SpineDok Review

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What is SpineDok

Do you suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain? pain that makes you difficult to do even the simplest things, pain that affects the quality of your life…not anymore. Introducing the revolutionary new as seen on tv back pain relief device – the SpineDok. With just 5-10 minutes a day this new design can loosen your muscles and help you get rid of that nagging neck, back and shoulder pain.

The amazing SpineDok features advanced technology of asymmetrical and symmetrical curves that employs force of gravity to provide the spine with gentle supported stretch. Get Relief from Back Pain, Relaxed muscles and spine, Improved Posture, More naturally healthy back.

What is SpineDok and how does it work?

SpineDok is a network of curves designed to lightly stretch, align and relax your entire back. It provides a comfortable, uplifting stretch and offers a solid structure for safe, gradual, conditioning and pain relief for each of the three spinal regions.

When you lie on the SpineDok arch, the force of gravity lightly opens up the vertebrae of the spine. When the apex of these asymmetrical curves is placed around the area of the T4 vertebrate, the SpineDok helps to open up, stretch, and relax the upper back, shoulder, and neck area. When the apex is placed under the person’s spine near the bottom of the rib cage, SpineDok relaxes, stretches, and opens up the lower back. The SpineDok’s smooth curves also activate and massage acupressure points along your spine as you stretch.

Benefits of SpineDok

Using the Spinedok’s system of curves for just 5 minutes a day can get you immense relief for the entire back. Spinedok also helps to loosen chronically tight shoulder and neck muscles.

Spinedok is also beneficial to people going through stress related tension, sudden twinges, and severe upper and lower back issues, SpineDok is also designed for anyone who wants to stretch and strengthen their backs, improve their posture, and enjoy a better quality of life.


Exercises for the SpineDok

“Vertical Arcs”

  • Lay down on your SpineDok as directed and lift your arms until your fingers point to the ceiling.
  • Keep your arms straight and gradually lower them behind you. Then return to your starting position.
  • Lower your arms towards your feet then raise them back to your starting position.
  • Repeat (as many times as you comfortably can).


“Horizontal Arcs (Flapping Wings)”

  • Lay down on your SpineDok as directed and place your arms by the sides of your body.
  • Stretch your arms and slowly slide them along the floor until they are perpendicular to your body.
  • Continue sliding them above your head, and then bring your arms back to the sides of your body.
  • Repeat (as many times as you comfortably can).

“Arm Circles”

  • Lay down on your SpineDok as directed. Raise your arms until your fingers point to the ceiling and place your hands together.
  • Make small circles with your hands in the air going clockwise and gradually make bigger circles.
  • Do the next set of circles going counter clockwise.
  • Repeat (as many times as you comfortably can).


“Mini Crunch”

  • Lay down on your SpineDok as directed. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor and your hands behind your head, or cross your arms over your chest.
  • Contract your abdominal muscles and lift your head off the floor.
  • Relax abdominal muscles and lower your head back down.
  • Repeat (as many times as you comfortably can).

Please Read the Precautions and Warnings in the Manual Before Using The Spinedok. Check with your doctor before using the SpineDok for chronic back ailments. While using the SpineDok, pay attention to your body and if you feel discomfort, dizziness, or pain stop using the unit as recommended in the manual.


SpineDok Features

  • Elegant and durable design.
  • Made is the USA.
  • Simple and easy to use that gives you a relaxing stretch.
  • The similar back pain relief products cost hundreds of dollars.
  • Lifetime warranty.



What do I get?

Types of SpineDok Systems

SpineDok Starter System for $89.95 + Free Shipping

  • SpineDok Base: The SpineDok base unit utilizes a unique network of curves that offers a firm structure for safe, gradual conditioning of the spine. It also alleviates both upper and lower back pain and loosens tight neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Gel Pack The combination of the Gel Pack and the SpineDok provides a soft, cloud like experience. You can also benefit from a deeper stretch by using heat or cold.
  • Multi Media An instructional DVD that is a step-by-step guide with directions as well as several recommended SpineDok exercises that will give you maximum benefits.

