Sleep 8 Sleep Mask

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What is Sleep 8 Sleep Mask

It’s a comfortable sleep mask that blocks out light with its special contouring design and shuts out sound with its sound buffers.

Block out light and noise for restful sleep

Sleep 8 Sleep Mask promises to get restful sleep throughout the night if you are troubled by light and sound when your partner watches TV late into the night or even snores. Traditional sleep masks are not very helpful since they slip and slide when you sleep and even let light enter from the edges around the mask and have tight uncomfortable elastic bands. In any case they only prevent light from bothering you and you cannot do anything about the sound. But Sleep 8 Sleep Mask promises to shut out light as well as noise to help you sleep well.

Contouring design and sound buffers

Sleep 8 Sleep Mask claims to stay in place and not slide off no matter how you sleep – on your back, side or even on the stomach with its supposed contouring design that blocks out light completely from any direction. It also supposedly has built in sound buffers that shut out any noise and its adjustable hook-and-loop closure fit you perfectly and comfortably. Sleep 8 Sleep Mask is meant to be made of luxurious satin that is extremely smooth and comfortable so that you do not feel that you have anything on.

Raises levels of melatonin

As we grow older, the level of melatonin in our body decreases, making it difficult to get sleep. Seniors can supposedly benefit from Sleep 8 Sleep Mask since it is said to create a dark environment thus raising melatonin naturally thereby eliminating the need of sleeping pills or drugs. Because of the same feature of creating a dark environment, Sleep 8 Sleep Mask is supposed to be ideal for shift workers who sleep in the day like shipmen and nurses. It also claims to make your long journeys comfortable since you can get restful sleep on planes or buses. Sleep 8 Sleep Mask is also meant to create a calming environment if you suffer from migraines.


What do I get?

you get two Sleep 8™ Light Eliminating Sleep Mask for just for $10 plus $13.98 p&h. Official website


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