Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps Review

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Have you woken up in the morning with achy feet and wondered why that was? Does it happen quite often to you? You’d think a good night’s sleep should be enough to fade your aches and pains away, but it isn’t. If you spend large amounts of money to relieve the pain in your neck and back, why ignore your feet as they need as much attention if not more? If you end up having to stay on your feet for long hours at work, they have to endure a lot of pressure and strain, which will manifest in regular pains and aches. Hence you need Strutz sole angels, which will give your feet the much needed respite.


Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps
Don’t ignore the pain in your feet and let it get to a point where it affects your every day functioning. Act now by bringing Strutz Arch Wraps home and save yourself a fortune later. After all, you could end up paying huge amounts to professionals to get rid of your feet issues if you don’t look into them at the earliest.

Strutz Arch Wraps absorb shocks and pressure that your feet have to endure on a day to day basis and thus offer them relief from the pain they experience. Moreover wearing Strutz Arch Wraps improves your balance and body alignment, which will rejuvenate your neck, back and hips as well.

Thus wearing Strutz is not only good for your feet but for other parts of your body as well. Strutz is discrete enough to be worn inside any kind of footwear but you can also have them on barefoot to experience the comfort you need.

Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps are patent pending arch supports that can be worn either on your feet or when you are wearing shoes. Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps work like a human shock absorber. It takes the pressure off your feet and makes you feel comfortable on your feet. It takes the relief all the way up to your back, your hip, and your knees. It completely eases the pain and discomfort from all over your body like never before.

The best part is that you can wear these Sole Angel Arch Wraps barefoot or when you are wearing shoes so your foot is always in a position where you are comfortable. The pad absorbs the shock with each step that you take.

You can wear it anywhere on your foot where you need the support to make you feel comfortable and to ease the pain.

Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps are medical grade compression bands with a fold cushion pad that work together to relieve and reduce stress on your feet. It not only compresses but also provides the extra support from the bottom of your foot.

It can be worn either under or over your sock. You can also wear it as a preventative measure even if you don’t have any pain in your foot. These arch wraps give you that additional support to make you feel good on your feet.

Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps FAQs

How durable is the STRUTZ Sole Angel?
Your pair of STRUTZ Sole Angels can work effectively up to a few months, with due proper care. But, it is recommended that in order to get the optimal performance from your STRUTZ Sole Angels, you should replace them every two months.

How is the STRUTZ Sole Angel used?
The STRUTZ Sole Angel has been engineered so that you wear it with its green fabric touching the bottom or sole of your foot. It needs to be positioned at your mid-foot around the arch area. But, since different people have different support needs from each other; STRUTZ Sole Angel can be either rotated, or moved back and forth according to your comfort requirements, so that it can work effectively to give you the much needed support and relief.

Does the STRUTZ Sole Angel need any breaking in to make it comfortable to wear?
Yes, STRUTZ Sole Angel needs a short break-in period. You are advised to wear it in an increasing time phase manner; wear it for just one hour on the first day, for two hours the next day and keep increasing the duration of wear until you can wear it all day long, comfortably. This phased break-in ensures that your foot gets accustomed to wearing the STRUTZ Sole Angel and also, makes its supportive cushion pad mold into the perfect arch support for you. Through this unique construction of the perfect arch for your foot, it gives support and absorbs shock as you walk or run, while at work or play. You will also be provided with detailed instructions related to its correct usage.

Is the STRUTZ Sole Angel washable?
Yes, you can hand wash your STRUTZ Sole Angel with mild soap and water. It needs to be rinsed well after the wash and allowed to air dry. STRUTZ Sole Angel cannot be machine washed, tumble dried or dry-cleaned.

Can a person afflicted with any kind of medical condition like diabetes or poor circulation, wear the STRUTZ Sole Angel safely?
It is advised that if you suffer from any serious medical condition like diabetes or poor circulation, you should consult your own physician before using the STRUTZ Sole Angel. If you experience any kind of discomfort like numbness, irritation, discoloration or pain, you should stop using it immediately and contact your physician.

Cons/Disadvantages of Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap
Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap is meant to offer your feet comfort but they do anything but that. They are recommended for those who end up spending long time on their feet but they don’t offer you any comfort in that regard. It often feels like they cut off the blood circulation in your feet because they are extremely tight around the top of your feet. The heel cup works a little better but the arch wrap is very tight and you will have to loosen the laces a lot to be able to get your feet to fit into them. You might find it more comfortable walking barefoot than getting into Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap.

Another selling pitch of Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap is that it is discreet but that’s not true either. They look awkward and dowdy. The cushion is too huge and bulky while you can see spots on them, which are not attractive at all. You often see glue and can feel it too at the place where the pad is glued on. Only if you don’t care about your appearance at all, you can walk around wearing them.

Spenco Orthodic Arch supports on the other hand are a better alternative but the issue with them is that they only work with tennis shoes.

