No Sweat Socks Review

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What is No Sweat Socks

As per the advertisement No Sweat Socks are stated to be the next generation socks which are made from a revolutionary DryStep fabric that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. They do not block the blood circulation and also takes away wetness and odor too. They are special socks that are stretchy, comfortable and exert no pressure on your feet, ankles and calves while keeping them cool, dry and healthy.

The perfect socks:

No Sweat Socks proclaims to be the frontrunner when it comes to socks that have many advantages yet no disadvantage. Socks are an integral part of everyone’s life and it is very important to have the right kind of socks on the feet especially if you are working for longer hours. Regular socks sometimes do not fit right and sometimes are just too tight due to one standard size design. Plus the use of elastic can leave creasing over the skin and even cut the blood circulation to the foot. The material used for regular socks can lock in the moisture too converting them into a smelly and wet pair of socks. No Sweat Socks declares that it is unlike such socks and takes away all the negatives and provides with one single motto in mind which is to provide comfort to the feet, ankles and calves.


Features and Benefits:

No Sweat Socks maintains its stand of providing extra comfort because of the material used to create it. It is weaved using DryStep fabric which is a unique fabric that has many capabilities out of which comfort is one. It is asserted that this material keeps the feet dry too because it has wicking technology. This technology practically takes the moisture away from inside the socks and throws it away due to which No Sweat Socks allegedly never gets wet and as a result there is no odor to them. This technology functions seamlessly regardless of the season which is why it is stated that No Sweat Socks are socks for all seasons.

Another benefit of No Sweat Socks asserted is the use of soft elastic band that holds the sock together. This pattern makes the sock hug the foot completely regardless of the size and holds up by itself to eliminate elastic that can restrict circulation and cause creasing too. This lets blood flow smoothly to all parts of the foot and makes it a perfect pair of socks for people who are suffering from diabetes.

All these features help convince that No Sweat Socks is the perfect socks for daily use and for all activity level be it walking the dog in the park, going to office or working out in a gym. No Sweat Socks maintains its everyday use stand by providing two color options of black or white socks to match most standard activities.


TLC for your feet
No Sweat Socks are exceptionally flexible and soothing socks that promise your tired, weary feet all the comfort and care they require. The creators of these socks allege that ordinary socks generally don’t fit right, cause creases, discomfort and even hamper blood circulation. But No Sweat Socks are designed to fit comfortably as they are made of unique softlastic band, which keeps socks steadily in place on your feet and ankles right up to calves. The socks roll over smoothly and fit perfectly so that the skin breathes and face no stress while staying protected.


For dry, healthy and odor-free feet
No Sweat Socks are made from special DryStep fabric, which keeps moisture away from your feet so they feel comfortable and dry. Also, the socks are provided with wicking technology which prevents generation of odor in feet that tends to occur when feet are covered for a long time.


Ideal for all situations
Promoters of No Sweat Socks state that they can be worn all day at home as well as outdoors. Those who suffer from ailments like diabetes also benefit from them. They provide the comfort your feet desire all through. They don’t allow troublesome creases to form over skin and also maintain suitable temperature without causing any suffocation in every season.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive 4 pairs of No Sweat Socks for $10.00 plus $15.90P&H.
  • Official website:
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    1. I purchased 4 pair–2 white/2 black–of no sweat socks over 2 months ago via the tv web site. I have yet received nothing. They wanted me to join up on something and all I wanted was the socks. The tv add said nothing about the join up requirement. I want the socks or a formal apology and the cost of the socks and postage to be removed from my account. This is a bull shit way to run a business.

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