SuperBeets Review

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What is SuperBeets?

It is a circulation superfood that promises to build your stamina, energy levels and support healthy blood pressure too.

SuperBeets claims to contain ultra-concentrated beetroot crystals that have been proven to have many advantages for you. Beet juice is something athletes from the UK relied on when they turned in one of their best performances in recent times at the London Olympics in 2012. While the benefits of beet juice are undeniable you just can’t make yourself drink huge quantities on a daily basis. This special formula asserts that you won’t have to because it has been brought to you in a simple, efficient and crystallized form. Whether it actually helps boost your stamina and supports healthy blood pressure, we will know when SuperBeets reviews start coming in.


Superbeets Review

Superbeets packaging woes – Leyton who bought Superbeets complained in his review that the worst problem with it is the packaging. No matter how hard you try and store in a cool place, moisture gets into the canister. It happened with a couple of canisters of the product, which was quite annoying for him. He also finds the recommended use within 45 days a bit tricky, because that’s a lot more frequent than he would like to use it.

Superbeets Side-effects – Alexandra who used Superbeets exposed in her review that after using the product she started seeing changes in her system, which were actually a bit scary for her. The biggest issue was that she would have restless sleep, even when she would take it in the mornings. She did not get any extra energy using the product and actually she felt much better after she stopped using it. The customer service of the company was a disaster and she was advised to consult a doctor to clarify her doubts. That’s why she has stopped using the product and has moved to plant sourced minerals and is happy with the results.

Horrible tasting, hopeless product – Rachel who reviewed Superbeets revealed in her review that firstly it tasted terrible and even beet lovers will not be able to stomach it. The other problem was that she had run to the bathroom almost immediately after she would have the drink, every single time. She thinks it can’t be a coincidence and there’s something in the product that won’t agree with her at all. She then opened the canister and felt like vomiting when she first smelt it. The customer service was not helpful at all and the worst part was it didn’t give her any extra energy. Overall for her, it was a big disappointment.

SuperBeets Features

It is nature centered and science driven – That’s the claim that has been made by Neogenis Labs, which is the creator of this special formula. It’s the company’s beliefs that best results can be had when nature based ingredients are used with scientific improvements and research. But there are no SuperBeets reviews at the moment to verify the claim as far as this particular formula is concerned. The company began with world class, patented research solutions that had their roots around Nitric Oxide restoration, which is the secret of healthy circulation and heart health. But we won’t know whether these claims are a bit far-fetched till we go through SuperBeets reviews .

Neogenis Labs also focuses on growing standards that result in beets that have highest concentration of dietary nitrites. Only non-GMO beets that are grown on the US soil are used in the creation of this superfood. Importantly patented technology from noted scientist Dr. Nathan Bryan is used here to get you high amounts of Nitric Oxide power. SuperBeets reviews will tell us whether it is actually more powerful and potent than your regular beet juice products.

How Superbeets work? and its Benefits

This superfood formula works as the drying technology activates mechanisms, which in turn metabolize dietary nitrate and nitrate in your system. That’s why high amounts of Nitric Oxide is created in your body. SuperBeets reviews should be looked at closely before we believe this claim. Some of the benefits of this formula include the fact that you get an energy boost that is free of any caffeine. This seems like another lofty claim that should be verified through SuperBeets reviews.

Overall it stresses that your heart health will be drastically improved and you will also find the right support to maintain healthy blood pressure. Unfortunately we haven’t come across any SuperBeets reviews that will substantiate this. If you have used this formula, we would be happy to receive reviews from you. The ultra-concentrated beet juice formula also emphasizes that it’s a convenient, affordable and effective solution that leads to enhanced stamina. But since we haven’t found any SuperBeets reviews that confirm this, we won’t be in a rush to make our judgments about it.

SuperBeets Reviews

According to a review of Super Beets by Grace Floyd, it tastes awful and there has been no substantial change in her energy levels. She also reveals that the powder doesn’t dissolve really well and remains chunky even after mixing or shaking it well. She shows disappointment in her Super Beets review by saying the powder is overpriced since there is very little amount of it packed in one container.

