zQuiet Mouthpiece Review

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Are you trying to sleep with a person who sounds like a chain saw? Sleep is an essential part to our feeling good and healthy. Snoring can cause upheavals in the family. You now have a brand new solution to stop the snoring instantly with the revolutionary zQuiet!


How does zQuiet work?
zQuiet is the comfortable and easy way to get a good night’s sleep! All you have to do is place zQuiet in your mouth to get instant and effective results. zQuiet has been designed in conjunction with Sleep specialist Dr. Avery Lieberman, DDS to make it safe and effective.

Snoring is a problem caused by a narrow airway that results in noise production and prevents deep sleep. zQuiet positions the jaw slightly forward, broadening the airway; thus preventing any snoring; and you get up feeling refreshed and rested! It has a soft rubber texture for optimal comfort in your mouth.

The innovative Living Hinge technology behind zQuiet lets you breathe freely and naturally through your nose and mouth. Research has shown that this technology has solved snoring problems for over 90 per cent of the people who have used it. zQuiet works immediately, out of the package and in your mouth!

zQuiet Mouthpiece Reviews
zQuiet Mouthpiece is a prefabricated mouthpiece which has been manufactured and used to treat snoring. zQuiet Mouthpiece was created and designed in conjunction with Dental Sleep Specialist Dr.Avery Lieberman, DDS.

It has been cleared by the FDA which makes it credible on three parameters: Functionality, Quality and Safety. The Testimonials on the main web site are very credible and are full of confident bringing in the faith on validity based on new Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding the testimonials. The product has been made from very safe materials and fabrication of thermoplastic elastomer designed for FDA compliance. It does not contain latex or BPA (Bisphenol A) which can be found in other denture treatments.

zQuiet Mouthpiece is an extremely affordable product with credible compliance and quality standards making it easier for snoring to be a small hitch and not a bomb of problem. zQuiet Mouthpiece market study gave the test results with figures as high as 94% success.

However it is important to note that the mouthpiece only lasts between 6-8 months. There can be some degree of minor discomfort after you have used it during the first week. The jaw may ache a bit due to the fact it is drawn forward into a different position. It does disperse as your mouth adjusts to it. You can only buy the product online. If you are not prone to buying things on the internet then you may be at a disadvantage. Unfortunately zQuiet Mouthpiece cannot be used by people who wear dentures which sort of limits the users.

The positives certainly outweigh the negatives by far and even when looking at the list of negatives. Also in picture is a product which has passed the quality standard and is affordable, comes in with ease to use functionality and proven success rate.

Before ZQuiet Mouthpiece: Snoring starts at the back of your throat when the airspace is constricted and leads to vibration.

After ZQuiet Mouthpiece: This device holds your lower jaw a bit forward while you are sleeping. As a result the airway in your throat is opened and snoring is eliminated almost instantly.

ZQuiet Mouthpiece is very comfortable and easy to use:

Living Hinge Technology
The path breaking Living Hinge technology is one of the hallmarks of ZQuiet Mouthpiece and it lets you move your mouth naturally when you are asleep. Many mouthpieces you find in the market tend to force your jaw in a clenched position, but this common grouse is eliminated when you use ZQuiet Mouthpiece. And that should be the point of device; to help you sleep comfortably at night, no? ZQuiet Mouthpiece does that beautifully by making your jaw completely at ease with the device so that you don’t experience any kind of discomfort while sleeping.

ZQuiet Mouthpiece can be used right out of the box
ZQuiet Mouthpiece does not require any preparation, molding or any kind of setup. All you need to do is take the ZQuiet Mouthpiece out of its box, place it in your mouth and go to bed. The aim is to ensure that you and your loved one can enjoy a good night’s sleep, immediately and without any hassle.


zQuiet Frequently Asked Questions

Do oral mouthpieces really work?
Anti-snoring mouthpieces are often prescribed to patients by sleep clinics and 94% success rate has been reported. However results for every individual might vary.

What does FDA cleared mean?
The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) regulates all oral, anti-snoring devices and they have to meet requirements laid down by the FDA. For a device to get FDA clearance it has to go through stringent consumer safety testing procedures. Many anti-snoring products sold online are not cleared by the FDA and it’s impossible to tell whether these products are effective or safe for consumers to use them. Being FDA cleared; ZQuiet Mouthpiece is proven to be effective as an anti-snoring device and is safe for use as well.

How long after using ZQuiet Mouthpiece does one start seeing results?
Results can be expected right from the first night of use.

Does using ZQuiet Mouthpiece involve any setup?
Absolutely not; you can simply take the ZQuiet Mouthpiece out of the case and start using it.

