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About Tac Amplifier

It is a personal sound amplifier device that claims to enhance hearing when placed in the ear! It maintains that you can move it all the way up for when you need to detect the slightest movements or choose a smaller boost for when you want to stay on general alert. This claims does sound very helpful but does it work well is a question better left to Tac Amplifier user reviews.


Tac Amplifier Hearing Aid Amplifier REVIEW


Tac Amplifier CLAIMS

Designed to be both compact and discreet, Tac Amplifier guarantees no one will even know you’re wearing it, making it perfect for use indoors! It does sound fanciful, only Tac Amplifier reviews will expose it soon. It alleges to be ideal to listen to lectures and sermons at a volume that’s perfect for you. And when you’re somewhere with a lot of background noise, Tac Amplifier hearing is even better than normal hearing.

Tac Amplifier also maintains that its lets you turn the TV down low and your hearing up high for a listening level ideal for everyone so now no one will complain about the volume of the TV. Tac Amplifier’s functionality is in question and can only be affirmed once we analyse Tac Amplifier reviews.


What is so Tactical in a Sound Amplifier (or TAC AMP)

Bell + Howell has a “Tactical” range of as seen on tv products like the Tac Light, Tac Shaver, Tac Glasses, Tac Visor and now the Tac Sound Amplifier. By using the word “Tac” (for Tactical) they try to impress upon the users the “military grade” quality, robustness and precision of the product. The official review of Bell + Howell Tac Amplifier claims that it is the smallest personal sound amplifier ever. Smaller personal sound amplifiers are easy to use (and hide), people don’t like to show that they are using a PSA.

But smaller isn’t always the best. The small size of the Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier implies lesser efficiency, reduced sound clarity, battery life and overall inefficient performance. That is the reason why other companies don’t make personal sound amplifiers that are this small. This personal sound amplifier does not have a good name amongst its users. Below is the list of complaints we have received from the Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier buyers.



The most common complaint of the Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier is that it squeals. It magnifies all the sounds including the background sounds that you don’t want to hear. The Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier offers no help when there are multiple sound sources. This is okay only when there is a single source of sound. Like a late night TV. The Tac Amp is suited to be used indoors only not outdoors in the fields.

The TV ad is misleading.

Buyers complain that the Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier employs the same misleading advertising that its predecessors have done all over the years. They show people using the personal sound amplifier in crowded places like restaurants, meetings and public gatherings. Our reviewers write to us saying that this is utterly false. The Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier cannot filter the sound and amplifies all the sounds so basically you are back to square one as the sound you want to hear is as weak as it was when you were not wearing the Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier. Most of the uses depicted in the TAC AMP TV ad are usually associated with HEARING AIDS and NOT Sound Amplifiers.


Not for People With Hearing Loss

Bell Howell Tac Amp is NOT a HEARING AID, which is much more advanced than the personal sound amplifiers and are much more costlier. Our product experts who reviewed the Bell Howell Tac Sound Amplifier recommend getting you ears checked for hearing loss before deciding on buying one of these. The best use of the Bell Howell Tac Amp is to listen to TV in the night without disturbing others.


TAC AMP Details

The Bell Howell TAC AMP is small and discreet personal sound amplifier compared to others that fit “over the ears”. The TAC AMP plugs into your ear making it hard to notice. People who have used the TAC AMP mention about its features in their reviews. TACAMP is about 1.75 cm in length and 1.4 cm in width. The TAC AMP is powered by two Zinc Air A10 batteries (70H-100H) which are not included with the purchase. The TACAMP device has a volume adjustment stick. The recommended use is of 8 hours everyday, to save on the batteries.


Uses of TACAMP

As mentioned earlier, it is only fine to watch TV late night when there are no other sounds. There is no other “TACTICAL” advantage of using the TACAMP. In-fact if you use it while you are on the move, it is highly likely that the device may just fall off from your ears because it does not have anything that will keep it firmly in place. So many people have reported in their reviews of the TACAMP falling off the ear with just a nod. Besides many people complain that it hurts.

