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It is chewable dietary supplement that can help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes.
SUGARDOWN claims to have benefits for those who are looking for a way to eliminate the blood sugar spikes that happen often after meals. It is known to happen because several drinks and foods have carbohydrates that break down quite quickly during digestion. That results in a rapid increase in your blood sugar. SUGARDOWN is meant to work against this issue because it reduces the breakdown of carbohydrate foods into simple sugars like glucose.

SUGARDOWN is a product of in-depth research

There are food items like whole wheat breads, potatoes, rice and soft drinks that have high glycemic index. They get broken down quickly after consumption, which leads to a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels. High sugar in your blood for long periods can lead to weight gain and other health issues. SUGARDOWN keeps this problem under control and avoids other secondary issues that can be caused by it.
SUGARDOWN is said to be effective because it contains a proprietary mannan that has been developed by Boston Therapeutics after in-depth research. It is responsible for blocking the enzymes associated with digestion of carbohydrates. Mannans are a group of complex carbohydrates from plants that ensure that the blood sugar spike is controlled.

SUGARDOWN has shown results in preliminary clinical studies

Before trying any new supplement you want to know more about its credibility, which seems validated in the case of SUGARDOWN thanks to the studies that have been carried out. They show that it can significantly reduce blood sugar elevation after meals. It can be taken just before having a meal that contains carbohydrates so that absorption of glucose from the tract is reduced. SUGARDOWN is said to work in the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the glycemic effect of certain foods.


SUGARDOWN is safe and has other benefits too

According to functional claims made about SUGARDOWN it’s said that it can support healthy blood sugar levels in your system. Moreover it also induces a feeling of fullness, which is why it can be used for portion control while eating and can be a part of your weight management plan. In preliminary studies it was seen that SUGARDOWN was safe for use with no serious adverse effects and drug interactions. Its ingredients were also considered to be Generally Recognised as Safe.

SUGARDOWN is convenient for use

Since it’s a natural dietary supplement that as mentioned earlier is safe, you won’t have to think twice before using SUGARDOWN. Moreover since it’s available in chewable tablet format, it’s very easy for your regular use. It is berry flavoured, which takes care of the taste quotient too. SUGARDOWN is also manufactured in the US, which says a lot about its credibility. Keeping your post meal blood sugar spikes down has apparently never been easier.


    What do I get?

  • You get 10 Tablets of SUGARDOWN just for $9.99.
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  • You get 60 Tablets of SUGARDOWN just for $49.99.
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