How can I be assured that ZQuiet Mouthpiece works? Are there any guarantees?
If for some reason, you are not happy with the results within the 30 day trial period, then you don’t get charged for your ZQuiet Mouthpiece. You can call the ZQuiet customer service number and get an RMA number. So long as you get the RMA number within the trial period of 30 days, you won’t be charged $59.95 for the device at the end of your trial period. However the shipping and processing fees will not be refunded.

How long does the ZQuiet Mouthpiece last?
It varies from one individual to another, but many users have found out that ZQuiet Mouthpiece lasts them for many months after nightly use.

Can one breathe through the mouth while wearing ZQuiet Mouthpiece?
Yes that’s possible because of the patent pending “Living Hinge” technology. It’s this technology that offers you comfortable jaw mobility so that a natural process like opening and closing of mouth while sleeping is unhindered. In fact, many users like the fact that they can have a drink or talk while they have the mouthpiece on.

Is the ZQuiet Mouthpiece difficult to fit?
Not at all; ZQuiet Mouthpiece has been specially designed so that it fits everyone comfortably. You don’t have to mold or boil it; it simply fits the way it is. If need be, you have the option of trimming it with a pair of scissors so that it fits perfectly and enhances comfort. Once you have trimmed your ZQuiet Mouthpiece, you can use an emery board or a fingernail file to smoothen rough edges as it will avoid irritation to your gums.

What is ZQuiet Mouthpiece made out of and is it safe?
Thermoplastic elastomer, which is designed to conform to the FDA norms, is used to make ZQuiet Mouthpiece. This material is cleared after strict consumer safety testing and does not have any Latex or BPA content in it.

Can ZQuiet Mouthpiece be used with dentures?
If you have full dentures then you shouldn’t be using ZQuiet Mouthpiece.

Will I experience any soreness in my jaw?
To get maximum comfort there’s a certain adjustment period for an average person; it can range from a few hours to a few weeks. It is likely that you will experience some discomfort during this period but it will disappear as soon as you take off the ZQuiet Mouthpiece. Here, snoring is stopped by moving the jaw forward and it’s this type of jaw movement that often requires some conditioning of the muscles involved.

How does one clean ZQuiet Mouthpiece?
ZQuiet Mouthpiece can be cleaned in warm water with the help of mild dish soap. You can use a toothbrush to get better results, however toothpaste should not be used because it can discolor the device or alter its surface. Before storing your ZQuiet Mouthpiece, you need to rinse it thoroughly to get rid of all soap.

How should I store my ZQuiet Mouthpiece?
It’s recommended that ZQuiet Mouthpiece is stored in its supplied case. This will make sure that its original shape is retained and it will also be protected from any damages due to unforeseen accidents.

Why does ZQuiet Mouthpiece work!
Snoring, as it’s now known, happens because of the vibration of tissues at the back of your throat. To eliminate snoring, that airspace has to be naturally widened and that’s exactly what the ZQuiet Mouthpiece does using the same technique used by dentists for more than 25 years to cure snoring issues of around 90% of their patients. However, ZQuiet Mouthpiece has been specially created to work straight out of its case and avoid huge costs of visiting a dentist’s clinic. You will also be glad to know that the ZQuiet Mouthpiece has been cleared by the FDA to cure snoring issues and it’s also safe for use.

To keep your mind at rest you are also offered a 30 day trial period and in case you are not satisfied with the results within that period, you won’t have to pay for your ZQuiet Mouthpiece.

ZQuiet Mouthpiece stems from years of research and is backed by technology
There are many anti-snoring products in the market that make lofty claims but don’t live up to them. However ZQuiet works and it works quickly. Many of the products you find in the market like pillows, breathing strips, chinstraps and sprays for that matter, that are supposed to stop snoring, don’t work because of one small reason; they don’t work on the main cause of snoring and the fact that it starts at the back of your throat. ZQuiet Mouthpiece works because it takes the revolutionary approach of slowly advancing the lower jaw so that it creates a widened airspace at the back of the throat. This is what prevents the loud snoring noise, which is a result of the vibrations of the surrounding soft tissues.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer – www.zQuiet.com)
30 Day Supply for just $9.95. You pay additional $59.95 after 30 nights of quiet, restful sleep.


zQuiet Video


30 thoughts on “zQuiet Mouthpiece Review

  1. I purchased Zquiet (for myself) some months ago, but I did know about the additional charge after the $9.95 trial offer….and decided to keep it. I agree with some of the others that it can be very uncomfortable at first and that is due to the product changing the natural position of your jaw. However, after awhile, you will get used to the feel and the product really does work. It stopped my horrific snoring instantly and my husband was thrilled…..even though he won’t admit that he, too, snores..LOL

    I do wish, however, that this was able to be molded to your own mouth…that would make all the difference in the world as to comfort and less numbing and tingling in the teeth from the slight pressure it creates to push the jaw forward.

