Slim Jeggings Review

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What is Slim Jeggings

These are claimed to be bottom wear that look like jeans, work like body shaper, and feel like leggings to give you comfort, style, and make your body look slimmer. They convince to hide muffin top and cellulite and drop one size down

Gives you style, comfort and shapely body

Slim Jeggings promise to be the ultimate piece of clothing as far as bottom wear is concerned and claim to be a combination of jeans, body shaper and leggings. Women like wearing jeans because they make them look stylish but denims are bulky and not always comfortable to wear. This is why women like wearing leggings. But they also come with their own set of problems – you need to have a toned body to carry them off and muffin top, cellulite, and flab are often more visible when you wear leggings. But Slim Jeggings proclaims that it combines jeans and leggings to give you a stylish look along with comfort and also alleges to give better shape to your body by hiding muffin top, flab and cellulite.


Drops one size instantly

Unlike any kind of jeans and leggings, Slim Jeggings assure to make you look slimmer by one size instantly. They allege to lift your buttock, mold your body and hide the unsightly flab, which cannot be achieved by any other bottom wear. The secret of Slim Jeggings is claimed to be in its band, which adjusts perfectly and eliminates the appearance of extra flab and fat rolls surrounding your waist. It asserts to feature the innovative material, redu-tech technology that can hide cellulite and make your sagging body look firmer. Slim Jeggings guarantees to make your body look more toned and free of cellulite by hiding the flab on your abdomen, hips, waist, thighs, and legs. It also claims to have a push up design that can lift and shape the wearer’s buttocks.

No uncomfortable contraptions

Unlike jeans, Slim Jeggings convince that they do not have contraptions that cause discomfort. Many fitting jeans tend to have buttons, zippers, or hooks that bite into your skin and also leave marks along with discomfort. Slim Jeggings also convince that unlike regular leggings, its advanced fabric can hide embarrassing panty lines and does not have uncomfortable seams either. It proclaims that it can be easily worn like leggings without these problems and are ideal for any occasion whether going out with friends or hosting dinner at home or just chilling out over a game. Slim Jeggings claim to be available in blue, grey and black colors so that they can go with any color and kind of tops and fit sizes from small, medium, large to extra large.

What do I get?

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24 thoughts on “Slim Jeggings Review

  1. I had the same experience with this company, had to return the first ones because they were too big so ordered the XL, 12/14 is my normal size. The extra large were so small they wouldn’t go up over my hips, they would have fitted someone who would be a 6/8. Also the inside lining was not like the first ones it was really like a thick fleece. When I called to return the 2nd time just like everyone else they offered a discount if I would keep them and give them to someone else. My advise is to stay away from these.

  2. They are NOT true to size. To exchange them you have to pay just as much as the product cost. Not fair to the customer. I’m 5’6 and 135lbs and wear medium in my clothes. Their S/M is more of a XS/S. Unhappy customer and will NOT recommend to any one. Return policy sucks.

  3. WOW!! I wish had of read the reviews before I ordered on 03/30/15. I ordered mine out of the Sunday Newspaper from Genie Slim Jeggings. I have always got my orders of different things from the paper, but never tried Genie Slim.

  4. So I orderd my slim jeggings in early January and I’m STILL waiting for mine to come. I got a letter in the mail saying try are sorry for the shipping delay and they would be here by March 26th. They are still not here and I dot want to give money back after I’ve waited this long please fix the shipping problem!!

  5. HI I ordered a set for a friend of minds right before Christmas after a week or two the order seem to not have went thru sometime around the end of January I noticed a charge on my card from them right after, I received a email saying order was shipped with all that being said my friend says she loves them her size was sm/med and she has a very nice shape and a awesome pair of legs, if you have a nice shape I think these will work fine but if your looking for these to make a shape stay away!!!!!!!!

    Still waiting order January 8, 2015 and they won’t return my money until they have their package back unopened. They sent a card with the option to cancel my order and receive a “prompt” refund – their words not mine but “prompt” it not exactly in India’s language apparently. Does anyone else feel like we are being invaded by India? Can’t get an English speaking person and get passed from one to another all to no avail.
    Out my money, got no product and they don’t appear to be the type of company that returns you’re envy regardless the hoops you jump through for them. SCAM!!!! Report to BBB ALL Complaints against this crappy company!!!!

