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Since our ears are amongst the most sensitive organs of our body, they need exceptionally delicate care while cleaning them. So instead of using cotton buds, switch over to WaxVac right away to clean your ears and ensure their well-being. WaxVac is a handy, compact appliance that when switched on, automatically draws wax, dirt particles and moisture out of your ears. You simply have to keep its tip in your ears and let it do its job. It’s gentle, safe and the most effective way to clean your ears unlike the unsafe cotton buds that can damage your ears.



WazVac has a unique safety guard at its tip which prevents it from going too deep in your ear. Since the part that you insert in your ear is made of silicone tip, it causes no harm or injury inside. All of the unwanted substances and particles that WaxVac draws out get collected in a small removable attachment that can be cleaned easily. What’s more, it doesn’t even generate any noise when switched on. It’s absolutely silent and draws out all the unwanted stuff in your ears most effectively.

WaxVac also comes in handy when water gets into your ears. There’s little you’ve been able to do so far whenever that’s happened except bang your head to force it out. But not anymore, as will gently suck out water and relieve you of the trouble and save your time. It’s a must have for your entire family as it’s absolutely useful and designed to keep everyone’s ears healthier. It’s so safe that even small children can use it without any worries.

WaxVac is also hygienic as the tips that you place in your ears are reusable and come in different color codes, so every member in your family can have a different color and change it after use. WaxVac also has a handy cleaning brush free. In addition to that, it even has a powerful examining light on it. All the matter that is suctioned out can be emptied conveniently as well.

So throw away those wax buds that pose potential harm to your ear drums by puncturing them. Turn to this completely safe, effective and new way of cleaning your ears and ensuring their well-being. Order now and get two WaxVac, 16 usable silicon tips and two cleaning brushes for just $10 as well as the 90-day manufacturer’s warranty!




What do I get?

  • 2 WaxVac Units
  • 16 color reusable silicone tips
  • 2 cleaning brushes

All this for just $10.00 + $13.98 P&H. Official website www.WaxVac.com.

Customer Service
Customer Service: 866-595-3268
Email: cs@waxvac.com





WaxVac Video


86 thoughts on “WaxVac Reviews and Complaints Reviews and Complaints

  1. This is the worst thing I ever invested in.
    Dos not do what it says, very cheaply made.
    Very disappointed, I have one ear that I clean every day
    and have gone back to q-tips.

  2. Dont waste your money. There is a fan that blows air out the sides of the unit not even close to your ear. There is no suction. This product is basically an expensive little light that makes noise.

  3. Bought Wax Vac at Walgreens today. Started to open the package but decided to read the reviews first. So glad I did. It’s going back. Two kinds of people – crooks and fools.

  4. Here we go again, another laugh till you wet your pants deal. All the ninny brained idiots that believe this gadget can be a real deal for the money. How long can you dopes get screwed by these TV junk offers or on line offers before you you get smart? 99and1/2% of the people in this country have nothing but dead air and dead brain tissue in their heads anymore. For those of you who had your pockets or bank account cleaned out by this or other scams, YOU GOT WHAT YOU DESERVE! Is it any wonder this country is so screwed up beyond hope? It’s time to get the poor excuse we call government to put a stop to these scams. The scammers should be arrested, the people doing the commercials should be arrested (especially the guy who posses as a doctor and tells you cotton swabs may cause significant damage) and the TV station personnel who are responsible for airing the ads should be arrested. They should all be convicted of being traitors to the gullible and stupid and then shot by a firing squad like the traitors they are. AS FOR THAT PHONY DOCTOR, IF HE”S A DOCTOR THEN I’M THE POPE.

    • Forgot to mention, perhaps the manufacturers purposely didn’t put much suction in these because they were afraid that along with wax, the unit might suck their brains out. The jokes on them because, anyone ordering or buying these has no brains to get sucked out.

    • Umad bro? jesus dude, mommy not read to you enough at night? you need a hug? sheesh dude, calm the “f” down.

    • Mr X, how many did you buy? Also, do you just surf the net to find places to write smart@@ss reviews? Are you bored?

  5. Don’t waste your money on this Wax Vac product. It does not work at all. I got it when it first came out, tried on my self and thought I didn’t have anything in my ears. My husband’s ear was really bothering him so we tried this product again. It didn’t pull anything out of the ear—not even liquid. I will go back to ear candling.

    • lol, my name is Bonita too and strangely enough its July 13, 2016. I just used it. Unfortunately, I had used a Qtip to make sure my ear was dirty. Then used the waxvac. I must have gotten it all out, because there wasn’t any debris in the machine from either ear, (yea, I checked that one too lol). It usually takes a few Qtips, but it didn’t after the waxvac. Only I took the machine apart and can’t find any debris. hmmmmm

  6. Purchased one WaxVac at the store and had high hopes I would be wax free. After all, they call it the “WaxVac” right? I kept an open mind and gave it a try. Yes, it vacuums loose debris but I was expecting it to heat the wax and suck it out. The retailer is VERY careful not to mention in the instructions the word ‘wax’ or ‘wax remover’. This simply removes loose debris and has no affect on wax. It is a scam because they lead you to believe it can remove wax by calling it a “WaxVac”. Packing mine up and getting a refund.

