Shipping amt. ridiculously high!! There is no customer service–they will hang up on you. This is one big scam.

  24. Review Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy

    Where can I download this Guitar Made Easy.

    Is it easy to follow?

    Do you learn the basics well?

    Do you learn different styles equally well?

    Is it fun to learn?

    Is it a fast way of learning to play the guitar?

    • Thanks to all of you who took the time to write Ralph Paul Guitar Made Easy DVDs reviews. I, like many others, was excited about purchasing the software TO “FINALLY” MASTER PLAYING guitar. That would have only led to another kind of frustration GREATER than not being able to play. Again, thanks everyone……

      • Listen folks. I have been teaching for 40 years and to the vast majority of people my videos are a blessing. I assure you if your a person who wants to learn you will find my videos a real help-or we will refund you!

        • That does not give you the right to rip people off, you know your running a scam, and I’m going to report you, and your company!!!

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