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What is Trixene

A weight-loss oral spray that you need to spray into your mouth before eating your meals or when you have craving for sugary or salty food. It helps you eat less while keeping you satisfied throughout the day.

Spray the calories away

Trixene is a weight-loss oral spray that convinces to let you control your caloric intake by helping you eat less and controlling your pangs for sugary and salty foods. Anyone who has tried everything possible to lose weight knows how difficult it is to shed the stubborn fat. If you cheat on your diet, all those hours in the gym are practically wasted, and the biggest problem is that body fat becomes stubborn over time and parks itself in all undesirable body areas like the tummy, hips, thighs, and waist and then it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of it. But Trixene promises that you can lose and maintain weight with a simple oral spray that helps you eat less while keeping you satisfied.


No more diet pills or crash diets

There are wonder ingredients like Green Tea Extract, Cinnamon, Holy Basil, and many more that are known to aide weight loss and shed body fat. Trixene claims to bring together these ingredients in a single oral spray bottle, which is convenient, easy to use and tastes great and clinically-proven to reduce body fat. There are weight loss pills available but they are absorbed just about 5-20% by the body thus not giving you the results that you actually desire. But Trixene claims that the natural ingredients of the spray have a whopping 98% body absorption rate to give you better results really quickly. Usually people resort to crash diets to lose weight but cannot contain their cravings and end up overeating. However, Trixene alleges that one does not have to follow a restrictive diet and can still enjoy eating what you love, with the oral spray claiming to just control how much you put in your mouth. Trixene maintains to just control your caloric intake instead of completely stopping it and shows significant weight loss sooner than most methods.


Burns and blocks fats

Trixene states that it can burn the excess fat that your body already has and it blocks fat from forming in future and it also suppresses your appetite so that you won’t indulge in binge eating or comfort eating. Trixene assures that it will help you eat smaller portions and reduce your cravings for carbs and all this while keeping you satisfied and without feeling hungry. The oral spray alleges that it can control as many as over 1000 calories a day without the need to alter your daily routine.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Two bottles of Trixene for $39.95
  • Official website:
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