Sleep Tight Spray Review

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Bed bugs are a menace that has been in existence since the dawn of human civilization. Once the infestation starts, getting rid of bed bugs is extremely difficult and can make your life hell. In fact, it might lead to loss of sleep resulting in weariness and grogginess throughout the day. If you are facing such a problem then you must have tried all possible solutions there are available in the market today to get rid of them but only to find that none works effectively. Using pesticides with professional help is not only expensive but also leaves an odor and aftereffect that can be allergic. Other methods such as cold and heat treatment also do not give a long time cure.

How does Sleep Tight Spray Work

Help is at hand with Sleep Tight, which is one amazing spray that literally lets you ‘sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite’. Its revolutionary formula makes it the most effective solution that currently exists to eliminate bed bugs. The spray has key features that are optimum at several levels starting with its nature which is completely non-toxic. This means there is no harm done to anyone else apart from the bed bugs unlike pesticides which leave a strong pungent odor which can be a little nauseating at times. Another feature is that Sleep Tight is completely safe when it comes to kids and pets that are susceptible to the harms of chemicals sprayed during a pest control job.

Eliminating bed bugs once and for all makes Sleep Tight special and comes with total control since one can spray it manually in all the areas like mattresses, bedding, drapes, furniture, etc. where bed bugs hide without the aid of professional help. This might save quite a lot of money that goes in hiring professional individuals. The best part is sleep tight is portable and can be taken everywhere you go be it hotels, airplane seats, office buildings etc where there might be chances of bed bugs biting you. Now there is no need of waking up many times and losing sleep due to the bites.



What do I get?

  • 2 Sleep Tight Bed Bug Sprays
  • 1 $15 “As Seen On TV” Gift-Card

All this for just $19.99 + $15.98 s/h. Official website



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2 thoughts on “Sleep Tight Spray Review

  1. I bought this product for myself and sister two years ago. Not only did it work on the bed bugs, but also fleas, spiders, ants, and roaches. My home was and is insect free.
    It is very easy to use just spray it on all cervices then vacuum. I did this daily for a week just to be on the safe side and it worked great!!
    The con side of this product is it has a strong clover smell. But if your like me I don’t mind the smell of clover. Also if you get it on your skin you get a burning sensation but it does not leave a burn mark. I just washed my fingers with cold water. I am sure this is a side effect of the clove oil. And again it was nothing to be overly concerned about.

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