Trojan Tri-phoria Review

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The all new Trojan vibrating Tri-phoria is a massager that really blows your hair back. It comes with five speed, three pulse patterns and three interchangeable tips. The Trojan Tri-phoria is like three massagers in one.


How does Trojan Tri-phoria work?
8 settings: From more delicate to more intense sensations, change it up or find a favorite you can rely on.

  • 5 speeds: Take it slow, or get into a groove—for whatever mood you’re in.
  • 3 pulse patterns: Add the change of patterns to all the other delightful features and you have almost endless possibilities for pleasure.

3 interchangeable tips: Vary the sensations from firm pressure to tongue-like flickering to focused stimulation. Waterproof, durable and easy to clean. 1 AA battery included. Elegant satin pouch for discreet storage.

It can also make for an ideal gift on any occasion be it a wedding or a birthday. So pick up your Trojan Tri-phoria massager today and see how the magic works. You will just love it!



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
TROJAN® VIBRATIONS Vibrating Tri-Phoria for just $39.99



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


Trojan Tri-phoria Video


6 thoughts on “Trojan Tri-phoria Review

  1. I have this vibrator and so far I love it! My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship so I use it and love it! My favorite attachment is the one shaped almost like a duck bill it’s the closest thing to oral as I can get right now. Very easy to clean up as well!

  2. After seeing the classy and professional ads for Trojan Tri Phoria, my interest peeked. So I decided to read some reviews about it. But I was not satisfied at all with any of the reviews that I came across. I was expecting to find some more details on the product. But all I found were links which led to the webpages where I had to order for the product. Some websites claimed to have reviews on Trojan Tri Phoria, but instead were just static pages which contained such keywords randomly. After encountering this, I realized that these are some kind of promotion games for the product.

    I was dismayed and finally stopped searching for reviews. But then again I continued the search today, and was disappointed initially when I could not find genuine, meaningful and useful reviews. But fortunately, I came across this site and at this final point I was satisfied finally. I got to read everybody’s comments and I somehow felt that this is for real. So thank you everyone for sharing your experiences.

    • Yes you are right, random excessive use of keywords as product names is an efficient technique called SEO and it is used by companies to rank their website higher in the search results. In other words it is used to increase a product’s popularity. Anyways, we are glad to know that our website met your expectations. You are most welcome to surf our site for any other product as well.

  3. Purchased fingertip massager, wife was not excited that cost $17.99. How is Trojan pulse better? would like to try, but dont want to spend money if doesn’t please her.

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