Joseph Gordon’s review discloses that even though Super Beets failed to provide a boost of energy throughout his day, it certainly did help him with the mid-morning drag.

A reviewer, Elvira Munoz, highlights the positive aspect of Super Beets by stating that it helped to get her blood pressure down and gave her extra energy through the day.

Chris Clayton, a Super Beets customer, asserts that the powder is really good and gave him lots of energy. The only downside that he claims in his review is that Super Beets comes in very small quantity and is a bit overpriced.

Silvia Luna calls Super Beets horrible tasting in her review and complains that she couldn’t get it down her throat at all. She felt no burst of energy or any sort of increased circulation after. She doesn’t recommend it to anyone and suggests other users to not purchase it since it is not up to the mark as promised in its advertisements.

As per the review of Tasha Walton, Super Beets didn’t provide any sort of energy and in fact some days she actually felt more tired. It does have the taste of beet with a hint of black cherry, but the powder doesn’t really mix well and can make the stomach feel funny after consumption. In her review, she so complains of Super Beets being super expensive and that it there is very little shipped in the container.

Rita West has similar grievances about Super Beets in her review. Additionally, she says that its aftertaste was unpleasant and leaves a foul taste in the mouth that lingers for hours. She also stopped using it because it is too expensive for daily use.

SuperBeets Questions/Answers

Q: Does Super Beets contain any type of grapefruit?
A: No.

Q: Does it contain sugar?
A: Yes, it has 3 grams of sugar.

Q: Does Super Beets taste like beets?
A: It does taste so but it is a little on the sweeter side.

Q: How many servings are available per container?
A: 30 servings.

Q: How does Super Beets work?
A: One serving of it has nitric oxide that is equivalent to three whole beets. It offers a dose of dietary nitrites for the body that is easily converted into nitric oxide for a quick, healthy boost.

Q: How should it be used?
A: One scoop of Super Beets should be mixed with about 4 ounces of water and stirred or shaken till it dissolves completely. The mixture should be then consumed immediately and preferably should be consumed in the afternoon for a boost of energy and nitric oxide level. Taking it as a supplement such as Neo40 will boost its results furthermore.

Q: Is Super Beets safe for people with medical conditions?
A: It is recommended to consult a healthcare professional or physician before taking this supplement in case of a medical condition or if the patient is under a prescribed medication to avoid any type of adverse effect.

Q: Can Super Beets be used by pregnant women?
A: No, it is not meant for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Q: Have there been clinical tests performed to attest its claims?
A: No independent clinical test has been done to prove its claims.

Q: Does Super Beets give energy?
A: No, and its taste is not pleasurable as well.

Q: How is the taste of Super Beets? Will it make the user jittery?
A: Its taste is pretty strong and is hard to swallow too. It doesn’t make the user jittery but since it is not really tasty it isn’t a really fun experience.

Q: Does Super Beets really work?
A: No, it is a waste of money.

Q: Does its list of ingredients include strawberries?
A: No, it only contains beets.

What do I get?

Price: $79.9 | For more info please see the official websites |


Compare Super beets with Beet Elite here

82 thoughts on “SuperBeets Review

  1. I have noticed that people run out and buy thins without even looking into the actual process of how it’s made. The product sounds disgusting from the beginning of the commercial and they have paid people to talk about how good it taste etc. Really people you need to actually research this crap first before spend hundreds of money on it and of course they want you to buy and buy more. Get smart people!!! These people who write comments are paid to do this the longer there comments are the more people will read them.

  2. Not a good product. Waste of money. Everything they say in the ad is false!
    Taste is horrible and hard to stomach especially at the dose they recommend. Only way I could get it down was to dilute it
    Customer service- wow they are not educated about the product, they just want to sell you the “three pack special”. If you buy the 3 packs, they go bad, turn into a brick. And how are you going to get it down within 45 days????? And if you complain!!!! Oh they are so rude and you can’t get a refund, no matter what.
    Packaging- apparently the package is insufficient to keep it fresh. I bought three and before I got half way through the first one, they all got brick hard, even the ones that weren’t open.
    Pros- the only pro I can talk about is that beets are good for you but I was unable to experience those benefits through is product because it doesn’t stay fresh.
    Overall it is a big waste of money.

