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What is uTouch?

uTouch is a handy twin touch point technology tool that relieves you of pain with gentle painkilling vibrations emitted from its tips.

Revolutionary technology that eliminates pain easily, gently and externally

uTouch is an innovatively designed tool that claims to relieve you of pain instantly by simply placing its tips on affected area. Its body is constructed with molded finger opening design having tips from where the vibrations are released. It is an easy to use, battery-operated device with outer silicone body and two removable wave capsules which emit vibrations to kill pain effectively.


Easy to use and convenient

uTouch is a convenient, handy device which, you are assured, is simple and easy to use. It has a unique molded finger opening with two parts to insert your thumb in one and index finger (or middle finger) in the other. It also has a bridge that is designed to rest inside or outside of your hand for grip while in use. Its wave capsules are turned on by firmly pushing down on the white on/off button of each until you hear a click, after which the button for the capsule is released to vibrate. The moment you place the tips on any part, the pain supposedly disappears as its tips have twin touch points that work together to relieve aches and tension.

Convenient, safe and effective

uTouch assures you that it provides instant relief from pain virtually anywhere easily and safely. It gives off instant vibrations through its twin wave capsules, which are very gentle and not strong that could cause discomfort. uTouch also seems to be easy to use just about anywhere. It needs no electricity to run on, which makes it completely safe in relieving you of stress and pain.


Flexible and comfortable

The makers of uTouch claim that it’s is designed to offer flexibility so that it’s easy to reach all problem areas easily. Apparently, uTouch is perfect for your hands, shoulders, forehead, temples, sinuses, calves, feet, ankles, neck and more.


What do I get
Get uTouch for only $19.95 and only $7.95 in S+H



uTouch Video

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