Ximatone Review

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What is Ximatone?

It is a skin brightening treatment comprising a fade gel for fighting ageing, a brightening moisturizer for glowing skin and a daily moisturizer matte finish for protecting skin from damage. Ximatone, a Sheer Science Skincare innovation, is a set of three skin care solutions that claim to be the ultimate must-have success formula for women with advancing age.


Ximatone CLAIMS

Look and feel years younger – The developers of Ximatone elucidate on the necessity of a complete skin care formula like this which efficiently addresses vital issues pertaining to the effects of ageing. Created by leading skincare experts, all three solutions contain scientifically approved ingredients that yield quick and guaranteed results.

Let signs of ageing fade for good – Ximatone’s Fade Gel contains hydroquinone, arecognized dark-spot fighting ingredient and azaleic and kojics acids that address discoloration.It is also formulated with glycolic and lactic acids for exfoliation and boost cell turnover.

Glow like never before – The Brightening Moisturizer from Ximatone guarantees an impeccably glowing skin and a noticeable reduction in the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles. It encompasses the results of a combination of vitamin C, B vitamin niacinamide and vital botanicals elements that improve bring about advanced delivery system enhances absorption and diffusion for quick results.

Enriching daytime moisturizing magic – The Daily Moisturizer Matte Finish creation by Ximatone states that it shields skin from the harms of recurring hyper-pigmentation, spots and wrinkles while sustaining the well-being of skin and inhibiting ageing signs of ageing. It fights age spots, freckles melisma, wrinkles and fine lines,thereby imparting an unmistakable glow to the skin and significantly enhancing the overall look.


Q. Should I buy Ximatone?
A. We would NOT recommend the Ximatone products because they are not tried and tested by the customers also there are plenty of similar, low-price trustworthy alternative skin care products available.

Ximatone REVIEW

Ximatone lightens skin, but the results you get with it are temporary and your dark spots tend to come back.

Ximatone is very dangerous if you don’t use it as directed. It is best to apply only a very small amount of Ximatone to your discoloration and dark marks. Do not apply this to your entire face!

If you apply Ximatone to your entire face, you may end up with burns and blisters on your whole face. You entire face will be filled with burns and blisters, and this happens with just one application of Ximatone.

Using the Ximatone gel overnight to brighten up some dark patches on the face, especially around the mouth and chin area, and avoiding the sun for two days, made the skin red and darker around the areas that were applied with Ximatone. It is better to use glycolic acid-retinol instead, which gives you slow but steady results.

It is not effective in lightening black patches. Even after finishing the entire bottle, there was still no correction in skin tone.

Ximatone only lightens dark spots a little bit. It is not a recommended product to buy.

Not sure whether Ximatone works to diminish dark spots. However, it exfoliates your skin leaving it with a nice rosy glow.

Buyers beware of Ximatone: it will bleach the skin tone where it is applied. Also, it takes a while for it to start working. It takes a couple of weeks for some of the spots to fade but there is nothing magnificent about it. It is just an average product. It lightens the overall tone rather than the dark spots.

Ximatone is a recommended product to buy because it clears the whole face but if you have acne, it may not work.

Ximatone takes forever to work. The Dual Fade gel works in about 2 weeks but using the Ximatone gel for 2 months will just make a slight difference using it on the same areas that the Dual Fade gel is applied.

Ximatone seems to ‘pill’ when other products are applied over it, such as make-up and sunscreen, which limits it to nighttime use only.

Ximatone will clear your skin slowly. Ximatone can be worn under make-up.

Ximatone works very well. If your skin is very sensitive, use a little water on your face after applying Ximatone, because you may get small bumps due to irritation.


What do I get?
You will receive
Ximatone Fade and Protect for $119.85+$6.95 S&H.
Ximatone Nighttime Fade Package for $89.90+$6.95 S&H.
Ximatone Fade Gel for $59.95+$6.95 S&H.

Official website Ximatone.com

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