  3. I’m taking superbeets for a month now. It does give me more energy, alertness, and a full fledge woody. It also makes my skin feel like it’s crawling, beeturia, red stools, and a nasty rash on my chest. still taking it for the woody

  4. Reading the reviews, it seems, that the effectiveness of this product is very inconsistent from person to person. Add to that the placebo effect, the high price and poor sounding customer service and I think, that I may try juicing beets, to see if they have any pronounced effect on my health, before investing in this product.

  5. I have tried it two days. There is no question I have more energy. Blood pressure is down about 10 points. Also a lower heart rate. My only complaint is on night number 2, I seem to be having some insomnia.

    My background is in drug development. The effects seem caffeine like but without the jitters. Nitric acid ingestion can commonly cause flushing. So far I have not noticed much. The taste is not great but is acceptable. It is expensive but with supplements content uniformity and bioavailability are frequently poor. Over all the product appears to be made well.
    Clinical trials to test BP changes are very simple and inexpensive. The company should consider doing several of these “functional” trials. Getting off of beta blockers and ACE inhibitors is highly desirable especially for those with underlying diseases like diabetes where renal clearance is an important consideration.

  6. Thank you to the reviewers here. A very good feature of the internet. Though some may be fake, I believe, that overall people are trustworthy enough. Buying from TV ads is dicey at best, and although the ads promise money-back guarantees, it seems like people often have difficulty recovering their money. American TV has so many drug ads. Thank God they are required to tell us the side effects. “May cause difficulty breathing”. but the people in the ad are still smiling happily !? Good Lord !

  7. I bought Super Beets from Amazon… only one container and some individual packets. The taste is good, even though it is possible to taste the beets – a flavor that I am not particularly fond of. So far, I have tried it three times. But, each time it seems to give me cramps, and sends me to the bathroom. Working as a school teacher, this is not good.
    I was hoping for something that would help with nitric levels and ED, since having had prostate surgery (prostate cancer), ED has been a problem. But for some reason, I have a reaction to the product and cannot take it. It seems similar to possible “side effects” of malic acid, which is in this product.
    I will share it with other members of my family; perhaps one of them will be able to use it without any adverse side effects.

  8. This website would be improved by requiring reviewers to answer specific questions as they write their review, encourage objectivity. This would assist others in making an informed choice. There too much ignorance, speculation, and extreme statements, both pro and anti. We need a baseline for identification.

    These should be standard on any review:
    -what is your state of health? m or f, age, weight, workout, diet, life stage, why did you feel a need to take this, or any health improving supplement?
    -how much did you take?
    -what else do you take?
    -what brought you to this supplement?
    -friends experiences?
    -how long did you take it?
    -symptoms/side effects
    -mood before and after
    -experince level in nutrician
    -before and after
    -testing methodology
    -vegan, organic, meat eater etc
    -goals; muscle gain or cardio?

    Different things work for different people. Everyone is unique.
    Reviews should be objective. This is not all about ‘you’ and your feelings, you are considering how others might benefit from your experience by identifying with you.

    -Now I’m Feeling Sick, ‘Healing crisis’, also called a “Herxheimer reaction”:

    Sometimes a product works so well, we feel nauseated. This happens when you are scehiving success, and you now have what you need. You feel sick as the now properly functioning body re-processes the formerly sequestered toxins trough the body channels of elimination. We are supposed to anticipate this feeling and just lower the dose, until feeling subside. It’s counter intuitive, I know. Look it up, don’t give it up. It’s always darkest before the dawn. You took the supplement for a reason, you feed aches, or etc. Don’t lose faith in your health.

    Every body takes one step back and two steps forward. People are embarrassed to admit their worst days, or mistakes. Have faith in your ability to overcome obstacles. Take heart, people who achieve great things know there are obstacles, and will always support you, not attack you. That’s how you know they are for real. You have to break eggs to make an omlet, nothing great is achieved without some uncomfortable change. But you know you need to change, that’s why you want to improve by trying something new!

