88 Play Piano Review

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About 88 Play Piano

88 Play Piano claims to be the easiest way to learn to play the piano and has turned many laymen into expert piano players. 88 Play Piano convinces that you can learn to play like a pro in just about 8 lessons with the easy to follow program.


How does it work

The DVDs of 88 Play Piano contain 2 lessons in each DVD that states to let you follow songs and each and every note precisely. 88 Play Piano declares that you will be playing songs by your favorite artistes sooner than you realize. 88 Play Piano also maintains that it takes a visual approach to musical notation so that you will never err or be lost and it claims to make reading music easier even in the first time. The lesson book of 88 Play Piano declares that it has step-by-step guides to playing many popular songs. Every lesson claims to have 8 practice songs written for it.

Play the piano like a pro in two months!

Many aspiring piano players give up sooner than later because they miss the magic in their fingers. But 88 Play Piano assures to give you that magic easily and quickly whether you are a kid or an adult. If you cannot manage to find the time to learn the piano or think it’s really hard and have never got down to taking music classes, then 88 Play Piano promises to bust all the myths that you have heard about learning. 88 Play Piano proclaims that you will be playing the piano with your left as well as right hand with 8 short lessons. You will allegedly be playing the same stuff in two months that people usually learn after years of learning and arduous practice.


Play right from the first lesson

88 Play Piano asserts that you do not need previous experience to make use of the program that is fun and easy to follow. Thousands of people are claimed to have benefited from 88 Play Piano and fulfilled their dream of playing like a pro whether songs or chords. 88 Play Piano guarantees that you will be playing songs right from the first time you start the program. With consequent lessons you wouldn’t feel like you are practicing but would actually be playing. Whether you want to play for your family and friends or play at a function.

Learn to play several genres

The easy to follow guides and key charts of 88 Play Piano proclaim to let you find the notes easily and quickly so that the ever important formative weeks will be easy and productive. 88 Play Piano maintains that it will let you play songs of various genres easily and states to include songs by your favorite artistes in rock, classical, country and gospel. 88 Play Piano assures to be great for learners of all ages, and promises that you would be belting out songs like you have been playing for many years.

What do I get?

Get the 88 Play Piano 4 DVD Program + Music Book and Bonus Keyboard Guides for just 2 Easy Payments of $29.99 + $7.95 S&H.Official website 88playpiano.com


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