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Today most of us have understood that our hectic and stressful lives are taking a toll on our bodies. But what many of us might not have realized is that our technology driven world has some other negative fall outs. The magnetic fields that are all around us today can seriously affect your well being as well. And that happens because your inner bio-magnetism is disrupted because of these fields. That’s the reason many of us feel fatigued, stressed and suffer from issues like insomnia and other ailments. But here’s relief and it’s completely natural, in the form of Vivalette.

How does Vivalette Work

This revolutionary bio energy bracelet is all you will need to combat the negative impact of the magnetic fields around you. That’s because this bracelet ensures that the cellular energy in your body is balanced and you see its positive impact. Clearly a lot of research has gone into this bracelet, which finds its roots in acupuncture and traditional oriental healing methods. What’s more, it brings the benefits of magnetic therapy and advanced far infrared technology together so that you get breathtaking results. As soon as you start wearing this bracelet, it will become your protective shield against the impact of magnetic fields.

There are many advantages of using this bracelet and one of them is the fact that you will start feeling stronger and a lot younger. It’s because your vitality and overall wellbeing is boosted thanks to the bracelet. With its Neodymium, Tourmaline and Germanium, it’s just the perfect three in one tool that will have a sensational impact on your overall health. There are many who have noticed a significant change in their balance, flexibility and agility when they started wearing this bracelet.

This bracelet is stainless steel and gold plated, and is beautifully handcrafted. Thus besides its amazing health benefits it is also a thing of beauty. You can simply wear it as a jewellery item every day or on special occasions as well. Not only will you impress people with its beauty but you will constantly be getting its health benefits as well.



What do I get?

  • Vivalette Bracelet
  • Vivalette Bio-Energy Pendant
  • Vivalette Pillow

All this for £57.29 + Free P&H. Official website



Vivalette Video

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