  7. I purchased this product at Walmart and this product does not work. It feels like a blowing fan not a vacuum;also I never saw any wax in the catch chamber nor the tip. I’ve opened the package and lost my receipt. I would like a refund check in the amount of $10.00 no taxes. send to

  8. I’m so happy that I didn’t order WaxVac over the phone, instead I bought one at a local dollar store. Before paying for it, I spoke to the cashier about their return policy and was told that I could just bring it back for a full refund and even if I lost my receipt they would give me store credit. Can’t beat that! I tried it, it doesn’t work and it’s going back.

  9. I do not know if the WaxVac works due to it’s flimsy construction on the on/off switch. It fell inside of the unit when I first attempted to use it. I realize $10 for the price of the unit is cheap. But construct one of better quality for which I would gladly pay more. The old adage is true “That you get what pay for”.

    • WRONG DARRELL, WRONG! When you patronize these scams, you DON’T get what YOU paid for, THEY GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR!

  10. Why don’t all the unhappy customers of the WaxVac send their comments to that RipOffReport website? And report the company to the Better Business Bureau? I have never read so many negative reviews. I am glad I checked. The commercials are so persuasive.

    • Dear Anne, First of all, you have to give too much personal info to sign up for RIP OFF REPORT and, as for the Better Business Bureau, they’re as dishonest as these scammers. We have a long list of businesses that have TRIPLE A+ ratings from the BBB and they are scoundrels of the worst kind. Any business that pays the going rate can get TRIPLE A+. The commercials contain professional liars and thieves and, notice that all these scams now give you a free whatever, just pay extra S+H.

      Doesn’t that tell you something?

  11. The WaxVac , I bought last year, does not work. I rather put a drop of baby oil through my ear and the next day I cleaned with cotton swab its better. I made a mistake by ordering it. They are scammers.

  12. Yes, I wish I looked around first. These people are scam, I ordered one item. Then they sent me another pack, I called them, the WaxVac customer service said I can return the item then they will refund my $50. Now I am waiting, no response, lesson learned.

    • Dear Alma, The odds of you ever seeing that $50.00 are higher than the odds of a three legged plow horse winning the Kentucky Derby.

  13. I bought this product last week at a drug store. It was only $10 bucks so I said what the heck…My son has very waxy ears (hes 8 and has failed hearing tests because of the buildup) and wont let anyone near them. I let him try this and he liked it. He is not afraid of it like he is of other methods of wax removal. And it actually did get alot of the wax out of his ears. If you are going to buy this, check it out in your local store first. Don’t buy it online and pay an arm and a leg for it.

    • Dear Chris, You say it works? By any chance, are you a paid shill for these thieves? Are you someones relative and they gave you a job shilling because that’s all you’re capable of doing? Come on! We’ve been around too long.

  14. A friend gave me one yesterday. I opened it today and the on/of thing was broken. it does look pretty cheap.

    • Can’t be much of a friend. Want to get even? Give your friend a gift. How about a picture of Roseanne Barr?

  15. What a joke. Totally doesn’t work for wax, maybe if you have un-stuck dirt in your ears. A vacuum cleaner would work just as well. Plus, the $39.92 for shipping was a rip-off. Total scam.

  16. This doesn’t look like it could work as they show wax in the ear, but when they show the unit in use, it is sucking up something else. It is not wax. For that reason alone, it appears like really false advertising. It is a shame that people like this are allowed to air their junk.

    • Get on your political representatives to stir up action in Washington. It’s time our poor excuse we call government puts a stop to this. SEE MY COMMENTARY!

      • Sorry you can’t see the original commentary because someone erased it — it was not profane but came right to the point — see what’s there now however — you’ll see that we give up in disgust — this is a shame because we want so bad to stir up action to stop these scams.

  17. I might have overlooked this comment but beside the WaxVac unit being so cheaply made, its very loud. Sounds just like a vacuum. It could not have been on in the commercial. I would have never purchased it knowing it was that loud. I haven’t even gotten to try it more because of the noise.

  18. Boy am I glad I hadn’t purchased one, yet. And too think me and my husband wanted to purchase 2 so glad I saw this first before even placing a order ….wow feeling very wise and smart, I waited patiently now 🙂

  19. The WaxVac is a scam , it doesn’t work and I will never buy any product without a guarantee. I will look into starting a class action law suit for false advertisement.

