Trusty Cane Review | Does the Pivoting Trusty Cane really work?

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What is Trusty Cane

It claims to be an innovative slip-proof cane from As Seen On TV Product Manufacturer Telebrands, it features extra-wide base with pivoting head, triple tread base that holds its grip, and 3 bright LED lights that lit your path while walking.

Downside/Disadvantages/Complaints of Trusty Cane

(What “they” don’t tell you)

  • Trusty Cane is MADE IN CHINA.
  • Manufacturer Telebrands (AS SEEN ON TV).
  • BBB ratings for Telebrands: “A-“
  • The design of Trusty Cane is such that it may be hard to get it to pivot. A person will have to be strong enough to make the head move. So this cane is nearly useless for someone who is weak. Also this pivoting cane may be of little use to short people.
  • Not for people with over 250 lbs.
  • Useless for skinny people with little strength.
  • You can not use the Trusty Cane on icy and slippery surfaces.
  • People with latex allergy should avoid this Trusty cane.
  • Long shipping time (3-6 weeks). Backordered.
  • Deceptive advertising.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Hard to track your order.
  • They add up-sell items that you don’t need.

Why Trusty Cane

If you have to rely on a cane for walking because of your age, health condition or an injury for that matter, then you understand the importance of carrying the best possible one. You have to navigate through tricky surfaces quite often and those regular canes are just not reliable enough for them. That’s why you need Trusty Cane, which is the most reliable cane you can ever find. In fact Trusty Cane is the only cane you will ever need because it will be your constant companion through all kinds of surfaces and during the day or night.



How does Trusty Cane Work

Trusty Cane has been specially designed so that you can get complete and reliable support on any possible surface. That’s the reason it has a sure grip head that pivots so that you get a more natural stride when walking. Thus you are more reassured about walking with this cane than any other. That’s also why Trusty Cane can be your ideal companion for all those different surfaces like grass, sand and gravel, which can be difficult to navigate. This amazing cane will also help you walk in snow as well without any difficulty and with utmost comfort.


Trusty Cane has many smart features that are meant to make things more convenient for you. It’s known for its folding design and it means you can carry it with you wherever you go. Next time you step out of the house you can slip it into your purse and use it when you need it. You will also find that Trusty Cane is quite stable and it can stand on its own. You won’t find it fallen all over the floor, which makes it difficult for you to pick it up when you want to carry it with you.

The built in light in Trusty Cane is another highlight, which makes it ideal for you even in the dark. It can illuminate hallways and you can also spot obstacles in your path in the dark. Trusty Cane is that amazing cane, which you can rely on whole heartedly on any surface.

Trusty Cane FAQs

Q. What makes Trusty Cane different than a standard cane?
A. Trusty Cane is the ideal cane you can count on as it comes with features like triple tread base and unique pivot with 3 points of contact that ensure more grip and traction while walking. The base covers more surface area than a standard cane, thereby providing full support and flexibility needed for more controlled balance wherever you walk. Its head pivots automatically while walking and responds to your movements and changing surface beneath for utmost comfort.

Q. What is the Trusty Cane’s height and weight?
A. It measures 31 inches to 38 inches and can be adjusted to 5 five different heights. Its total weight is just over a pound, which makes it easy to carry and yet is strong enough.

Q. How can the Trusty Cane be adjusted and folded?
A. Trusty Cane’s height can be adjusted by pushing in the button and moving the cane up or down to lock it at your preferred height. To fold it, push in the lock button and pull apart each unit so that they fold up together. The separate sections will stay together by an inner cable that’ll hold it intact.

Q. What Surfaces can you use the Trusty Cane on?
A. Grass, Gravel, Sand and Snow.

Q. I don’t trust “As Seen On TV” sites, where else can I buy it?



What do I get?
More info at the Official website

Trusty Cane Video

23 thoughts on “Trusty Cane Review | Does the Pivoting Trusty Cane really work?

  1. I just got it (trusty cane ) and can’t use it. They need to inform the buyers that if you are under a certain height, you can’t use it. I am only 5ft tall and the cane at it’s lowest setting is about 4 inches too tall. I’m sending it back.

  2. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE STUPID WORTHLESS CANES! They are in themselves, dangerous! They do nothing accurately the commercial says but adjust. The light doesn’t even work all the time, it flashes, something is loose from it falling over so many times I guess. The gripes DO NOT grip at all, they slip and slide. The cane falls over because it is not balanced. It was a good idea for a gift for my father who is always dropping his wooden cane. I mailed it to him for Christmas and I finally found out in May that it was totally worthless. He was embarrassed to tell me that it was useless and I had wasted money on postage and the
    cane. I bought it at a Rite Aid store. I still have the receipt but doubt they would take it back the next time I go out of state to visit him. Sad, another sucker bought into a stupid idea that could have caused him an accident. I am frustrated so don’t buy it before trying it or any product like it. Wander the store aisle with it and see if it is right for you and don’t try to be nice and buy it as a gift. Good luck.

  3. Just bought 2 trusty Cannes at CVS Pharmacy for $9.99 each.

    I bought one of them for a friend and I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I did open up the other box to take a look at it, and yes the stand alone is kinda wobbly but actually for the price I bought it, I don’t really see any complaints yet. I don’t think it will last a really long time, especially if you break it down all the time as it’s a bungee cord in the middle and it will wear out quick if you do, but for $9.99 I think it’s a neat idea.
    I certainly wouldn’t pay $29.99 like I had seen at Wal-Mart though.