  7. I ordered mine in January and they kept processing the payment but never put it through. Finally, in the middle of March I received my order and I got the L/XL, which should have been my size, and they were so small that I couldn’t even put them over my thighs!!!! Ugh!

  8. I was going to order them but after reading your comments I won’t waist my money, there is obviously a scam. I encourage you to file a complaint with the BBB so they put attention to it, and maybe get them out of the tv….

  9. I ordered on January 2nd and just got a notice in the mail that my order is on back order because items are temporarily out of stock. I ordered these off the tv…I would think that the women who are pushing this product would be real proud of themselves to be working to sell something that NEVER gets shipped!!!!! Notification says items will be shipped on March 10th but here on web site says 2 to 3 weeks. So disgusted right now.

  10. I know how you all feel, we ordered 2 sets in the first week of Dec, it’s now Feb 8th and my mom got her pair, but still waiting on mine, the website they sent us said still on back order waiting for CC confirmation. I hope these look ok on me when they finally come in, *crossed fingers*. Good Luck to the rest that are also waiting on there’s, hope you get you’re pairs soon.

  11. It was a great mistake I made in ordering The Slim Jeggings way too small from what I see you would need to order 2 to 3 sizes larger than you wear, be ready for at least a three to four week wait to get them. As well as a operator telling you they will give you a discount to give them to someone else!!

  12. I’m in the same boat as everyone else is. I ordered Nov 2014 It’s the 29th of January 2015. I have been waiting almost 3 months. No one has contacted me nor can I get an answer. Small claims court just to prove a point. What kinda way is this to treat customers. I’ll never do business with them again. And I heard they were not worth the money!

    • I tried to cancel my order, but they said I am not in “the system” yet. I ordered on-line 5 days ago and was not sent any confirmation or how much my cc was charged. They asked for my cc#, but refused to re-submit it. The email response from customer service told me to contact them at a # that was different than the one on-line. Called it and got a call center in India that wanted my cc#. They are saying that it was never processed, but to check my cc account to see if I was charged and only then can I cancel. Live and learn! The take away? Never give your cc # to any non-reputable business again! Keep an eye on your cc statement!

    • Customer Service address is:

      Customer Service
      PO Box 5018
      Wallingford CT 06492-9979

      Phone # 973-287-5139

  13. I wish that had seen these reviews before I order my buy one get two free Jeggings! I ordered them only three days ago, but have no idea how much was actually charged to my credit card. NO receipt or confirmation showed up. Called customer service, but said that I will get an email. Never experienced this kind of on-line business which is scaring me. Thinking of calling tomorrow and canceling my order. Then praying that this wasn’t a credit card scam. This infomercial should be taken off the air!!! Has anyone received their jeggings??

  14. I feel exactly the same way as the other reviewers. I have YET to receive my product. I ordered mines Dec 16th it’s now Jan 22nd and nothing. Every time I call its the same excuse that they give to the next they are back order. Please give two more weeks it’s been a month and a half now. Nobody in customer service speaks English. They are based out of NJ BUT call center is in Jamaica and the Caribbean. No contact or corporate office or mailing address. Is this a real company or a scam. I’m contacting the BBB. This is insane

  15. Do not waste your time or money, they will not ship them to you, always out of stock and never get strait answer, it’s always 2 to 3 more weeks Ordered November 22 and as of jan 19. Still not delivered.

  16. I ordered my jeggins on Nov.23 it is now Jan 4th I have yet to receive them I have called three times because they were guaranteed by Christmas, then by January,now by February every time I call no one has apologized they always say its in back order and say two more weeks with no exact days no one has even said a simple sorry !! Or say the product would be late I am furious and will never do business with them again so frustrating and can’t even leave a comment on the product because it will probably never get here even though I laid for three day delivery they have not offered to even refund that portion of my.payment horrible for business!!stay away!!!

    • I ordered mine on Dec 9th and its Jan 15th and still have not gotten mine. I called for the third time today and they told me it would be another 2 to 3 weeks. They rushed me through my phone calls too, never giving any explanations or apologies. Hope these are worth the wait.

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