Super Springz

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What is Super Springz?

It is a new shoe insole with 12 cushioned springs that reduce pain in feet, ankles and knees. Made with high-quality steel springs, Super Springz can apparently be inserted into any shoes.

Adds a spring and bounce in your step!

Super Springz, a newly launched shoe insole, claims it ensures perfect care and well-being of your feet so you can walk and run actively at any age. It seems to have an edge over other insoles as it is constructed with high quality steel springs that absorb shock and reduce impact no matter how long you run or walk. It guarantees all the comfort you need while you indulge in your favorite activities or sports outdoors.


Perfect support system

Super Springz aims to address all your concerns regarding the well-being of your feet so that pain and lack of energy don’t hamper your activities. It guarantees support to not only feet, ankles and knees but also provides added arch support to sustain your knees, hips and back.


The power of 12 cushioned springs

The 12 cushioned springs instantly provide support to your feet so that you can begin with your fitness regime right away. The springs are distributed evenly to absorb stress from the concerned points on your feet optimally. There are five springs in the heel to absorb shock and reduce stressful impact on feet, and seven under the ball of your foot to provide comfortable support and even lessen pain in your body.

Compatible with any shoe

The manufacturers of Super Springz assure you that it has a patented design which ensures it fits easily into athletic shoes, dress shoes as well as work boots. It also features specially designed honeycomb padding that ensures constant air circulation so your shoes stay dry and fresh even if worn for hours.

Durable, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial insoles

You can expect Super Springz to last really long as apparently it will never wear down or loose shock absorption properties. The insoles are also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial so that the well-being of your feet doesn’t suffer from any problems whatsoever.


What Do I Get?

  • You will get Two Super Springz for $19.95+S&H.
  • Official website:
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