  9. I thought it tasted good, and it gave me energy right away, I cleaned my house, did 8 loads of laundry & weed wacked part of my yard. I am 71 and so far so good, I just got one jar to try.

  10. I purchased 3 jars of SuperBeets, their ads sounded great. I had absolutely no benefit from using it, just the opposite. 1) did NOT have any added energy 2) made me sick to my stomach, so I tried half the dosage, which still got me sick but not as bad & 3) my blood pressure went up, not down.
    I stopped taking it & was going to return it per the guarantee, only to find they required the ORIGINAL box in came in to get a refund., which I no longer had. Bottom line, if I could get this “stuff” for free, I would NOT use it. And, I do take many supplements, this is the 1st one I have ever used that did NOT live up to the ads, but even worse, speaking for myself & my experience.

  11. I have been using ,Sun Chlorello and Patriot Power Greens, for 2yrs. they are the best products on the
    market,,much better then supper beets,,Im 85 yrs old
    and not on any prescriptions.

  12. I have anxiety attacks and can’t take anything that speeds you up like caffene, Ibuprophen, etc. I didn’t read about anything in this product that would do that so I got it. First time I used it, I had an anxiety attack which is the usual body feeling tingley, then flushed and heart pounding, so I left it for a while and tried it again a month later and did the same thing to me. I juice quite often and use raw beets in my juicing mix and it doesn’t do that to me. Am I the only one or has anyone else had this problem. Thanks

  13. I’ve only taken this product for 2 days and cut the amount by half but have seen an improvement in my stamina and alertness! Time will tell, but for me, I’ve recommended it to my 80 y/o father and a co-worker (something I rarely do!) No discernible side effects. I’m 59 ys/o and work outside the home about 32 hours a week, I get up at 5am and am generally ready for a nap at 2pm. This did not happen or even occur to me yesterday!

  14. A total waste of money. Stating you will feel the effescts after 20 minutes seemed far fetched and it was, what a rip off.

    • You don’t know what you are talking about Dave. Maybe you just like to troll the Internet and be a dick?

      • I was ready to try Superbeets until I saw all your trolling comments. If the product needs a shill like you, it’s obviously a scam.

      • I don’t think Dave is a “dick” as you put it. See my comment, as I also had a very lousy reaction to using Super beets.

    • So Ralph the 100,000’s of people that have had great success with Super Beets doesn’t mean anything? You are so narrow minded and need to get a realistic clue on how the real world works.

  15. I just finished can 1 of 3….I work grave shift 11-7 and take mine appx 1 hr before I go to work….feel like I have more energy and alert…have noticed urinating more but seen someone else mentioned that…getting a physical soon to check psa etc….and another topic that was lightly touched on regarding blood flow and circulation which is one of the things it says upfront what beets will do I think it does aid in the male appendage for me….wife takes too and she is diabetic….on the gluc. blood sugar has been a lot better

  16. I was going to purchase this product when I called the 800 number to place my order the guy (customer service) was very nasty and insulting. So since he decided to degrade me and begin asking very personal questions that’s when I decided he could kiss my ass. I DON’T NEED A SMARTASS WHEN I AM THE ONE SPENDING MONEY. TOO BAD, I REALLY WANTED THIS PRODUCT. WILL SEEK OUT OTHER SOURCES.

  17. I’ve taken the super beets, regular flavor, and I LIKE IT. I do have more stamina, and even though I felt a little light-headed after the first dose, I feel fine now. I do have more energy, and it isn’t such a chore for me to get out and exercise. I’m a 61 year old female, btw. and I don’t like exercising, I’d rather sit on the couch and read or knit. LOL
    The price isn’t that big of a deal, and most of the commentors here need to find a FORUM where they can talk about their politics and sex life. This….isn’t…..the…

  18. I love Superbeets, the taste, and the effects so far. I ordered Buy 2 get 1 free, Black Cherry and Nutrient Foundation Vitamins. My energy is up, my BP is down (on drugs but still elevated, showed my Dr the containers at my last visit and he was impressed with the results and the formulas). I drink my SB 1st thing instead of coffee. I tried SB, 2, Nutrient Foundation and coffee and was bouncing off the walls all day long. I eliminated the coffee and feel much better now.
    I haven’t opened the 2nd container yet (almost there) so I don’t know if it’s caked up or not. My one I’m using was somewhat caked up so I just stirred it up. No big deal.
    To recap: I am pleased with the taste and effects of Superbeets and would recommend it to my friends. The price is kind of high so I probably wont’ reorder until there is a great deal.

