SnoreRx Scented Pillow Liner Review

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Do you suffer from lack of sleep because of your partner’s snoring in the night and have tried various remedies to get rid of the problem? Now you can get relief from snoring without the use of invasive mouthpieces, nasal strips or bitter sprays with SnoreRx Pillow Liner , an all-natural and patented pillow liner infused with essential oils.


SnoreRx Pillow Liner
SnoreRx Pillow Liner uses the unique Scentsation Science, that is, it is instilled with a blend of therapeutic essential oils that are activated with body heat when you rest your head on the pillow. The aroma opens up your nasal passages and helps you breathe easier and suppresses snoring symptoms. The essential oils affix to the pillow beneath the pillowcase and do not come in contact with your skin. You will get relief from snoring right on the first night of its use. Each patented liner lasts three full nights and if you order your 30-day supply you get another 30 days’ liners for free.

SnoreRx Pillow Liner is infused with therapeutic essential oils like lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and other oils that help open up nasal passages and also rejuvenate the user.

How to Use SnoreRx Pillow Liner

SnoreRx Pillow Liner is extremely easy to use. Remove the liner from the sealed package, unpeel the adhesive backing, place and affix the liner on the pillow and pull the pillowcase over it. Sleep on the pillow to open the nasal passages, enhance breathing and prevent snoring.

SnoreRx Pillow Liner FAQs

What is SnoreRx Pillow Liner?
SnoreRx Pillow Liner is an all-natural and patented pillow liner that has therapeutic essential oils instilled in it to suppress snoring and helping you breathe easier when you sleep.

How does SnoreRx Pillow Liner work?
Infused with a blend of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and others (all of which relieve snoring symptoms) SnoreRx Pillow Liner affixes under the pillow cover thereby becoming the first completely non-invasive remedy for snoring.

What is the smell of SnoreRx Pillow Liner like?
Being a blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and geranium, SnoreRx Pillow Liner has a relaxing and rejuvenating aroma that is akin to having a five star hotel spa experience.

How many pillow liners does each package contain?
Each package includes 1 patented SnoreRx Pillow Liner piece.

How long does each SnoreRx Pillow Liner last?
Every SnoreRx Pillow Liner lasts 3 full nights.

What is a pillow liner?
The SnoreRx Pillow Liner is a pillow liner that is patented and adhesive backed. The natural essential oils instilled in it activate on coming in contact with body heat to release the aroma thereby suppressing snoring.

Are the pillow liners damp?
No. SnoreRx Pillow Liners are absolutely dry since they’re high pressure infused; they’re free of mess usually created by essential oil products.

Does SnoreRx Pillow Liner stain linens?
No. SnoreRx Pillow Liner pillow does not stain linens or even leave a residue.

Can I use SnoreRx Pillow Liner on fabrics other than bedding?
Yes. SnoreRx Pillow Liner can be used on drapes, decorative pillows, cushions too. You can place the adhesive backing anywhere. But avoid using it on varnished or unpainted wood surfaces. You must use it on a small patch for surface safety if using it on a new surface.

Can the liner be washed in a machine?
No. Since the liner lasts three full nights, all you need to do is dispose it.

Is SnoreRx Pillow Liner hypoallergenic?
Yes. If direct contact with eyes and skin is prevented and if it is used in the right manner, allergy is unlikely. In case of a reaction, immediate medical attention must be sought.

Can pregnant women use SnoreRx Pillow Liner?
No. Being instilled with essential oils it must be avoided by pregnant women.

Does SnoreRx Pillow Liner prevent sleep apnea?
No. SnoreRx Pillow Liner is not effective for sleep apnea.SnoreRx Pillow Liner Review
The following is the summary of SnoreRx Scented Pillow Liner complaints:

  • SMELL – The smell of the pillow liner is TOO strong. It smells like a combination of Vics VapoRub, lavender and citronella rolled into one.
  • The adhesive gets stuck to the pillow and you may have to discard the pillow along with the product.

This product seems to be a complete RIP Off. You just can’t cure snoring with scented pillows.



What do I get?
Official website



SnoreRx Pillow Liner Video


3 thoughts on “SnoreRx Scented Pillow Liner Review

  1. People don’t get tricked by this CRAP. I have noticed that they are planting positive reviews about this product everywhere on the net. This product does not work; It’s just not so simple to get rid of your snoring. Go for something that is tested and actually works.

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