Vacu Ear Info and Review

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What is Vacu Ear? – It is a battery operated ear cleaner that can be used at home to clean ears safely.

Effective and hygienic way to clean ears

Vacu Ear guarantees that it’s the perfectly safe and thorough ear cleaner that keeps your ears clean and dry. It claims that it its gentle suction cleans ears safely by pulling out wax and moisture. Vacu Ear claims to be the right instrument that makes a simple routine of cleaning wax and moisture from ears easy for which there’s no need to spend a fortune to consult ear specialists.

Safe and painless

When it comes to handling sensitive organs like ears, we shouldn’t take any chances. Vacu Ear promises to be the ideal cleaner to look after the hygiene part of ears as it’s designed keeping safety and painlessness in mind. Its makers assure you that it helps you keep your ears clean and dry painlessly without causing damage to the inner ear area.


Vacu Ear is designed to be non-invasive as it doesn’t enter the inner area but simply sucks wax and moisture from a safe distance. It has a unique safety guard that prevents its tip from going too deep into the ear, a feature that makes it one of the safest, comfortable and systematic ways for cleaning. It effectively pulls dirt and liquids and does away with the need for cotton buds, which actually push dirt further into the ears and cause damage.

Got water in ears? Use Vacu Cleaner

The next time water enters your ears, don’t bang your head to remove it. Vacu Cleaner assures that it’s the best way to suck it out in an instant safely.

Quiet and gentle

Vacu Ear works on battery silently without causing discomfort. Even children feel relaxed and comfortable while their ears are cleaned by Vacu ear.

Personal cleaning up for every family member

Each Vacu Ear is provided with eight changeable colour coded silicon ear tips, so there’s no risk of the same tip being shared by family members. It also comes with an examining light with which you can examine your ears clearly.


What do I get? Get 1 VACU EAR (Vacu Ear + brush + 8 colour coded silicon tips) for just £29.99 + £4.99 S/h. Official website:


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