  20. I feel stupid for not checking the WaxVac reviews first. It should be illegal if anyone should falsely advertise. I will never buy anything without a guarantee and I will look into starting a class action suit.

  21. Is there anyways you can cancel the WaxVac order. I had started the order and then changed my mind after reading this so I x’d off and it still billed me without me hitting process the order?

  22. I would not recommend this Waxvac to anyone. Not worth your money. I used it as directed. Using a ear wax softener before the use of the Waxvac. I inserted the Waxvac with one of the color tips provided and it got logged in my ear. It came off the tip of the Waxvac. The suction is not like it is portrayed on the commercials. You can not remove anything with the machine. I wish I could bet my money back.

    I purchased the 1 got the 2nd free. They both should have been free. $10 for 1 $25 for 2 what a rip off.

    Not a satisfied customer!!!

  23. I don’t know where to start. You can’t just buy ONE Wax Vac for $10. No, you have to get 2, with separate shipping charges even though they are small and packaged together. So, it $23 and some change. They send an email saying it’s being sent FedEx, but this is a bogus “tracking” website. It was actually sent via US Post Office for $5. The product is just as pictured on TV. just one small problem: it doesn’t work! There’s no suction. It has trouble picking up drops of water off the counter and does nothing in the ear. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

  24. I started to purchase a WaxVac but the ordering got confusing and I didn’t want to end up paying a bundle. Therefore, I just opted out. I better not be receiving a bill!! Sure am glad I came across the review site because it looks like I would have made a big mistake.

  25. I agree with Ruskie. Americans ARE THE MOST STUPIDEST IDIOTS IN THE WORLD! Why the did our jobs go to INDIA AND CHINA YOU IDIOTS???? Dumb Americans just buy CRAP on tv then they bitching moan and complain! I’m GLAD idiot AMERICANS get ripped off!!! YOU purchase from TV then you all cry that u got RIPPED OFF??!!!! WTH??!! No wonder our JOBS went to Asia! CAUSE THEY ARE NOT AS STUPID LIKE USA TO DO THIS CRAP!!

    • Wow dude, for one learn how to write correctly before bashing people. I am sure your country buys the crap too, its sold world wide not just America…

      • He may not be literate when it comes to writing but, he conveys the truth. The mentality of most of the American people today is the reason this country is screwed up beyond hope.

  26. Thank you so much. Great site you have here! I have been thinking of getting one of these WaxVac and was worried about the quality and also the charges for the “Free” one. I was scammed before for $95.00 once for something ordered on “As Seen on TV” So glad I did investigation search. I will not be purchasing one either! Thanks to all of you so much. I’m sticking with Q-Tips. I think most people have more sense than the guy on the commercial who seems to be pushing the Q-Tip through his ear before yelling “Ouch”.

    • It is much cheaper to buy “made for TV” items at Bed Bath And Beyond. No shipping fees. And, I will return my WaxVac, after I have read these reviews. I can return it since I bought it from Bed Bath and Beyond.

  27. The Waxvac sucks according to the comment left here. I sent in an order on 6/17/12 on 7/20/12 they came to my door with only one and charged me for a price of 2.


  29. I think the best thing to do is cancel your credit card. Its nice to have 2 of the same bank. Some big malls have “as seen on tv stores” – good luck. Thank you all helping Sandy Hazel Park MI, she tried to order one and ended up ordering. FOUR WHAT A SCAM!!

  30. I am so happy to have found your site, which told me all I wanted to know about WaxVac. In fact your website has genuine reviews of many products that are being sold online. Next time when I am looking for a review of any product, I am going to come straight to your site rather than wasting my time going through other sites that claim to offer product reviews. That’s such a sham because they are not review sites, anyone can tell that. They have Buy Now tabs on them, which is an instant put off. Some of them lead you to other sites trying to sell you the product. How can anyone tolerate such scams that are being passed off online?

    • This is a common phenomenon today and many such sites have come up all over the place. What many don’t realize is that these sites are promoted by manufacturers in tandem with affiliate marketers. But again normal users are not expected to know that, especially when search engines themselves haven’t been able to stop these sites. These loopholes in optimization methods have given the opportunity to manufacturers to exploit unsuspecting users that can be found online.

  31. You put me down for two I only wanted one and get one free. You put my bill for $95.87 THAT IS WRONG. I SHOULD ONLY OWN HALF OF THAT… PLEASE CALL ME ….336-497-5221.

  32. Vacuuming wax is a silly concept. Ear wax does not wait in tidy little piles to be sucked up by a vacuum as the video shows. It’s wax; it adheres to your ear. A low-powered vacuum won’t budge it. A mixture of warm water and hydrogen peroxide, an ear syringe used properly and a Q-tip used intelligently will keep your ears clean.

    • Exactly….nothing but a scam here…look at all the billing issues here. Someone should just turn this over to the fraud division at the FBI and let them deal with it.

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