Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier Review

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Do you miss out on important conversations and lectures sitting across the room because you cannot hear properly? You may face the same problem in movie halls, while catching a match or having to lower the volume of your TV so as to not disturb a family member sleeping in the room. While you cannot carry around bulky sound amplifiers you can keep a Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier, which is a dual function amplifier that can be worn on the ear or even clipped on to your glasses.

How does Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier Work

Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier is so effective that it is equipped with as much as up to 125 decibel sound. The ground-breaking design of Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier will let you hear everything with great clarity right across the room and it covers 15 feet of distance. Your personal sound amplifier will be so good that you will hear even a whisper in the room. It is so compact that you can carry it around easily and use it anytime anywhere. It will fit your ear perfectly and no one would even know that it is a sound amplifier because it looks just like a mobile phone hands free earpiece.

Another great feature of Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier is that you can wear it on your ears or even clip it on your eyeglasses. The 360° rotating clip will give you the comfort of adjusting the amplifier too. The speaker wire that Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier is made of makes sure that the piece fits perfectly in your right as well as left ear. So you can wear it on either of the ears. The silicone ear tips of Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier make sure they fit well into your ears and do not slip off. You do not have to worry about spending on batteries of the sound amplifier since it is rechargeable. Your set of Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier comes with glasses clip, 2 silicone ear tips and an AC adapter to charge the set.



What do I get?
Buy Sonic Whisper Sound Amplifier from for just $19.95 + Shipping.



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