Travel Clean Review

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What is it

The TV infomercial states that it is a sanitizing kit that is ideal for travelers to avoid the germs and dirt of other travelers from affecting them. It claims to include a protective seat shield, booties, and sanitizing wipes in a conveniently packaged disposable pouch.

Keep germs away

Travel Clean proclaims to be an easy way to protect yourself from germs, dirt, and grime left by other people. Travel Clean asserts that it helps you while traveling by planes, which puts you at a risk of contracting germs from other travelers. Airports and airplanes are laden with germs and dirt that other travelers leave behind on dustbins, armrests, tray tables, or even during pat downs. But Travel Clean assures that it can keep you protected every time you travel. Travel Clean maintains to save you from bacterial, viral and fungal infections. People often sick after travelling because they’re afflicted by bacteria like E.Coli, flu virus and norovirus and Travel Clean promises to sanitize the surroundings while traveling to prevent these problems. Travel Clean promises to let you get control of your health. Travel Clean maintains to especially be beneficial for frequent travelers who cannot be falling sick every time they travel.

A disposable kit of sanitizing items

Travel Clean convinces to give you protection from germs way beyond just a hand sanitizer. Travel Clean maintains to be an entire kit of sanitizing items. Travel Clean emphasizes to include a protective seat shield, a pair of booties, and sanitizing wipes in the kit. The protective seat shield of Travel Clean can be used to cover the airplane seat. With this, Travel Clean states to keep you away from the filth, sweat, stains and smells of someone else who sat there before. The pair of booties of Travel Clean can be worn when you take your shoes off. These booties of Travel Clean claim to keep germs off so that you can be stress free when you take your shoes off. Travel Clean assures that these booties are tough to keep germs away and soft to be worn comfortably.


Hygiene in your hands

Just wiping your hands with a hand sanitizer is not enough so Travel Clean guarantees to give you better protection with its sanitizing wipes. Travel Clean sanitizing wipes can be used to wipe your hands, tray tables, armrests and even toilet seats. Thus Travel Clean proclaims to make all the surfaces clean for you. Travel Clean asserts that it comes in a conveniently packaged disposable kit. You can allegedly carry the Travel Clean kit in your bag without adding much to your luggage. Each pouch of Travel Clean is assured to be disposable so you do not have to worry about keeping it safely. Not just airplanes, Travel Clean promises to come handy for other kinds of travels. Whether you travel by a train or a bus also, Travel Clean maintains to solve the same problems for you. With all this, Travel Clean promises to make traveling safer for you and your family.

What do I get?

You’ll get 6 disposable Travel Clean Kits each containing a Seat Shield, a pair of Protective Booties and 4 Sanitizing Wipes, for only $14.95 plus $15.9 S&P. Official website


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