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About Stepluxe Slippers

They are anti-fatigue gel slippers that provide relief and rejuvenation to your feet. They come with shock absorbing gel soles that mould to the shape of your feet.


Revolutionary comfort for your feet

Stepluxe Slippers claim they are not anything like ordinary slippers you wear. They are presented as revolutionary slippers that protect your feet and also provide relief to them on account of special shock-absorbing gel soles they have.

Better than the rest

According to the manufacturers of Stepluxe Slippers, they aren’t run-of-the-mill slippers that offer only protection to feet. Besides shielding your feet like normal footwear from injuries or harms, these gel slippers also seem to make pain and discomfort in your feet disappear and make you feel revitalized.


Innovative soles to indulge your feet

Stepluxe Slippers guarantee complete relief from all the pressures that trouble your feet and stress you out as well. The secret is the shock absorbing gel soles which are made to free your feet from the pressure they face and also eliminate the aches that activities like regular walking or standing cause. The gel soles seem a better option over normal ones as they are believed to support your feet and indulge them tenderly too. The thick gel in the soles apparently molds and takes the form of your feet to hold them in comfortable grip.


Stepluxe Slippers are made to be durable as they don’t ever get flat like traditional slippers do.
They seem really tough even though they pamper your feet and gently relieve them of all discomfort.


Comforts your knees too!

Besides taking away pain and discomfort from your feet, Stepluxe Slippers claim they provide ample support to even your knees and absorb pressure off them.

Perfect for outdoors

These gel slippers seem to be designed keeping in mind that you may need to step wearing them outside too. They are also durable, which makes them just perfect to be worn outdoors. Since they are made of soft, comfortable microfiber with non-slip soles your feet feel cozy wearing them.


Easy to clean

If you are wondering whether Stepluxe Slippers can be washed or not as they are gel slippers, worry not. They are very much machine washable and hence easy to clean.


    What do I get ?

  • You get STEPLUXE SLIPPERS + Foot Repair Cream
    For £29.99 +£5.99S&H
  • Official Website :

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