Zvelt Diet Patch

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What is Zvelt – It is a tiny diet patch that lets you lose weight without going through the pains of crash diets, pills or strenuous workouts.

Scientifically formulated and high performance diet patch

Zvelt claims to be an effective fat loss patch that will let you lose excessive weight without the need to go to the gym or resort to unhealthy crash diets and pills. Supposedly all it takes is peeling off the sticker, wearing the Zvelt patch preferably on either your arm or back (or any part of the body) and going about your regular routine. Zvelt is supposed to be scientifically formulated with its patented combination of natural ingredients like ForsLean, Guarana, Cosmoperine and ChromeMate, Zvelt which believably controls your appetite, promotes metabolism and thyroid, and enhances your body’s natural capability to shed weight. When you stick the patch on your body, the skin slowly absorbs the ingredients of Zvelt and stimulates your body to lose weight.

Increases energy and curbs appetite in a short span of time

Zvelt apparently increases energy and brings down craving for food in a short span of time so that you can lose weight fast. Zvelt is meant to have helped people lose as many as 75 lbs and drop from dress size 12 to 6 quickly and easily. And it supposedly does this without making you realize that you are doing anything for weight loss. Zvelt also claims that it will kill your craving for unhealthy and fatty food so that you gorge only on fresh and healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. And you believably need not follow a specific diet to get benefits from Zvelt.

Comfortable, undetectable and hygienic

As the claim goes Zvelt is made of ultra soft Volara fabric that comfortably stretches with every movement to give you soft comfort even when you are doing heavy duty physical work. It is apparently as easy and painless to peel Zvelt as it is to stick it on. The weight loss patch promises to be hygienically clean and you can wear a new patch everyday to maintain utmost hygiene.


What do I get?
Zvelt 4-Week Supply One time shipment, $74.99 + $9.95 S&H. Official website: buyzvelt.com


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