    They will probably come out with a newer version one day and if I decide not to have the corrective surgery, I will indulge in a newer model.
    All in all, this product does work……….just give it time to get used to it.

  2. Love Z-Quiet and the no snoring but my man has been using it for 2 weeks and the jaw pain is awful. He can hardly chew. How long is the adjustment period. I love that I get sleep with no snoring but it’s hard to watch him hurting still! Help anybody?




      • Really, move your top teeth forward? Did you take Health class in 9th grade? The roof of your mouth which your top teeth are attached to does not move. The principle they claim works to pull your bottom jaw bone forward to open your air way.

  4. Bottom line, people. It works. I’ve only had it for a few days but everyone in my family is telling me that I haven’t been snoring. My husband may be moving back into our room!! 🙂 Yay! I would pay more than $70 for these results. Yes, it keeps your bottom jaw forward, as advertised, so naturally your jaw and teeth (from the natural pressure from the unusual position) will be a little sore. Let me tell ya, I can live with that! I had braces for years and that pain was worse and lasted a lot longer. Plus, like I said, I’ve only had the zQuiet for a few days so it’s possible that my mouth will get used to it. Even today my teeth aren’t as sore as they were yesterday when I got up and the soreness is almost gone after about an hour.

    Also, I only got charged the $9.95. I’m not sure why others got charged more. There were about 3 or 4 advertisements on the website that you could add to your order, but I didn’t get any of those. I just have to find out if I can get one for my Dad. He wears dentures so he takes his teeth out at night. Does anyone know if it’ll still stay in his mouth without teeth? I would love to surprise him and my Mom with a gift like this. 🙂

  5. I haven’t received the product yet, but I hope it’s better than their online ordering system. I was one that was “tricked” in to ordering a second Zquiet and pillow. I got a confirmation email several minutes later, charging me $135.00. Far more expensive than the $9.95 trial price.

    So, I attempted to call the 800 customer service number. They only operate 9a-5p Pacific time, however their website states 6a-5p. I eventually spoke to a representative who was pleasant. She informed me that the order was already processed and that she could not cancel the second Zquiet and pillow. She assigned me an RMA number and kindly said that I could return those items after I get them. It would be at that time that I could get my money refunded. This contradicts the website, again, advising that your credit card will not be charged a dime until it ships! Now, I have paid $135 for something that is promised for $9.95. What happened to my 30 day free trial, where on the 35th day, your charged the additional $59.00?

    My advice for anyone wishing to try the Zquiet…use the phone and don’t be tricked by the online ordering system!

  6. Well, I will admit that I did not come read all of these review before I called for my Z Quiet and I am glad that I did not. Honestly, I have seen some really bad ones and I have found that many of the good reviews are often the same exact story told by “different” people. That would have turned me away. Anyway, I saw the Z Quiet commercial and decided that a 30 day trial for 9.95 sounded good to me. My mother always said “You have snored since you were a baby.”, and I just figured I always would. It was always hard and embarrassing sharing hotel rooms with friends, sleeping over at friends houses and my snoring caused a lot of problems in my relationships. It was to the point that my husband and I rarely slept in the same room. I have worn it two nights since I got it and I did not snore either night! That is all the proof anyone should need because I always snore when I sleep! I do find that I am unable to fall asleep with it in my mouth because my mouth feels so full. I have just waited until I fall asleep and the first complaint I get, I reach over, grab it off the bedside table and put it in. At that point I am already half asleep and easily fall back asleep with it in. I do find that it causes a lot of salivation and some jaw and tooth discomfort in the morning, but nothing bad enough for me to send it back. The jaw and tooth discomfort does resolve after an hour or so and is not unbearable. After all of the different things I have tried, something finally worked and I am definitely going to keep it! So of coarse I suggest it to anyone who is looking for a solution for snoring and anyone who thinks that nothing will work. At least give the 30 day fee trial a go! Keep in mind, as one of the reviews I read complained about, your 30 days does start from the day you order, not the day you receive your item. I hope it works as good for you as it has for me!

  7. It seems like the zquiet‘s gotten some pretty mixed reviews. It kind of sounds uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t mind spending the money for it if I knew that the majority of the time it worked as advertised. Any suggestions?

    • Finrod,

      If you read all of the reviews closely, almost every one says the ZQuiet works to stop snoring. The complaints and negative reviews involve some discomfort and ordering issues. It definitely works as advertised. Just be careful while placing your order over the internet, don’t order any extra accessories you do not need. Know that you will be charged $9.99 once the unit ships, then the full charge of $59.95 after 30 days have passed. Know that there will some discomfort because this is not a natural position for your jaw and your bottom front teeth will be pressed from the back by the mouthpiece.

