Zyppah Rx Review

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Snoring can be a problem not only for the person who snores but those around him or her as well. There are many couples that experience stress in their relationship because of this problem and lack of quality sleep can leave you feeling tired and drowsy the next day too. You may have tried several solutions in the market but the problem with them is that they don’t custom fit your mouth, which is why they can’t hold your teeth in place. That’s the reason your front teeth can move and become crooked. Why would you do that to your teeth especially when you have an effective solution in the form of Zyppah Rx


Zyppah Rx
This product works on your snoring problem instantly and offers you much needed relief. At the same time it is self moulded and custom fit, which ensures that you get all the comfort possible. Path breaking Z-Flex Technology is at the heart of this product and it ensures that the passageway of your mouth is comfortably stabilized. And Mandibular Repositioning pushes your jaw forward slowly and gently. This is what opens your airway that enhances airflow and reduces snoring sound.

Patent pending elastic is also used in this product and it makes sure your tongue is held and stabilized. Thus your tongue won’t fall back into your throat and your airway will be opened further. While this happens there’s no worry of gag reflex when using this product. These two solutions in tandem ensure that you get optimum benefits and thus relief from snoring problems. You will be pleased to note that this product has been designed by a snoring expert who has done around a decade of research that’s behind this product that works well for you.

Of course it’s a little more work since it’s a self-moulding product but it’s worth the effort because no one wants to have crooked teeth after all.

Zyppah Rx FAQs

Is Zyppah Rx different from regular anti-snoring oral devices?
While regular devices offer one approach to reduce snoring, there are two with Zyppah Rx. It goes right after the tongue; the real cause of snoring. There’s a Tongue Retaining Element, which is responsible for holding the tongue back in the airway while you are sleeping. That reduces snoring and this is what distinguishes Zyppah Rx from other oral, anti-snoring devices.

Moreover it has the Mandibular Repositioning feature found in other devices and it ensures that the jaw is moved forward so that there is ease of breathing and snoring is reduced.

Since there are two methods offered to reduce snoring, the odds of preventing snoring are increased by Zyppah Rx. The elastic impeding of tongue from falling back into the airway in tandem with advancement of lower jaw decreases the chances of snoring.


Who can use Zyppah Rx?
Zyppah Rx is indicated for use by those who are 18 years or older and want to reduce snoring. It is also meant for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea but has to be delivered by an authorized Zyppah Rx dentist or physician.


Has it been cleared by the FDA?
Yes, it sure has.


Is Zyppah Rx made in the US?
Zyppah Rx is proudly made in the US.

How does one give Zyppah Rx as a gift?
You can easily give it as a gift to those who are 18 years of age or older. Gift of Zyppah Rx can be purchased and there’s a procedure put in place to make sure your dear ones can get their hands on it.


Are all types of payment accepted?
All major credit cards are accepted but for the safety of the customers, cash is not.


Is sales tax charged on Zyppah Rx?
Since medical devices are not taxable in the US, sales tax is not charged.


How often does Zyppah Rx need to be replaced?
Depending on its wear and tear of course, it’s recommended that Zyppah Rx is replaced after every 6 to 9 months. Since some tend to grind their teeth more than others, it might be necessary for them to replace the unit more frequently.


What’s the Zyppah Rx user agreement?
It’s a FDA-cleared, Class II medical device that needs a prescription from a licensed dentist or a physician. It has been cleared for sale by the FDA, by Zyppah Rx Inc. and Zyppah Rx licensed physicians and dentists. The agreement, when completed, ensures that the customer is qualified to use Zyppah Rx for its intended use. It’s been put in place to protect the safety of the buyer.

Is Zyppah Rx difficult to fit?
In most instances it can be worn comfortably and the custom fit makes it easily adaptable. Initially, mild soreness might be experienced in the jaw and mouth area by some. If the soreness doesn’t go away and you experience extreme discomfort then you should stop using Zyppah Rx immediately. If the problem remains then you can consult a physician or a dentist.