    • I like the taste, too, and I’m using the regular flavor. If people want to taste something awful, they should try some of those green veggie juices in the grocery stores. GAG!
      You talked about not reordering unless there’s a deal. Do they have those deals, have you seen them in the past?
      Oh, if you don’t want to pay 10 dollars for shipping, go to your local health food store, I found a canister at Whole Foods. 35 dollars for one canister, plus they had small envelopes of it, if you just want to sample it without spending a lot of money.

  19. Lots of negativity here. I love Superbeets! I love the taste of the black cherry. I did Buy 2 get 1 free. I’m still on my 1st container but my energy has improved. My blood pressure is down (was still elevated with drugs and after my recent Dr’s appointment, he was impressed with the results-I showed him the containers of the Superbeets and Nutrient Foundation and he commented on them being a good formula). With SB, 2 NF and a cup of coffee that I usually drink I was almost bouncing off the walls. I’ve eliminated the coffee. I don’t know if the other containers have turned into a “rock” or not as I haven’t opened them. If they have, I’ll just break them up and use them.
    To recap: my experience about a month into it is very positive, the drink is delicious and I’m having positive results and NO I don’t work for the company. It does sound like they need to improve their customer service though.

  20. Ordered 90 day with guarantee..product had no effect whatsoever..requested money back…neo-40 said NO ….WHY ….because I did not save empty boxes…they also had the audacity to sign me up for auto ship…no results taking neo-40… refund…I am so stupid to believe that people are honest…America has become a third world country that no longer stands for decency and honesty. I quit high school , volunteered for WWII..offered my LIFE for my country. What a fool I was, and still am. I’m getting to the point that I don’t even trust myself. So to you neurogenic and all you people who work there and sell neo-40 you will pay a very heavy price for participating in such a fraud. I will not go bankrupt over losing $90.00 , and I needed to learn a lesson, which I have and so sorry for all the fools that follow me. May God have mercy on your souls. Ken

    • My dad was a b17 door gunner, Dec 17 he will be 97. YESSIR! You ARE a fool. What a horrible disposition! I am certainly relieved the Greatest Gen is represented by the likes of my Dad and not ” wet noodles ” such as yourself… GET A LIFE FOOL.

      • have some respect for the older bout u getting a life.if you need help i can set u on the right course.

  21. I honestly am not crazy about the taste, and almost decided against reordering when I happened to notice the resting heart rate masurements on y FitBit Charge HR had come down about 10 beats per minute since starting. I reordered and purchased Black Cherry as opposed to the original flavor. I do not care for the Black Cherry taste at all, and the product does not dissolve as well as my first order. I called customer service to see if I could sub it out (bought 3 cannisters on reorder) and wa told the product was “overgrounded” making it finer and thus causing the clumping (seems backwards, but ok….) and I was told all current product (both flavors) is like this, but was assured the product was still effective. However, my resting heart rate has peaked back up in the past 2 weeks since using the cherry. Now, mind you, that means it climbed up from 48/50 up to 56. It had been averaging around 58 (for months) prior to Super Beets. Still a good resting bpm, but I was excited to see such visible results — just not with the current batch. To test my theory, I still had a few servings of the original flavor, so for the past three mornings, I instead went back to the original and sure enough, back down to 52 bpm. So ot sure what is/can be different with the Black Cherry and this recent batch… but there is a difference in efficacy. I wish they’d let me sub them!

    • Switch to Hallelujah Acres Beet Max. It is delicious. I eat it dry from a spoon and then take a little drink of water.