Benefits of Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap
Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap holds its benefits for those who suffer because of high arch issues as it can lead to a considerable amount of pain. Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap pulls the arch up to great effect and also offers your feet a comforting cushion from underneath. Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap is ideal if you want to walk barefoot or are planning on wearing flip flops.

However many shoes already come with a built in arch support and Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap might not work with them. Many other products in the market are quite expensive, can only be worn with shoes and come in only one size. So if you wear bigger size shoes, if your feet are wide or they get swollen at night, you cannot use those products. But Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap work well with open shoes and flip flops as well.


There are many Orthotics products in the market today but the thing is you have to wear them in your shoes. Well, you can swap them around sometimes if you like or wear them while you are at home; but often that means getting them grubby or living with that rigid feeling around your feet. Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap is great because they can be worn without your shoes. The elastic bands in the product stay in place around your feet so that the cushion stays in your socks offering you comfort.

Is Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap durable?
Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wrap is durable and the cushion pad holds most of its initial strength. The product has been treated with an anti microbial agent so you don’t have to worry about the odor. Although they can be washed and you can use soap water, it is recommended to keep them away from a washing machine.




What do I get?
You can buy Strutz for an amazing price of $19.99 at and get a tube of Miracle Foot Repair with it. And by paying additional processing and handling fees you can get another Strutz Arch Wraps added to your package.


Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps Video
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13 thoughts on “Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps Review

  1. My mother bought this for me at Walgreens.

    This would be much better if the size was adjustable. One of my feet is a bit larger than the other, so when I wear them in my sneakers, one falls off and bunches near my toes. I couldn’t figure out why one foot felt so good (the one where the Strutz came off) and the other hurt so bad (the one with the product on). When I wear both of them, they don’t really hurt, as much as feel different from normal.

    I had tried wearing them in a pair of flats I had, but, as the shoes were a bit tight, so I ended up with blisters, as my feet now had no spare room.

    • After years of problems with pain in my feet and ankles. I decided to try Strutz. I’m not sure if it would help heal spurs, but I would not recommend dealing with this company. I ordered the item online from Ontel Products on 1/30/12. I received the product in a timely manner. However, that is the last positive point about the company.

      I wore the product 5-6 times and noticed that the fabric around the seams was ripping. The product was falling apart and it was virtually new! I took pictures of the ripping Strutz and scanned my entire invoice and emailed it to the company asking for a refund of the product (less shipping charges) as there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

      Typically, I received a generic response a few days later saying the company need the information from my invoice to process the request. I, immediately, responded saying that I included all of that info in the initial email to customer service. I waited a few weeks for a response and never received one.

      So, I replied to the same email with the same information. A day or so later, I received almost the same generic response. At this point I decided to call the phone number associated with the customer service department. I got someone on the phone named “Chris” who spoke with an accent so thick I could only understand every third word she said. I could tell she was reading from the script. I’m still waiting to see if anything is done!

      Bottom line- Don’t waste your time, money, or energy on Strutz and I would avoid Ontel Products at all cost!!

      • Dawn,

        Thank you for your review. I stand all day and have pain due to flat feet, so I was curious to know if this product works. I’m glad I found your review. You have saved me some money and problems.

        • I bought these Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps for my husband as he’s on his feet all day and in 2 days time these things went flat. Piles of junk. Don’t buy them! He is of normal weight for 6 foot and in great shape. So shouldn’t they hold up to that? Was going to get myself a pair. Not now!

      • I too thought it was a nightmare dealing with Ontel. I decided to call to toll free number to order Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps. Buy one for $10 get one free for extra shipping. I get a hardcore automated sales person upselling like you wouldn’t believe! I agreed to add an extra pair for no extra shipping, and for $10 upgrade one pair to a deluxe. I also opted for expedited shipping. I punched in my credit card info and immediately got slammed with offer after offer after offer. Ridiculous!! I finally got through that nonsense and the call ended, no total price given or anything. I called customer service the following day and spoke with Ms really heavy middle eastern accent lady. She led with “your order is on back order” and that once it was in, it would be expedited. She could not give me a total price. I called back the next day and they informed me that the billed amount would be $59, which was more than it should’ve been. A week later I got an email of the invoice and they had upgraded all Strutz Sole Angel Arch Wraps pairs to deluxe and overcharged me. Called back again to refund and was informed that the order was shipped. So when I got the package in the mail I refused delivery and will fight for my refund. I also now have people calling wanting me to try their magazines for a free $50 WalMart card and another wanting me to accept a free cruise.
        I will wait until a retailer has these and will NEVER EVER deal with this stupid Ontel company ever again!!! BEWARE!!

    • I have a heel spur and these brought almost immediate relief. As long as I wear it I have *NO* pain. If I take them off, the pain returns within a day. Make sure to get the real thing. There are some knock offs that look the same in pictures, but they don’t have as much gel and they are not nearly as durable.

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