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Do you suffer from chronic aches and pains in your muscles and joints that you get relief from by using hot water bags or electric heating pads? Those are effective in soothing your aching body but then heating water and then filling it in a water bag can be so cumbersome, and add to that the annoyance if water drips or leaks out. Electric heating pads have to be plugged into a socket all the time and the slightest movement can yank the wire out. So you need to either be immobile or keep getting up to re-plug it. That’s just so inconvenient. But now you can get relief from aches with Snap N Soothe – a reusable pad that heats itself to soothe the pain.


Snap N Soothe
You do not need hot water, electricity or pre-heating for Snap N Soothe to function. The special gel inside the bag heats up instantly up to a phenomenal 128 degrees before you even know it when you snap the metal tab inside. The therapeutic heat then penetrates deep into your muscles right up to your joints and reinstates the blood flow. It does not go into the trash can like pain relief patches as you can reset it within minutes by boiling to be reused hundreds of times.

Snap N Soothe is portable so you can take it anywhere and use it anytime. Let it soothe your pain while driving where you cannot plug in an electric heating pad or let it comfort you immediately when you are sitting on your couch enjoying a cup of coffee. It is effective on any body part and hits the exact spot that is affected whether your back, neck, hands and can even alleviate stomach cramps or just keep you warm on a cold day. It also reduces swelling or numbing injuries. It can also be frozen in a fridge or a freezer and used as a cold pack. With the adjustable belt available with Snap N Soothe, you can get constant heat on the problem areas.

Order one large Snap N Soothe now and get two small Snap N Soothe. Or in the double offer get the second Large Snap n Soothe and two extra small Snap N Soothe along with a free adjustable belt too.



What do I get?

  • 2 Large Snap N Soothe Heat Pads
  • 4 Small Snap N Soothe Heat Pads
  • 1 Adjustable Belt

All this for just just $10 plus $13.98 processing and handling. Official website



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6 thoughts on “Snap N Soothe Review

  1. My order #16857563 for the Snap’n Soothe Package has never been received. I never received confirmation that it was shipped either. Can you please check on this and ship the item or contact me?

    Thank you,
    Neil Sargent
    3151 N. 48th St.
    Phoenix, AZ 85018

  2. I ordered this Snap N Soothe in Dec. (about 3 months ago) and am yet to receive it!! My order was BOGO which consisted of 2 large Snap N Soothe, 2 Small Snap N Soothe, and a Free Belt Wrap. When I received a delay notice in Feb. I personally called Customer Service and told them I still would like the product. It is March 16 and I still do not have it. Would really like to know when to expect this order! This is really bad business if this is a TRUE business! My Order #53620-2012-50421-015.

  3. Hello, I have not received my order. I order this product back on Dec. 18,2012 and I have yet to receive it. I expect a reply to this email ASAP. It has been two months that I order this product. I want to know when I can expect it at my house.

    Thank you

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