  22. I purchased superbeets with the expectation of some positive results, I received no improvement on energy blood pressure a general feeling of well being.The company offered a 90 day trial I tried to return after 97 days and was told they had no extension of the 90 day return policy,shame on me. I guess if you sell a product that doesn’t work you have to be firm on 90 days,because all product will be returned and you won’t be in business long. Stay clear of this companies products.

  23. Whew. If the dose is equivalent to 3 beets, then I am most certainly sticking with freshly grown, even canned beets. Exercise, water, fresh foods, and simple cost supplements work for me.

  24. From what I read about your product you have to improve your customer service which sounds terrible! Also the way you package it is terrible. I have heard some good things about your product but if you want me to promote it send me some for free and let me try it and I will help you promote it. I am an actor and if it works I will help your company but fix the issues first

  25. I have been using the product for a week. My blood pressure has dropped ten points and I am only taking a teaspoon a day. The taste is bether than most health juices I have tried. My energy level has definitely increased. I plan to try a second dose mid day and if my blood pressure continues to remain low I will eliminate my medication. I was never able to do this before as juicing is too time consuming. I could not be happier with the results.

    • I 100% agree with Terry Cranert. I love the taste, am taking only a tsp a day first thing in the morning. I am trying to lose weight and for some reason, my cravings have disappeared, I have tons of energy and get a better nights sleep. I knew nothing about this until my sister urged me to try it after she was on it for two weeks. She and I are experiencing the same positive results. My husband has Parkinson’s and he started taking it about 10 days ago. His energy level is better. He has very low blood pressure and contrary to the side effect of lower blood pressure, that hasn’t happened to him. I am monitoring him and he seems to be doing fine. We will continue to take it. I don’t like beets enough to take 3 beets a day. This works fine for us.

      • I noticed my cravings for foods are less pronounced, too. I’m hoping my BP readings go down. I haven’t been taking it very long.

  26. I can honestly say that I am a long time user of both juicing and using a beet concentrate with excellent results in energy gain. Juicing is great but not always practical for all the obvious reasons. Which is why I was very happy when I discovered beets in a highly concentrated form. Now I can enjoy the benefits of beets easily whenever I want to not just when I have 20 minutes or so to juice. So for those who say just buy the beets or plant them that’s all great to do but you will never be able to get all the benefits of this amassing plant that way, because its just not practical. On one last note I have being drinking beets for about the last 7 years.

    • Also to those who have not had a positive experience with beets. Beets like any food or supplement will react differently in everyone who tries something new. Unfortunately that is just the way it is, but that does not make it a bad product because your body can not tolerate it. If that were the case then virtually every food and supplement on the market would be no good following that line of logic.

      • Tom, if you read my post, I pretty much said the same thing. I can only speak for myself & my experience.
        My experience is I wouldn’t take it if it was supplied free.
        That’s how bad it was.

  27. I’m 28 years old and currently on my second order of superbeets. I have notice a positive difference. More energy at work (construction) better stamina in bed as well as more blood flow down their increasing size. Those 2 things will keep me coming back.

    • Yes Michael! The people that blast Super Beets need to also know that the more you move and work after you take your dose the more you will feel. If you take it to watch TV you won’t feel the effects as much.

  28. To the comments about “just buy real beets and juice them”, I found the prices for beets at the supermarket very high. If I’m getting 3 beets in every shot of Superbeet juice then I can’t match that with fresh beets for the price.
    I have had no issues with the product becoming hard with the exception of the very last of a canister, but that little bit will dissolve in water ok.
    My blood pressure levels dropped to normal after I started this product. I am very interested in hearing more about other’s experiences with this.

  29. Whether the juice is good for you or not, what an OUTRAGEOUS RIPOFF price. They’re charging EIGHTY DOLLARS for BEET JUICE??? They grow in DIRT, for God’s sake…. just as POTATOES do.
    Want beet juice?? Go buy some beets, wash them and put them through your juicer. ….. $80 indeed. What are you? A Democrat?? (someone stupid enough to buy into Hillary’s outright lies and Party-line b.s.)

