Slim 24 Seven Weightloss Patch

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Who doesn’t want to lose weight and get into the shape of their lives? But it’s easier said than done in many cases because you have to really work hard in the gym and yet results don’t always show. Nor do all diet plans work according to claims. However now there is Slim 24 Seven, which claims to show you results that you want when it comes to losing weight. Slim 24 Seven is said to be that incredible weight loss patch that can not only block but break down fat as well so that you lose weight.


The secret
Transdermal Time Release Technology is at the heart of Slim 24 Seven, which is said to be responsible for the results you get. It can block fat and also break it down so that you lose weight sooner rather than later. The patch has to be applied on your belly button where it keeps working 24×7. Slim 24 Seven can stop your cravings and snack attacks, which can be a dampener in your weight loss plans and make you add tons of calories on a regular basis. Thus by suppressing your appetite it claims to help you lose weight.


Active ingredients are the key
Ingredients: Curry Tree, Water Plantain Rhizome, Asiatic Pennywort, Turmeric, Cassia Seed, Hawthorn Fruit, Green Tea Extract, Lanolin, Black Sesame Seed, Korean Pine Tree, Balsam-Apple, and Moringa Olefera.

The reason Slim 24 Seven is said to work is because of its ingredients that are known to have an impact when it comes to losing weight. These ingredients are delivered directly so that they are absorbed faster and keep working 24×7 for you. There are large concentrations of blood vessels right under the surface of your belly button, which is where you apply Slim 24 Seven. The soft and flexible patch is said to then deliver these natural ingredients so that fat is blocked and fat stores are broken down.


The Nano Magnet
Slim 24 Seven is said to contain a specially engineered nano magnet, which is capable of mimicking the acupressure technique so that your appetite is suppressed. Thus according to claims, it decreases your appetite within as little as 7 days. Slim 24 Seven is very easy to use and you don’t have to think about it once you have placed it on your belly button. It will keep doing its job for you according to its claims. Now it seems to be possible for you to lose weight without slogging it in the gym.

Do Weightloss Patches really work


What do I get?
Get 20 24/7 Slim Patches for just $19.99 + $13.98 S&H. Official website

Slim 24 Seven Weightloss Patch Video

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