Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano

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What is EZ Play Piano – Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano is a series of video tutorials that is the fastest and easiest way to learn to play the piano right at home.

Affordable and Easy piano training

Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano claims that its video series is the best way anyone can learn a piano without the cons of other methods. Private instructors who visit home to teach charge an enormous amount per session. Also it is difficult for many people to learn and understand sheet music. Such things might discourage many enthusiasts from learning to play a piano. Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano’s sole vision is said to be a provider to such people who want to learn the piano in the fastest and easiest way. The best part of Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano is meant to be its pace that can be controlled by the user and is useful for learning on a grand and upright piano, an electronic keyboard, organ, digital tablet or even a kid’s keyboard. Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano is presented by Al Baldwin, who is said to be one of America’s best piano teachers. These DVD lessons of Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano are said to be his most effective and beneficial piano training methods for people of all ages.

Step by step approach

Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano apparently comes with a series of DVDs where the first two are comprised with tutorials that are aimed at the Basics. It includes everything that gets anyone started to play a piano along with the perfect body and hand alignment, using foot pedals, play basic riffs and jams using the most basic major and minor chords. Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano additionally is said to have DVDs targeted to Techniques which cover advanced piano playing techniques, numerous tips and secrets that makes anyone a pro pianist. There also are few backing tracks and DVDs that come along Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano and is said to contain song playing lessons that will make a better artist out of anyone.


What do I get?

  • Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano Basic Volumes 1 & 2
  • Al Baldwin’s EZ Play Piano Techniques Volumes 1 & 2
  • 1 Jump Start DVD
  • 3 DVD Music Set (Country, Blues & Rock)

All this for just $39.99 plus $15.90 S&P. Official website:

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