Snuggins Socks

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What are Snuggins

They are slipper socks that claim to offer you comfort and warmth when you need it the most. Snuggins assure you complete comfort and warmth on your feet in those bitter cold winter months. You try and keep yourself warm in the winters but the problem is somehow your feet tend to get cold without the right protection. That only means you are feeling a lot of discomfort as your feet are in close contact with the cold ground.

How does Snuggins work?

You might have tried several types of footwear that promises to offer your feet warmth but they don’t really do the job. But that’s where these socks have their advantage and they guarantee total comfort for the wearer. Moreover they can be the source of much desired warmth in winters. We wouldn’t believe these claims though till we look at and analyse Snuggins reviews.


They keep your feet warm – The secret of these slipper socks lies in the 100% soft and comfy fleece that is responsible for keeping your toes and feet, warm and snuggly. You also don’t feel the kind of discomfort and agony because of the bitter cold. Seems like a lofty claim? Why don’t you let us know if it works out like that in your Snuggins reviews? Another advantage of these slipper socks is that they have antimicrobial soles and hence they can kill bacteria with ease. That’s how you don’t have to worry about dour in your footwear anymore. Do these socks show antimicrobial properties and offer you respite from foot odor? We have to wait for Snuggins reviews to make up our mind.

They are meant to fit all types of shoes – These slipper socks claim that they are versatile and have been specially designed to be worn with any kind of boots. You can wear them with tall boots or rain boots if you like while they go well with short boots as well. In fact you have the option of wearing them on their own too. Are these socks really so versatile? Snuggins reviews will have to confirm that for us. We also want to get our hands on Snuggins reviews because we want to know whether you can use these socks simply for lounging at home or going to work, when you have to attend a sporting event or are going camping for that matter.


Comfortable and stylish – These slipper socks emphasize on the fact that they have non slip, flexible sole, which prevents any kind of slipping or sliding. But if that really works we will know when you send us Snuggins reviews. These socks also stress that they are high on style quotient and look like expensive built in boot toppers. Snuggins reviews can affirm whether this claim is actually true. You are also saved a lot of hassle by these socks because they are washer and dryer safe. Hence you can wear them over and over again. But we will need Snuggins reviews to validate this claim too.


What do I get?
2 Pairs of Snuggins Socks for $22.90 S/h. Official website:

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