ChordBuddy Guitar Review

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Do you want to learn to play the guitar but don’t want to go to a professional because they can be very expensive and the classes could be time-consuming? Now there is a fast and easy way to learn to play the guitar. Here’s introducing the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System, the simplest and easiest way to learn to play the guitar, and that too on your own.


ChordBuddy Guitar
ChordBuddy Guitar is fun to use and is the fastest way to learn to play the guitar. From the day you start using the ChordBuddy Guitar you will be playing real songs with just the push of a button.

The best part about the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System is that you do not need a professional to teach you to play the guitar. You can learn to play the guitar in about 2 months and that too on your own.

ChordBuddy uses a patterned teaching system helping you learn your right hand rhythm patterns first, while using the chord making tabs to make the chords for you. When you have learned to strum you can then learn the chords. Simply remove the tabs one at a time and learn to play the chords yourself. With the ChordBuddy Guitar you will learn to play the guitar on your own in as little as two months.

ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System is also a great gift to give your kids on their birthday or any other special occasion. They are sure to love this amazing gift and will be engrossed trying to learn to play the guitar.



What do I get?
You can now order the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning System for only $49.99.
The ChordBuddy teaching system comes with a key of “G” ChordBuddy, color coded song book with over 100 songs, two month lesson plan and a DVD.



ChordBuddy Guitar Video


4 thoughts on “ChordBuddy Guitar Review

  1. Yes, I saw it on Shark Tank and ordered it from Amazon. It is a lot of fun. I was not looking for something to make me a pro, just get me started and have a little fun with in my spare time. It does require some regular repositioning, but I was playing songs within a few hours. What I like is that it lets you go at your own pace. Also, to actually play a song, you not only have to learn chords, but learn the strumming patterns. This allows you to work on getting the strumming patterns and timing down first, then graduate onto learning the chords separately. Once I got the strumming patterns down, it was a piece of cake. Definitely worth the money.

  2. Yes got mine last January 2015. I write music and it really works..the downside is that it hits the springs and you have to keep pulling it up. It was very poorly designed. I had to take tooth picks and glue them to each side and then I put it on my guitar. This was the only way you can make it work. After about a year my C key broke. I’m learning how to play with out it. I would not say it’s worth it unless you can figure out how to make it work for you. The owner has to know after so man complaints that he had to change the design but I guess he decided not to change it. Not many people are happy with it.

  3. Has anyone tried the ChordBuddy Guitar Learning Program?

    Does it really help?

    Do you recommend this to others?

    How long does it take to learn guitar?

    Is it worth the price?

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