  8. After several years of awkward snoring, I heard of this “zQuiet Mouthpiece”. I was under the impression that like most ads, it is just an overrated product with all false claims, but one of my friends said otherwise. So obviously, I was eager to know about its specifications and details- Does it really work? Is there an official trial policy? How effective is it? But it was annoying to find a genuine review. I mean, there were pages which read “zQuiet Mouthpiece reviews”, but when I opened those links I was taken directly to the payment page, whereas I was expecting the product details. Here are the sites having fake reviews – zquiet-reviews.org, myzquietreviews.com, zquiet-reviews.com, zquietreview.co

    Some links gave me some reviews but it only consisted of one liners saying “What an amazing product!” or “Buy Now”. Are these reviews really useful? And some other links only specified where to buy the product or gave the advantages of buying zQuiet mouthpiece only from the official website. Oh man! Was I ever going to find a relevant review? Last but not the least; I ended up here, where I finally got some sensible and comprehensive information. It is just what I wanted.

    • Who doesn’t want to review a product well before buying it? Every sensible person does. The product manufacturers know this, and take its advantage. They have this system called SEO which uses product names as keywords, so that it is visible within the first few pages of the search engine. Sometimes SEO specialists are also hired for the same. But glad to know that we were of help.

    • It hurts your teeth because it is designed to pull your front teeth backwards and your bottom teeth forward, which opens the back of your throat so that you wont snore., it takes a little getting use to and I can bet you its your top teeth that gets sensitive, remember the saying no pain, no gain, will the pain is sensitive teeth and the gain is that the sensitiveness will disappear about 15:00 minutes after you have awaken, and knowing that you did not snore all night.

  9. sounds to me like your just ripping people off with a crappy product no thank-you and I will tell everyone I know.

    • Sorry to say that this product really works. They are not ripping people off, I am a testimonial. Why don’t you try this product. You must have thought about it otherwise you would not be on this website. What do you got to lose, but snoring at night.

  10. I’m still trying to cancel my order. The voice-mail told me to wait two days, After waiting two days the customer service rep told I waited too long. They are terrible group to deal with.

  11. I ordered the Zquiet for $9.95 for a 30 day trial. There was no information concerning the balance due ( $59.95) after the 30 trial period. I’m finding it difficult to contact anyone to cancel the transaction.

    I wish I had not sent my $9.95. I think they are dishonest and disreputable. I recommend that you avoid them.

  12. Z “Loud” is a SCAM!!! It does not work. It falls out of your mouth while you sleep, hurts your teeth when it is in and they try and rip you off. 6 weeks after I sent my mouthpiece back they charged my credit card. I am still trying to get my money back 6 months later.

  13. Total scam rip off!! Advertise $9.95 hit submit button vola $78 bucks, wham!! And nothing you can do about it.

  14. Yes I tried the “miracle” a-quite but the pain to my teeth and jaw was so adverse after trying it for the time they advertise you have to use it, decided to return it. HOWEVER, what they do not tell you is that your “30 day free trial” begins the minute you order the device. (note: it takes 4-6 days for you to receive the product. Therefore, when I tried to return it on the 28th day it was in my possession, they refused to take it back stating that day one begins the day it is ordered.

    I would not recommend this product for anyone, unless you like a lot of pain.

    • As much as I love my husband, his snoring was driving me crazy. On internet searches I found some disturbing statistics of research study which concludes two eye opening statement:

      1. 2/3rd of American couples admit to their partner’s bed snoring and how it affects the other in various ways.
      2. 23% of the couple in America sleeps in different rooms because of snoring troubles.

      Last year I decided I could not suffer through another sleepless night because of my husband’s snoring. I had tried anti-snoring pillows and stop snoring sprays but they didn’t work at all.

      I was told the only way for him to stop snoring is either have an operation or get a fitted stop snoring mouthpiece from a dentist. There was no way I would have let him go through surgery unless it truly was the last option. So I went to our dentist.

      I don’t like spending money unless it’s worth the penny and effort. Post diagnosis my husband and asking some questions my dentist said it can be fixed. I was relieved to hear that. But what he told us was shocking.

      He said he could have a custom stop snoring mouthpiece made but it would cost $300 and only last about six months. $300 dollars! And it would only last six months! I was shocked but I was also desperate. I knew the zQuiet Mouthpiece was a LOT less expensive but I trusted our dentist. I decided to spend the money but the mouth piece planted was made of hard plastic and proved damaging for gums.

      I decided to use zQuiet Mouthpiece; an inner gut said it would work. It was comfortable and stopped my husband’s snoring the first night. I am so glad I didn’t pay $300 for a dental mouthpiece any more.

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