Touch Points REVIEW

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About Touch Points

This is an incredible new breakthrough to help reduce stress. Just strap TouchPoints on your wrists, hold it in your hand or clip it on your clothing for stress relief at home or in the office. Alternating vibrations go to work immediately disrupting the body’s stress response by keeping your brain from fight, flight or freeze mode / response. TouchPoints help you think clearly and feel calm.

TouchPoints relieve stress by over 70%. It works as fast as 30 seconds. It comes in a stylish design. Get more restful sleep at night with TouchPoints. It improves focus even for those suffering from ADHD.

TouchPoints Pros and Cons


The wearable TouchPoints system is designed to reduce stress in men and women. Users have noticed that its ingenious design and heavily researched vibration technology does provide relief from day to day anxiety and stress that hampers regular life. One of the positive points of TouchPoints is that it is not a medication and uses two devices that use micro-haptic vibrations with different intensity level to reduce the stress, help focus on work, improve overall concentration, and add better quality of sleep using its BLAST Technology. It is known to provide up to 70% stress reduction in a matter of 30 seconds and can be worn for a longer period of time throughout the day. The app that accompanies the wearable device asks a series of questions to the users to decide the frequency of the vibration. One can attack TouchPoints to clothing such as bra straps, belts, pants, pockets, and even sock apart from wearing them as watches on the wrists. Although it is important to make sure that the vibrations hit the body properly to ensure maximum impact and stress relief. Many users have asserted that it does help significantly to reduce stress and help people who have ADHD, Autism, PTSD, and have difficulty sleeping at night. There are multiple options available as per the budget with various preset speeds for users to choose from.


The technology is not 100% proven hence there will be a little skeptical element for purchasing. Another issue with TouchPoints is the high cost that can make it difficult for everyone to own it. Many users might not like the idea of wearing such devices that will clearly notify that these are used for stress reduction. The vibrations on the device are pretty loud and can buzz similar to that of a phone.


Touch Points price
Touch Points Silicone Wrist Straps for only $129.95 + $6.96 s& Official

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