Thermal Aid Review

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Kids are more prone to injuries due to their active involvement in different sports and also playtime. The injuries are not just restricted to simple bumps and bruises but also could be sprains, muscle pull or joint paint. In such a situation the best way is to take rest and apply therapeutic treatment pads to soothe the affected areas. There are several such cold and heating pads available in the market that work very effectively in relieving pain and increasing the blood flow in the injured area. But for kids you need to take special care in treating their pain and swellings and what better way than making the treatment time as fun time with the newest Thermal Aid.

How does Thermal Aid Work

Thermal Aid is a complete collection of different zoo animal shaped stuffed toys which are in actuality therapeutic pads from the inside. It can provide both huggable warmth and cuddling coolness depending on the requirement. It is 100% safe and heats up instantly upon placing it in a microwave or can be cooled down by placing it in the refrigerator. It’s perfectly suited even for headaches, earaches and to cuddle while sleeping providing soothing comfort for a good night’s sleep. The magic takes place with its 100% natural cotton body and specially patented engineered corn that maintains the temperature it is exposed for a long time. It also does not get smelly or start growing mold and fungi which is very common on other heating/cooling pads in the market.

Thermal Aid is highly attractive and is available in many different zoo animals form such as Happy Hippo, Baxter Bunny, JoJo Monkey, Tiny the Elephant, Ollie Koala, Buckley and Bella Bear. It is university tested and recommended by doctors for soothing and relieving any pain and swelling that can occur due to sports activities, gymnasium, park or the swimming pool. It also can be used for a cozy comfortable warm hug during cold winter nights. Though specially designed for kids it can also be used by any grown up to lighten up the child inside while treating swelling, cramps, joint pains, etc.



What do I get?

  • 2 Thermal Aid Character
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

All this for $14.95 + $15.90 P.& H. Official website



Thermal Aid Video

3 thoughts on “Thermal Aid Review

  1. Very unsatisfied. well, am to the point I really don’t care if I receive the stupid thermal aid animals. The postage is OUTRAGOUS, and yes knew it going in but when shipping is between 2-6 weeks…and it is now over 6 weeks since I order and still have not received. Yes I have tracked the shipping and know it is on the way. I will NEVER order from this company again….OUTRAGEOUS. Go to the grocery store, they have very similar item and you can get it when you want.

    To me this company does not respect or appreciate the orders that have been place. Shame on you!!!

    • Results….Order is not coming…after 7 weeks my Thermalaid package made it to my hometown only to be sent back to the seller ~ stating undeliverable….called customer service (not friendly) and after waiting on hold 12 minutes to be disconnected…called back waited another 6 minutes. So, huh, that explains what is wrong with this company…it is not about customers and getting return customers. It is about the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAR! I would recommend you not even bother with this company ~ those commercials they run on all the childrens channels are from a Greedy Corporation.

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