  30. Not really sure what the detractors here are talking about? I have just placed my second 3 canister order.
    Within 3 days of using Super Beets I began to notice a difference in my mood and energy levels. Was this the result of super beets assisting other supplements I am taking work better? I really don’t know or care. I now feel better, interact better with those around me and am happier also. I now start a project and work till it is completed, that is a miracle and I now look forward to completing many discarded projects.
    And even though I live in the hot and humid south I have never incountered a problem with clumping or the powder turning solid.
    Black Cherry is my flavor of choice and I will continue to use Super Beets.
    I have finished two canisters and I do feel that its effects have reached a plateau. but I will be opening my third canister tomorrow morning and will continue to do so.

  31. Why is it that all Fox News correspondents have no problem shilling fake, poor, and bad products on TV. This is disgusting, doesn’t work, and why am I being encouraged to buy 2 (to get one free) when the other two become solid as a rock when opened up making them useless. Probably costs them 2 dollars to make and they sell it for $80. Shame on this company and shame on the Fox News lady I saw on TV that encouraged me to buy it. I will no longer trust Fox as this is the 3rd time I bought something after a Fox News personality hawked it on TV and it turned out to be junk.

    • I agree 100%. People should realize that when they want to be considered a real journalist that they should be cautious about what products they represent otherwise they become as dishonest and not worthy of our trust just as much as the products they represent.

  32. I just started taking Superbeets black cherry flavor last week. Not sure why this product would make anyone vomit as I’ve not had this experience. I have been having issues with inflammation in my knees and do not care to take NSAIDs. I have noticed my ability to move and the pain has lessened over the last several days. I’m also not as tired as I used to be, nor do I have any disruption in my sleep even after taking the product as late as 8 PM.

    • I like it. less inflamation in my hip sockets … and feeling a little better after 2 weeks of treatments… but company is screwing itself if mistreating customers…

  33. It looks as if I’m the only one here who has had a positive experience with SuperBeets so far. I am 64 and have been drinking SuperBeets for nine days, and I have to say I definitely feel more “awake” and able to keep up with my grandchildren more easily during the day. I realized by day 6 I was no longer needing to take a 5-Hour shot once or twice a day to keep me going. I don’t mind the taste so much as long as I drink it quickly in cold water. I also keep the other two canisters in my den’s fridge to keep them cool and dry.

    • I’m 63 years old an in relatively good shape. I have been using canister 1of 3. Taking 3 teaspoons per day. More energy, no clumping in the container and generally feel more alert

  34. We purchased the buy 2, get 1 free. After finishing one canister we opened a new canister only to find the powder had become solid. Same happened on the other canister. Again, each of these were sealed and this still happened. Sent an email about the situation as it says 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Response was that it is best if they are used within 45 days. That is a lot to consume and we would not use that much in that time. Seems to us they should do a better job of packaging.

  35. Thank you for the review. I have seen other research on the importance of beets and just started adding them to my diet. Not crazy about the taste (although if I season with honey and some ginger, it’s not too bad) so I was thinking of sending for the super beets after seeing the TV ad. Glad I decided to check out customer reviews first…think I’ll stick with using organic fresh beets!

  36. SuperBeets was such a disappointment. I tried them for over a week as directed, and immediately my sleep became restless even though I took my dosage in the morning and the regularity I had enjoyed was very interrupted. I didn’t feel any extra energy. After stopping it, I started feeling so much better. I have returned to plant sourced minerals and really appreciate the results more than ever. By the way, they do NOT have good customer services. If you have any questions, they will refer you to your doctor! Big loss of money!

    • Where do I start? First, the taste! It tastes like moldy dirt with rotten berries added. Even if you like beets, you will not like this. Perhaps the worst part of it was having to run to the bathroom about 3 minutes after drinking my first shot. Not just once but again and again…about 12 times a day. On the thid day of taking it I opened the container and the smell made me immediately start vomiting all over the opened container. When I called customer service they had the nerve to tell me to buy more or “beet it”. To top it off, it did not give me any extra energy unless you count the ability to make it to the bathroom super fast. Overall, Superbeets was a Super Dissapontment!

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