How should Zyppah Rx be cleaned?
You can clean it every morning with mild soap and cool water. It should be rinsed well to get rid of the soap residue. You can soak it in water for about an hour, once a week, and add effervescent Denture cleaning tablets. Harsh chemicals, household cleaning products that contain ammonia and bleach should not be used.


How should Zyppah Rx be stored?
Zyppah Rx should be stored in a cool, dry place in the storage case that comes with it. Before every use and storing, you can clean it well.



What do I get?
You can try Zyppah Rx for 30 days for $9.95 S&P at www.zyppahrx.com. You are charged first payment of $39.95 in 30 days and second payment in 60 days.


Zyppah Rx Video
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11 thoughts on “Zyppah Rx Review

  1. Works great!!! Stopped snoring first time I used it!!! Not sure what everyone is talking about, great product!!!!

  2. Stay away from this POS. The tongue strap will break very soon after you start using it (not “months”). From there you need to deal with incompetent and uncaring customer service people who just want to drop your call or email.

  3. Listened to commercials on xmradio for happyz zyppah product. Threating consumers with a price hike is just not ethical. So that said I will never buy your product. So go ahead hike the price and go out of business. Wouldn’t phase me or millions of people like me. Price of your product according to xmradio commercial will increase on Black Friday and again on cyber Monday.

  4. Unfortunately they dont tell you if the Zyppah fails after 90 days or wears out, you have to buy another $100 device. So you are basically beholden to them for the rest of your life every 3 months. no thanks

  5. Bottom line – doesn’t work. Now I am sending back. I review to let averybody know if the refund was successful.

  6. I think the admin of this web site is in fact working hard for his web page, because here every data is quality based stuff.

  7. This does work but;

    The 30 day Free trial starts from the shipping date not the date the product is received. So, you really only have about 3 weeks of free trial before you are billed. If you you want to send it back, make sure you do it within the first couple of weeks.

    After the order is placed, you will get tons of follow up calls about your order which are just calls trying to sell a discount club service. They are good salespeople and you can easily end up with something you don’t want or need. I have been in sales forever so I know all the tricks. After I told them not to call anymore, the calls did stop.

    A few days after my less than 30 day free trial, the tongue holder strap broke. My jaws were all screwed up from using this so I was going to stop using it anyway. I called and asked for a refund. That was refused because it was past the less than 30 day free trial. I was told they could send a replacement so I agreed to that thinking I could sell it to someone else and get some of the money back. I got a call back a couple of days later with a message that since my free trial period was over they were not even going to replace the mouthpiece. So, I am out about $100, have a broken device and painful, popping jaws, which will probably result in a visit to the dentist if they are not better in a few more days resulting in more expense.

    I did not complain and demand my money back. But I will post my comments everywhere I can. If I can keep 10 people from buying this thing, that’ll cost them more than if they just gave me a refund or replacement.

    Oh, and don’t think it’s a great product just because it is endorsed by a celebrity. Their celebrity will endorse just about anything for the right price!

  8. Recently purchased the Zyppah device. Have not had enough time to see if it will work or not but need to make others aware of this: Got a call from someone claiming to represent Zyppah a few days before it arrived. Call was supposedly to verify shipping, etc. Few days later charges from TLG GREAT FUN, TLG SHOPPERS, and SHOPPERS ADVANTAGE appeared on my card. These are SCAMS!!! At this point, if it was a Zyppah Rep calling me I am greatly disappointed in their methods of doing business. If it was not a Zyppah Rep calling me, HOW DID THESE PEOPLE GET MY INFORMATION FROM ZYPPAH!!!


  9. They somehow tricked me as I was ordering the zyppah and I ended up getting billed for 2. Also, there’s absolutely no phone number you can call to try to talk to somebody and solve the problem. I’m really unhappy they did this to me and WILL NOT buy their product again. Haven’t even gotten the 2 zyppah snoreguard mouthpieces yet so I can’t even tell if they work or not. I have a big feeling that it’s an absolute scam so BEWARE of the ZYPPAH website!!!

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