  4. I purchased a Trusty Cane in January and it took 7 weeks for delivery. and that was only because I contacted my credit card company to cancel it on my card and explained all I was going through to talk to someone that could give me any answers!!!! No one in the USA to talk to. I was even told I could leave a msg for someone at the US company? to call me back, but no one ever called me and I left 3 msgs. I was always told the cane would be delivered a specific date and it never showed, but it didn’t take them but a day to charge my card!!!!!!!

  5. I purchased a Trusty Cane online after watching the commercial. I clicked I wanted ONE cane, and after the purchase price was submitted, they automatically added another cane and additional purchase price. I remarked on the Trusty Cane facebook page, however, it was immediately deleted, but I got an email with a toll phone number to call. I called. Collette would not put me thru to a supervisor until I told her exactly what I wanted…my money back, and told her that the light on neither cane worked, and the screw could not be opened on either battery back, with proper Phillips screwdriver. It didn’t stand well, either. She said she had authority to refund my full payment. It was refunded a few days later, but I was still charged $7.99 for shipping something I didn’t want, was broken, and they told me to keep. I would trash them. Don’t trust Trusty Cane!!!!

  6. I ordered ONE, they automatically added (and charged me for the second one). When received, neither stand on carpet and barely stand on tile. The light in both canes didn’t work and it appeared that the screw holding the battery cover was stripped on both canes. We could not remove either. The Hurry Cane performed better, but even that did not stand well. Back they go and I am expecting full refund.

  7. This Trusty Cane site is a rip-off..their customer service telephone is a hoax and they took $76.00 from my account and then said they will be returning back some amount because the free offer on their ads was no longer available but they must have forgotten that they sent me a confirmation email regarding their acceptance of my order..Beware of this brand of products and the company that is suppose to be selling is a a big scam..

  8. Trusty Cane customer service sucks!!! very hard to get a hold of someone and when you do you can’t even understand them..


  10. I know this Trusty Cane is made in China. But why does it take so long to find out if you have been cheated. There is no way to get any info on shipment, MY WIFE SAID IT WAS A SCAM. FOR ONCE I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO HER.

    • I’m with you Jim, I am still waiting for mine and when I tried calling them I was on hold for over 30 minutes. I finally hung up, was a big mistake ordering this Trusty Cane. It’s a gift for a friend but I think whenever I do get it. I will send it back… never again!!

  11. I went to buy Trusty canes (2) for fact. and I noticed while going through I had to say no thanks to Infomercial, about 5, to keep going on. One said you trail period but a 20 $ card subscribe for 30 days a $1. I said no to all those things BUT when I got done with check out there was one more it said call this # and get a $50.00 Walmart card and give them your ID # to buying canes, so When I asked about it they told me it also 20.00 for the gift and subscribe to something for a $1 and more money,, 9.99 they’ll send it to you … WELL THAT WAS A BUST. I said no its just the card from walmart, so they agree and I said NO told them the price and said goodbye. BAD BUSINESS WHOMEVER WROTE THAT WEB SITE UP..

  12. Online the Trusty Cane is advertised at $29.99. I tried to place an order for one and the price was $59.99 plus shipping? Just what is going on here. If this is such a good product why is there no effort to get it into retail stores?

    • Ya but all they wanted was more money to keep buying things, plus the end said $50.00 card from Walmart wasn’t there to get free either bad….they suck.

    • no—-because the whole deal is a CHINA scam. they don’t respond to emails. you can’t get through to a live person on the phone.

  13. Why do you say the trusty cane is a ripoff? I haven’t bought one it greatly resembles the hurricane. Are the two of them the same? if not which is the better buy?

  14. Has anyone tried the Trusty Cane, does it really work?

    Does it really grip to any surface?

    How much does it weigh?

    Doe you feel comfortable using it?

    How is the quality of the cane?

    Can you use it on carpet?

    Does Trusty Cane really stand up by itself?

    What are the pros and cons of this three-legged cane?

    Is it a scam?

    Is it durable and sturdy?

    Does it wobble?

    Were you allowed to review your order before confirming?

    Is it better than the Hurry Cane?

    Which stores can I buy Trusty Cane in?

    • Infomercials such as “as seen on TV” claim to sell reliable products but in reality most of these products like Trusty Cane are a complete rip off and a big scam. Most of these products do not do what the infomercials claim they will do.

      The internet is flooded with fake reviews about these products so it is difficult to tell whether the review regarding Trusty Cane is genuine or fake. A review claiming that Trusty Cane is the best ever is probably a fake one. These fake reviews are created because manufacturers and their associates pay the site owners a hefty amount for selling their products.

      When you order the product you order simply gets placed and there is no way to cancel the product. Therefore you are left with the product and if you want to return it you still have to pay shipping charges one way. These products should never be bought online or over the phone. Also there is a big risk of your personal information being sold to telemarketers.

      Trusty Cane is a big rip off. It is much more reliable to buy products like Trusty Cane from stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath and Beyond etc where these products are sold at a lesser price than what you get online or on TV infomercials.

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