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What is Thera-X?

It is a revolutionary new age roll-on pain relief gel that directly targets the area that is hurting and relieves the pain for many hours.


Get rid of pain:

Thera-X apparently is the most effective pain relief formula that is available today in the market with its ability to provide relief for up to 6 hours. Most muscle pains are treated with pain reliever sprays and ointments which fail to provide complete relief on the muscle. As a result you may still be left in pain but Thera-X promises that it is unlike such quick relief solutions. Thera-X is said to be perfect for relieving the pain on any kind of injury be it due to arthritis caused by aging or injuries incurred in the toughest of sports.


Targeted Pain Relief:

Thera-X is said to be great when it comes to relieving pain due to its ability to focus and target the area which is in pain directly. This particular soothing effect is due to the revolutionary blend of Thera-X that supposedly consists of Anti-Inflammatory Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are great in providing relief on the pain area. It also has Antioxidant Acai Extract, which can help in soothing muscles from throbbing pain. Thera-X also is said to be infused with Aloe Vera, Peppermint and essential oils to blend together in providing pain relief. But the secret behind Thera-X’s 6 hour or more pain relief formula is apparently the Cooling Ice Pearls that are released when the gel is rolled on the target area. These Cooling Ice Pearls supposedly penetrates directly into the muscles and the instant pain relief system starts to work effectively to relieve the muscle from pain. Thera-X claims that this way one can enjoy their favorite activities without worrying about the pain. It is said to be effective on back pain, arthritis, sprains and strains on neck, shoulders, legs, knees, arms and wherever else there is pain.


    What do I get ?

  • You’ll get one Thera-X Cold Therapy roll-on for $12.99 plus $9.99
  • Official Website :

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