Tru-Balance Slippers Review

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What is Tru-Balance:

It is an orthopaedic soft slipper that promises to offer your feet the support they need.
Tru-Balance claim to be the perfect solution for your feet that are put through a lot of strain on a daily basis. It takes a toll on them and regular foot pain becomes a part of your life. Some of the issues are caused with age as well and your feet can do with additional and adequate support to experience complete comfort. That’s just what Tru-Balance offers them, according to its claims, to ensure that they get relief from excruciating pain.

Tru-Balance and understanding the theory behind them

The thing you have to know that with time and without proper support, the arches of your legs collapse. As a result, feet, ankles and knees fall inward, which can lead to debilitating pain. Tru-Balance asserts that it works at the root cause of the problem so that you are offered relief in the best possible way. This condition is called over-pronation and here, muscles and bones are thrown out of alignment. It happens from ankle to knee, hips, back, and more, which can lead to serious pains and aches on a regular basis.
Tru-Balance ensures that you are offered relief from pain that is thus caused. Tru-Balance works by supporting arches, while bones and muscles are returned to their original position. Since the problem is worked at its root, you will get definite relief from aches and pains.


Tru-Balance is scientifically advanced to give you results

Tru-Balance emphasize on the fact that they are a result of extensive research that has gone into their making. That’s why they are scientifically advanced to ensure that you get the benefits they are desired to have. Tru-Balance also assures you that you can wear them comfortably and without a care in the world. They are made using soft and plush material, which will not lead to any discomfort whatsoever. You can just slip them on and start getting the benefits. You can thus bid goodbye to pills and over the counter products that can have their side effects.

Tru-Balance is comfortable for use anytime

Do you engage in serious physical activity during the day and your feet hurt at the end of it? Tru-Balance stress that they are versatile for your use. You can have them on while you go on with your activities during the day, or you can come back home and put them on. The rejuvenating effect will ensure that all your pains and aches are soothed way. Tru-Balance promises to be a stylish option for you to wear as well. They are in black, pink and navy blue colours to choose from.



Most sophisticated orthopedic soft slippers
Tru-Balance Slippers claim to be truly revolutionary orthopedic soft slippers with flex step design that provide relief to your foot from aches and pain. In due course, without proper support, human body tends to suffer from over-pronation, which means arches of the body begin disintegrating and feet, ankles and knees fall inward. Bones and muscles lose alignment from ankle to knee, hip, back etc. It results in aches and pains that affect the entire body. Tru-BALANCE Orthopedic Soft Slippers promise that they can counter this affliction effectively by providing metatarsal support that sustain the arches and reduce pronation.


Resilient make and quality
The makers of Tru-BALANCE Soft Slippers state that the slippers have patented orthotic footbeds that are made of Plastazote, which ensures they fit your feet comfortably and lend the desired stability and support. According to them, the slippers ensure that bones and muscles stay in the necessary position to relieve you of pain in ankles, knees, and lower back.


Tru-Balance Slippers FAQs

Q. Are Tru-Balance Slippers really comfortable for everyone?
A : Yes. Tru-Balance Slippers are designed to custom fit everyone regardless of anything. They offer maximum flexibility as they stretch to fit and support arches most comfortably.


Q. What are Tru-Balance Slippers made of?
A . The internal Flex-Step foot-bed of Tru-BALANCE Soft Slippers is made of Plastazote, which is a stretchy material that fits your feet well and provides the required orthotic support. The outer shell of the slippers is made of soft, durable neoprene with pinsonic vents for breathability and non-slip grips on the sole for proper balance.


Q. Are Tru-BALANCE Soft Slippers washable?
A . Yes, though you need to take care that the flex-step orthotic foot-bed are removed before washing your slippers. You may machine wash the slippers in cold water on regular cycle.


Q . Are Tru-BALANCE Soft Slippers suitable for use outdoors?
A . Tru-BALANCE Soft Slippers do not have hard street-soles so they aren’t suitable for prolonged use outside. Its soles are ideally suited to smooth surfaces such as tile or wood floors.


What Do I Get?

  • You’ll receive Tru-Balance Slippers for $19.99.
  • Official website:
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