Toetastic Memory Foam Slippers Review

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Does your work need you to be on your feet all through the day? Do you spend most of your day running around the house looking after your loved ones? These are some of the reasons why you might often have achy feet. In fact wearing heels for long hours can take a toll on your feet too and leave them feeling cramped. You want to get rejuvenating foot massages but they can be quite expensive. But now thanks to Toetastic Memory Foam Slippers, you can give your feet the pampering they need and relieve your tired toes too.


Toetastic Memory Foam Slippers
Now as you can simply wear these slippers around the house, they will be working on your feet as you go on with your jobs. No need to take time off your schedule to go to foot spas and salons for professional treatments, any more. These memory foam slippers come with rejuvenating toe separators, thus offering amazing benefits to your feet. Every time you wear them, your feet will get a mini massage that will make the tiredness in your feet fade away. If your feet have been feeling tender and your toes cramped, then this is the perfect solution for you.

These slippers have many other features for your convenience; like dense memory foam insoles, which ensure that they conform to the size of your feet. Thus these slippers will always fit you perfectly. Moreover the ultra soft toe separators will do the job of stretching your toes and aligning them so that they look better and feel better too. Another advantage of using these slippers is that they have an open toe design, which will keep your feet cool at all times. And if you want to apply nail polish without the mess of cotton and tissues, then you can do so easily wearing these slippers as well.

Extremely versatile and with stunning benefits for your aching feet, these slippers are all you need and more.



What do I get?
You can buy Toetastic Memory Foam Slippers for $14.95 plus S&H $7.95 at You can get another pair of Toetastic Memory Foam Slippers by paying additional S&H.



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6 thoughts on “Toetastic Memory Foam Slippers Review

  1. My review is not to criticize no one, but I think if I buy something online and the product had sold out the product company should have refunded my money back without asking questions, so here’s the thing I had requested what or who do I request or claim my money back of this toetastics foam slippers which I never received any answer or my money back , so again if someone from toetastic has the moral to be honest with a client like me, I will appreciate that you e-mail me to thank you.

    • I tried to order Toetastic in 2012 for Christmas but Hurricane Sandy got in the way. They never charged my account but now I am hesitant to reorder for Christmas 2013 given that I see so many people in mid 2013 who couldn’t get their orders fulfilled.

  2. Well, I received a letter saying that they were overwhelmed by the response to the offer and completely exhausted their Toetastic supply, but how can I get my money back thats all I want. Call me customer service or WHOever at 6106180693. Thank you

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