Slim Lens REVIEW

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What is Slim Lens? – It claims to be an innovative thin reading glasses that are easy to carry and durable. Slim Lens proclaims to be a superb pair of glasses that helps view everything clearly. It comes in +1.5, +2 and +2.5 strengths to suit individual needs.


Slim Lens CLAIMS

Highly effective glasses – Slim Lens guarantees that it’s designed to provide flexibility, portability and durability. How true Slim Lens’s claim is will be only validated once users send us their reviews for further analysis.

Smart, sleek design – Slim Lens promises to be so thin that its breath is comparable to a credit card. It also assures that the glasses are completely lightweight and come with its Micro-Case. The case can be attached to the back of a cell phone or any other flat surface for easy accessibility. Slim Lens asserts to have a self-adjusting bridge to provide a secure fit that will never fall off. At this point of time there are no Slim Lens reviews available that will attest to its claims. Slim Lens states to have a durable polycarbonate construction which is virtually indestructible and scratch-proof. Slim Lens does sound extremely impressive with all its claims; user reviews will expose the facts soon.

Slim Lens REVIEW

Slim Lens Pros

A Slim Lens user Leslie Robinson says in her review, “Slim Lens are extremely flexible, easy to carry and really as compact as a credit card.”

Dulce Martinez reveals in her Slim Lens review, “Slim Lens stay on the nose without needing frames, they work perfectly well.”

Another user Talon White who purchased Slim Lens writes in his review, “Slim Lens looks very stylish and is highly discreet. Its lightweight frame ensures there is no fatigue or irritation that is generally caused by armed glasses.”

Ethan Robinson who bought the Slim Lens glasses states in his review, “I bought these specifically for bed reading or watching movies on my tablet. Slim Lens is perfect as they fit discreetly without any ear irritation, no visible frame and fatigue.”

Another Slim Lens user Madison Ernst reveals in her review, “Slim Lens is extremely lightweight and durable. Although it developed slight scratches due to my clumsy dropping habit, its functionality has remained intact.”

A review by another customer Randy Miller says similar positive words, “It is very quick and easy to use. With no nose sliding and pushing back in place, the glasses offer a highly convenient option to read for hours.”

Slim Lens Cons

One Slim Lens consumer Alexander Mendez complains in his review , “These glasses simply fall off with if you make a sudden head movement or a sneeze, cough, laugh or yawn.”

Another Slim Lens customer Rob Bowen writes about similar issues. He says in his review , “Slim Lens needs constant adjustment to begin with. And if you are wearing a moisturizer or have an oily face, it will keep sliding off. It fails to find a grip so wipe your nose bridge with a tissue or paper towel before you put them on.”

One Heidi Walker who tried Slim Lens says in her review , “I am satisfied with how these work. But if you compare reviews of regular armed glasses and these glasses, the armed glasses have more advantages over them.”

A dejected Slim Lens customer Bob Clark complains in his review , “The nose grippers are cheaply made and simply break off. Even when these were fine, they couldn’t stay on the nose and could be because of my thinner nose feature. The lens also gets scratched pretty easily by simply removing and inserting them back into the holder.”

One user of Slim Lens Benjamin Cruz says in his review , “It doesn’t fulfill the hype around its design. They fall off by making the slightest of movement such as looking downward, move my nose, raise my cheeks slightly and even blink. The moment my Slim Lens fell down they got scratched”

Another Slim Lens reviewer Tom Sanders writes, “It is difficult to keep on and focus on reading for a long time. Plus it’s not a design that fit Asian nose or an oily skin very well.”

Jacob Reed complains , “Slim Lens was supposed to be my replacement for armed glasses. But they didn’t fit well and in fact once fell down in my coffee while I took a sip. They are definitely light and easy to carry but without staying on the nose, they aren’t useful enough.”

Slim Lens Questions and Answers

Question: Are Slim Lens made using plastic or glass?
Answer: These glasses are made using thermo-injection molded optical grade polycarbonate. This material used for manufacturing Slim Lens is shatterproof and is widely used in bulletproof eye-wear.

Question: Are Slim Lens scratch-proof? If not how easily do they scratch if kept in front jeans pocket?
Answer: Slim Lens scratches very easily regardless of its claims. I received an extra pair as a part of an offer from the Slim Lens website. Sadly, the extra pair did not come with a case and needed safekeeping. If not placed in bubble wrap or flexible plastic, the glass would keep smudging easily. A light scratch also surfaced within three days of use. It also doesn’t stay well on the nose which may have contributed to the scratch in the first place. These are either too tightly around the nose or just uncomfortable to wear. Finding a good optics angle is difficult due to its design that tilts easily. The only upside of Slim Lens is its convenient size that fits perfectly behind a phone.

Question: What material are the nose pads on Slim Lens made from?
Answer: The nose pads use soft plastic for providing a convenient fit.

Question: Can Slim Lens be used for reading while lying on the side?
Answer: The great part about Slim Lens is that these are frame-less and there is nothing pressing against the face while lying sideways. Hence, when fit perfectly on the bridge, Slim Lens can work while lying and reading on the side.


What do I get?
You get 2 Slim Lens for $14.99 USD + $11.90 USD processing & handling at the Official website:

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