What’s Missing in the TACAMP Amplifier

People who have reviewed personal sound amplifiers like the TAC AMP complain that there are many essential features missing in this Bell Howell Tactical Sound Amplifier. One being the tail fish line for easy removal, that is missing. The second important feature the TAC AMP lacks is the various ear tips. Not all ears are of the same size, the TAC AMP comes with the largest ear tip and hence it does not stay put in smaller ears. The third important accessory that is missing is the cleaning tool. The TAC AMP goes in the ear and it gets really dirty. Given the small size of the Tactical Amplifier it is hard to clean with the regular tools and needs special accessory to clean the tiny nooks and crannies.


Small Size Does Not Always Help

You might think that the small size of the Tactical Amplifier is great feature, but not all the users share the same opinion. People with Parkinson’s find it very difficult to get hold of the tiny volume adjuster stick. Many older folks find it difficult to hold the TAC AMP device in two fingers and insert it in the ear. Besides there is a constant fear that it may pop out. The small size of the TAC AMP has other disadvantage, the tiny parts are weak and prone to breaking. It is very easy to snap the tiny volume adjuster stick which renders the whole device unusable.

Bell Howell Tac Amp Pricing

Bell Howell Tactical Amplifier (TAC AMP) costs $19.99 + $6.95 S/h at the official website BuyTacAmp.com. Many people complain that the shipping charges for the tiny TACAMP are too high, given the fact that it lacks so many features and has no warranty.


As per the reviews, the other major drawback of the Bell Howell Tac Amp is that it is not rechargeable. That means you need to keep buying the batteries every week. The reason why it the Tac Amp is not rechargeable is its small size, another disadvantage of the small size.


The Bell Howell Tactical Amplifier is NOT FDA approved. Many of ther tried and tested personal sound amplifiers are FDA approved, like the Britzgo.



We do not recommend the Bell Howell Tac AMP. The Bell Howell Tac Amp is not the only SMALL sound amplifier out there in the market. The price of the TAC AMP is not justified by the features it comes with. If you think that you can put on the Tac Amp and can go in the woods to hear the sounds of the nature, as depicted in the TV ad – you are grossly mistaken. What you would actually hear is the high pitch hissing sound made by the wind. All other sounds would get lost in the big HISS.

The personal sound amplifiers are mostly to be used indoors when everything else is silent and there is only one sound source that you are paying attention to. There are several tried and tested personal sound amplifiers out there in the market [alternatives to the TAC AMP]. But don’t expect GOOD sound amplifiers to be as cheap as $20 and as small as the TACTICAL AMPLIFIER. Smaller is less efficient when it comes to personal sound amplifiers. So go for the regular sized unit that are tried and tested. Here is a list of good alternatives to Bell Howell Tactical Amplifiers.

Product Name Price Number of Reviews Ratings
Britzgo Digital Hearing Aid Amplifier Bha-220 $54.50 1900+ Reviews 4 Star
Sawyer Doctor Mini Sound Amplifier $25.45 75+ Reviews 4-Star Rating

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13 thoughts on “Tac Amplifier [TAC AMP] REVIEW |Bell Howell BuyTacAmp.com Report

  1. Purchased Tac Amplifier. Item quit working after a week. Contacted Bell & Howell customer service. Rep was very courteous. She took my info and sent out a new unit.

  2. Thinking of buying your tec hearing aid I wear hearing aids now Starkey brand. Please tell me how and how much. ?

  3. This thing sucks. I couldn’t hear any better or different when I first got it, so I put a new battery in it thinking that was the problem and it still didn’t work. It seems to me that this thing is a piece of junk and was a waste of money. I did exactly what the instructions said to do and I still can’t get it to work.

  4. I NEVER finalized the order. I was considering ordering 2 of the rechargeable ones, which your order system bounced me too, but was thrown by the price. Please do not ship them. Please do not charge them.

  5. All it does is squeel regardless of volume setting. Battery has no markings and instructions do not say what type of battery this is, would be difficult to get a replacement but considering it’s useless, I wont be needing another battery.

  6. I purchased the upgraded rechargeable version but it didn’t work at all. It just squealed in my ear. It cost over $5.50 to return and now I have nothing.Thank God I didn’t fall for the second one free!


  8. These people take your order but never deliver the product to you! I guess taking your money is what they are special for! They will NOT respond to any questions or anything! DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT, unless you just want to give away your money!
    An UN-Happy buyer that’s me.

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