Therassage Insoles Review

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Your feet bear the biggest brunt of all your walking and running around throughout the day, hence it’s only fair if you treat them with Therassage. A perfect massage for the sole, Therassage is the amazing new way to provide comfort and protection to your feet.

How does Therassage Insoles Work

Therassage is designed with the unique fluid filled insole which makes it a major breakthrough in insole technology that has been incorporated in preparing Therassage. It’s what you call the perfect massage for the sole, which ensconces your feet gently in its comfort and relieves them of all the stress that you naturally face.

In looks, Therassage appears like a sole as it’s designed to provide protection that way. Yet it is a lot more than the regular soles you use as it is the fluid filled insole, that uses the advanced liquid technology which makes it hold fluid in the centre safely . It has fluid bladder ensures the fluid stays in place and never becomes messy by oozing out. Therassage actually floats foot to absorb shock and release all the stress that troubles your feet. It works by redistributing pressure across entire foot evenly, making your feet stay fresh and stress-free.

Using Therassage is really simple as all you have to do is insert it into shoes like regular soles. It is lightweight and thin, so it keeps your feet cool and comfy. It fits comfortably in most shoes and can even be trimmed easily for an exact fit. Just slip into your footwear with Therassage inside whenever you go out and stay comfortable all day long unlike others!

Therassage pampers your feet with its dynamic massaging, which cushions nerve endings of your feet with every step you take. It takes the course of your steps and moves as per your movements. It ensures there is no tension on your feet while you walk and provides the ultimate comfort, stability and durability to your feet. It’s a must have for you and your family, so make sure you start using Therassage and put an end to the trouble your feet have to endure.




What do I get?

  • 2 pair of Therassage® insoles

All this for $ 19.95 + $ 14.93 P.& H. Official website



Therassage Insoles Video
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