SpineDok Deluxe System for $109.95 + Free Shipping
SpineDok Base, Gel Pack, Multi Media and following:

  • 3-Piece Riser Set – The Riser Set augments the experience of the SpineDok and improves the stretch by providing additional height. Individuals 6 feet and taller should use the risers from the start. For those who are under 6 feet in height, the Risers are generally added after using the SpineDok for approximately 3 weeks. Once users have adapted to the basic SpineDok Base, they may add up to 2 sets of Risers to the unit.

    Note: Risers are NOT to be used by beginners under any circumstances, unless they are over 6 feet in height.

  • Pillow – The pillow offers solid support for your head and neck as you begin your SpineDok practice. You can also use additional pillows beneath your elbows and knees as you get started.


SpineDok Deluxe Travel System for $129.95 + Free Shipping
Includes SpineDok Base, Gel Pack, Multi Media, 3-piece riser set, pillow and a Portable Travel Bag

Please Visit The Official Website www.spinedok.com

17 thoughts on “SpineDok Review

  1. Spinedok does work if you do it right and are not lazy. If you only knew what I’ve been through and the pain and headaches. So, if you take the time to use it right it works.

  2. Instead of the $109.00 Spinedok wants just send me $59.95 and I will send you a rolled up towel and the same stretching exercises they recommend. See, I just saved you $50.00.

  3. I’m pretty sure that I could roll a couple of towels into a “gentle curve” that would be softer than the hard plastic they sell; and I’d save over $100.00.

    I’d recommend getting a medical opinion before you start anything, but if muscle strain IS THE ONLY PROBLEM with your back, use a towel, do some safe stretches, and that will do the same thing for you.

  4. When you call to get an authorization number to return the product, don’t call from the phone number you gave or called from when you ordered. I could never get through when I was trying to get an authrization number to return something, then I called from mu husbands cell phone and they answered after two rings.

  5. SpineDok is pure garbage. Am surprised the FDA hasn’t come down on these con artists. I went from moderate back discomfort to needing help getting out of bed. Doctor prescribed medication and brief physical therapy. If you really hate someone, buy this for them.

  6. SpineDok is a PIECE OF CRAP! Don’t waste your time or your money. I have more pain in my back now after trying this than I had before. Nothing but a hard piece of curved plastic. The “gel pack” is laughable, but not funnier than the inflatable pillow, complete with straw that looks like it comes from McDonald’s! you would be better off just laying on the floor and doing gentle stretching exercises, which works better for me than this piece of crap!

  7. I have tried Spine Dok and am returning it after almost 3 weeks. I did not get relief as I had hoped. Going to physical therapy tomorrow and am trying now to return Spine Dok–have called the 800 number and no one answers and have emailed and gotten no response so I can’t get a Return Authorization they require.

  8. Has anyone used this SpineDok and got rid of the back pain.

    Does it work

    Does it really relieve you from all types of back/neck/shoulder pain

    Does it work on lower and upper back also

    Does it stretch your back too

    What is the SpineDok made from

    How long does it take to see results with the SpineDok

    Does it hurt

    • NO!!… SpineDok does not work! It is the most uncomfortable painful hard thing that I have ever endured. I have severe back pain 24/7 and have tried almost everything on the market. I am in the process of trying to return it as I type this to you………..You can make your own judgement call.


  9. How to use the SpineDok
    Rest on the SpineDok for just 10 minutes a day, the network of curves combined with the force of gravity gently open up the vertebrae of the spine. It helps stretch, and relax the upper back, shoulder, and neck area. To make the SpineDok more effective you can do the simple exercises like “Vertical Arcs”, “Flapping Wings”, “Arm Circles” and “Mini Crunch”.

    SpineDok claims to relieve your chronic back pain, neck pain, tight shoulder, improves posture and more.

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