Wound Seal Powder Review

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If you are on blood thinners or over the age of 55, a cut will tear your skin. You can bleed for hours, sometimes days. But now you can stop bleeding instantly with Wound Seal – the fast, safe, and easy way to stop bleeding instantly. Get Wound Seal today and you can be assured to safely treat your wounds so that the bleeding stops instantly.


How does Wound Seal Powder work?
Wound Seal is guaranteed and clinically proven to work. It is used in major hospitals on patients. You can trust this product. Remember, if you take blood thinners, or are over the age of 55, even if you take just one aspirin a day, you cannot afford not to have Wound Seal in your home, car, purse, or anywhere.

Bleeding wounds can be a problem and occasionally disrupt your life. You may have thin skin, or you may cut yourself by accident. Your bleeding could be prolonged. Often this leads to hours or even days of treating a wound with gauze, tape, or other methods. Instead, just use Wound Seal and you will not have to worry anymore. It will stop the bleeding instantly.




Reviews and Complaints
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14 thoughts on “Wound Seal Powder Review

  1. My husband is an earthquake preparedness guy, lucky for me. I cut my left index finger pretty good in the early hours of the morning and he got the wound seal and we followed the directions and sprinkled the powder into the cut after I had cleaned it and then wrapped it up. Took it to Urgent Care the following afternoon and the UC doc was excited to see a “Wound Seal” user. He told me to leave it alone, that the brown mess that was on and in the tip of my finger would heal the wound from the inside out and the outer stuff would become the scab and when it was done healing it would fall off. I did, it did and it indeed fell off. With nary a scar to show for the wound. The only issue I have is that there is an ache deep inside that hurts when I press on it. It’s been less than a month, so I’ll not worry until it’s still hurting after 6 months or so. Otherwise, it’s a great product

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  4. I cut my finger tip with a knife & realized I was going to bleed alot ,I washed my finger off & opened a packet of Wound Seal ,poured the powder ontop of tge cut ,applied pressure & bandaged my finger up.
    I love “WOUND SEAL”, It’s Amazing Stuff…! I Don’t go anywhere without it.

  5. Sliced a chunk of my right hand thumb right off and cleanly at the finguerprint area, at home using a vegetable slicer. Ran to Walgreens holding the wound firmly with a paper towel. Got Wound Seal, gauzes and tape. Placed the powder over a new gauze and pressed the wound onto it. Almost blacked out from the pain when it got into the wound. Even cried like a baby. After 10 minutes the whole pain was totally gone. It worked quick and just as described. Great fix. Highly recommended.

  6. the wound seal works. no it wont seal up a large cut instantly but if applied after a little pressure it is one of the best products my husband and i have found ( he is on two forms of blood thinner and under constant Dr monitoring) to help stop his bleeding. he is a do it yourself guy who will not change his lifestyle. due to this my house often looks like someone committed a grizzly murder there. The Wound Seal has really helped to control that situation. He applies pressure to the wound. we wait a while and then remove the pressure and apply wound seal. sometimes we reapply pressure and sometimes we repeat the whole process but the Wound Seal helps enormously even if it doesn’t stop the bleeding completely the first time. The wound Seal does completely stop bleeding from scrapes with the first application. we pat it in place with a dry paper towel or a q tip.

  7. Have used Wound Seal Powder but it lacks follow up instructions. ie: how long do you leave it on? Should you remove it/and how? Is it safe to reapply a second time?

  8. I have frequent nose bleeds(say twice a month)

    Although Wound Seal Powder stops it (usually) within a few minutes, often it stops up that nostril. The slightest cough or a small sneeze often starts thew bleeding again. You could sell the powder and the applicators separately so there is less waste. There is enough powder to stop two nosebleeds but only one applicator. You better hope someone else does not make this compound and sell applicators and powder separately or you will be out of business. This is not some space age compound so eventually some one will not rape the public like you are doing. When you make your first 100 million maybe you will give people a break that have on going nosebleeds.

    It doesn’t immediately stop a nosebleed in every instance either. I know because I use this stuff all the time. Often I must go back to the toilet paper up the nose to finish the job as it keeps leaking. Good product but you are a bunch of thieves!!!

  9. Wound Seal Powder looked like a product that should be bought due to its quick sealing powers on cuts and injuries. But to know more about its working and to check what other people had to say about it I searched for “Wound Seal Powder Reviews” online. I came across the top links flowering heaps of praises on it and for a minute I believed everything the sites had to say. But I realized that these sites were carrying very similar articles and each of them had options of purchasing the product right from their website. There were also annoying pop-ups which confirmed exiting the sites a couple of times and frustrated me to my wits end. Luckily I escaped these fake sites and landed on this website. I found what I was looking for, a genuine and honest review to help decide on Wound Seal Powder. Thanks a lot for all the effort taken in reviewing the product.

    • It is not surprising that customers are fooled in to believing fake websites like the ones mentioned above to purchase a product. It’s a strategy using SEO technique to launch fake review websites which will sell the product even if it is not efficient. The search engines cannot distinguish between a fake and a real review website and hence the benefit goes to such black practices. On this website reviews are kept untouched and honest for the betterment of people.

  10. I am on blood thinners and got cut–decided to use your product–not only did it sting and burn but caused a large red mark where the cut was-then one week later I look on my arm where I got cut and it looks like I have red sting marks up my arm–it started at the top of my arm and three weeks later it has climbed down to my wrist–arm is very red and sore–thought it might be DVT -had sonogram and showed my veins were OK–but leaving for Mexico for 2 weeks and don’t know what to do–have had blood tests taken three times and still can’t figure what is wrong–wondering if I am having an adverse reaction to your product

  11. This stuff burns like fire! I’ve been taping my feet for a fallen arch and the tape pealed a patch of skin off the top of my foot. I have heard so many great things about WS so I thought it would be the product to stop the clear fluid from coming out of the wound.

  12. Does Wound Seal stop bleeding instantly?

    After using it, do you need to continue using gauze or tape?

    Does your wound continue to bleed after using it?

    Can you keep it in your car or purse?

    Does it treat your wound in a clinically proven manner?

    Is it used in hospitals?

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